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  1. Hey there Sadiqa, welcome to the site, your right there is sure an abundance of info these guys and gals are helping us out with. I really dont have any posts yet, I just watch certain topics and have them sent to my email. So far I have been procrastinating on getting my business name and credit going. Kind of a dumb thing to procrastinate on I should say . Anyway, I had seen a couple posts back, not sure if this topic, but I have seen a couple guys or gals reply to someone talking about the $500 builder package, I am pretty sure thats what this D&B guy is trying to get you on. I just wanted to chime in and tell you that I have a seen a couple replies to others asking about it saying they do not need to do that, you just have to start certain accounts, and follow the outline someone here has provided. ******THIS WAS A QUOTE FROM A POST ABOVE....NOT TRYING TO INFRINGE..LOL******* Did you not read the Step by Step post that you asked this question in? It shows you step by step what to do. First of all you applied for those cards without first starting out with the net 30 accts to build a history. You need to open accounts with Uline, Viking, Nebs,and Reliable etc first. Order items and pay the invoices off. After awhile the acct history will start to show up in Duns and Experian then start applying for Lowes and Office Depot etc. ******I PUT THE QUOTE KEY ON EACH END OF THE PASTE BUT IT DIDNT WORK***** I guess I did it wrong.. This was from a post just above yours. I think some are missing the key detail right in the beginning which is setting up the 30 day nets which eventually get your info in D&B like you are looking for. You may want to look a little further into the "credit builder" so you understand what the D&B guy was trying to UPGRADE you too. I was going to start my process here soon too, I have just stayed 1099 with the service I offer now and left it at that, but I definately want to start business credit. SO i guess a good question to ask in regards to not taking the "credit builder, which I understand pretty much makes it possible to start applying for like Office depot and Lowes right away, without waiting for the Viking etc. to start you file. How long after the first ivoice is started should we start applying? I will also dont want to answer becuase I know this this question had to be answered here already...But here go's. I was big on rebuilding my personal credit used PG to pull my reports daily and know where I was. Is there something similar that we can pull our D&B everyday, or at least every month??

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