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  1. I have a BK7 that is suppose to come off my reports(EQ,EX) in Oct 08. How much would this old BK hurt me trying to finance a vehicle?
  2. Hello, I lived in NC, when my wife bought our house I wasn't on the mortgage because my credit was not worth putting me on because of BK7. In NC, even if your not on mortgage you have to be listed on Deed, NC law. Hope this helps.
  3. payment was due on 2/6/08. $39.00 late fee. Should I call them? This is killing me.
  4. I logged in to check my account and low an behold there was a late fee, it totally slipped my mind. So scheduled a payment. I havent had this card but for about 4 months and now I go and screw up. This was my first card for rebuilding and now will have a 30 day late. What should I do?

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