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  1. I don't know if I would do that you will most likely get an update and will knock your score down because of the update on the account. I tried it a few times and it has not worked out well for me. Your score will rebound in the next months after but don't poke that bear.
  2. Well after all the hassle of spending 4800 out of the 5650 I have in available credit I was only able to get an 300 cap1 quicksilver and a 500 Menards cards next time around I am going to pay off all old debt before I apply for any new credit in the next 5 to 6 months Denied sdfcu personal loan for 5k Denied wells fargo credit card Denied Amazon Denied Nasa fci and maybe some others I've left out but over all very underwhelming app spree
  3. wow thats a toy limit with a decent score congrats I guess this card truly sucks and I can say that cause I have it with a 450 limit and my scores were maybe 100 points lower when I applied
  4. No I haven't been requesting CLI cause I don't want the inq bk 2 years ago local bank charge off have settlement agreement in place just need to pay it Chase charge off in process of paying settlement agreement Local bank loan charge off 1300 just gonna pay it student loans gonna let them fall off first as in I can dispute obsolete starting in September
  5. Burned AMex awhile back owe then 800 and they will offer the optima card which I gladly will accept to get my way back in good graces with them
  6. Cause I know with my scores no one else will extend me credit unsecured I tried with sdfcu when my score was 640 with fico 2 and they said no so I don't expect them to say yes this time but 25 points higher is still 25 points higher and nasa is stingy as well from what I've read so I don't expect to see it being any better than sdfcu and I'm on chex so I can't go local just yet
  7. I haven't because everything is on ice but when I do try it tells me there are no offers for me available and I am going to unfreeze everything in the next couple of days. I get about a billion emails a day from CS telling me I'm going to be approved for Cap 1 plat, quicksilver, indigo, and milestone, but when I click on the preapproved part I get No offers available
  8. Need a little help here on making a decision on app I will do in the next couple of days with Capital One. I already have a secured plat card with 1050 limit with Cap 1. I pumped the limit to 750 and they gave me a 300 credit bump. I'm ready to try for an unsecured product with them and I'm wondering if I have any better options other than secured cards as I have plenty of them now Discover, SDFCU, Academy Bank, Cap1, Wells Fargo. I have been paying down my debt and my cap 1 payment just hit my credit report and from 38% uti down to 17% I only say a 2 point increase very disappointing. I
  9. What are you scores currently?
  10. how much do you think your score will drop I'm settling an account with them as well but I'm unsure if I want to move forward cause of the score drop
  11. I still have a secured card with them and trying to get a small line of credit or personal loan last time I applied got denied about to pay off all my cards and my score should be around 690 so I will see what happens will most likely be another denial cause I still have a few baddies on my credit that will fall off in the next 6 months
  12. sorry forget about the BK for now that is a WHOLE nother topic if I am trying keep a higher fico score what debt should I pay the debt that is reporting monthly or the ones that are not?
  13. I need some advice on how to tackle this situation I'm in a position to be able to pay off all my old debt this month and I'm closing on a investment property before the end of the month and I want to pull some some money out as I am paying cash. I have 5 negative accounts that needs attention 2 are reporting monthly I have settlement agreements on 2 accounts one of which is the two that are reporting monthly 2 accounts are student loans that are going to fall off in 7 months here are the accounts 1 is a old bank overdraft that has accepted a payment of 1250 for settlem
  14. Where did you read that? My own datapoints say otherwise. I opened a regular 2-year installment 5 yrs ago, prepaid it down, and got the boost. Due date did not push out so it closed 2 months later and my scores reverted; IOW, the closed installment had no effect. When I did the Alliant hack I got the same boost and it stuck. Account is still open. Many others report the same (check out Konrad's thread). Has anyone with only a closed installment ever NOT seen a FICO boost when they did this? Has anyone ever NOT seen their FICO drop when their only open installment closed? Everything I'v
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