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  1. My BK just came off of two of my reports!! Here are my new scores so far!! Guess which one it has not removed it yet? I just sent in a dispute and will update soon!! Thank you Creditboards!! FICO Score 718Good FICO® Score 8 based on Equifax data as of 6/12/2015 688Good FICO® Score 8 based on TransUnion data as of 6/12/2015 712Good FICO® Score 8 based on Experian data as of 6/12/2015
  2. I have 49 500 with amex ans 500 with mastercard. Should I go for a credit limit increase?
  3. Yeah it was automatic. I did not ask or anything. I am just surprised that both cards updated. I know they are both owned by the same bank but I never bought anything from Jared.
  4. WOW!! Great Advice!! I will have to do that.
  5. So how do u get to go to an auction? I thought you had to have an auction license or something like that?
  6. So how do u get to go to an auction? I thought you had to have an auction license or something like that?
  7. $3500 for a 97 Honda accord EX Vtec 153,000 miles on it. Looks really nice. Leather Interior.
  8. Dont know about Jared's but I got a nice engagement ring from Kays.
  9. I have had Kays for 1 year. Jareds for about 6 months.
  10. I just checked my Kay account after paying off my engagement ring which I might have to sell (but that is another story) But anyway I just checked my account and I got a CLI from 4700 to 7300!! I just checked Jared's and you gussed it same thing!!!!
  11. What is so funny about it? are you serious? im going to start a thread about b* that tells people to stop talking about b* because the b* police are watching i really hope you didnt need that explination... The reason for this post was to talk about future issues future tatics future instances, what is done about *b* is done for now. If you really think about what the past has caused then you should be willing not to let the same thing happen. Unless you want to be insane and try the same thing expecting different results. But then again I guess that's why your laughing.
  12. Here's an idea. Lets tell them that what they thought they did to fix the issue really didnt work so they can try to fix it even more!!! NOT!!!!
  13. How about telling them to search Transunion or Inquiries or True Credit or Credit Monitering.
  14. See that is what I'm talking about!! Help in that manner instead of bringing up the topic over and over and over again. Maybe the mod squad will post a termenology link in the nembie thread.

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