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  1. Just got it delivered. It was a check for $150 with a letter explaining it was for "an amount for the hold on your deposit accounts that caused temporary loss of access to those funds" and "additional compensation for our delay in making this payment to you". The only thing I can guess it its the $20 outlined in the OP being refunded (even though it was a "fraudulent account" to begin with and not funds I deposited. I guess I should just be thankful, $150 is $150. ha.
  2. Long story short I was a class member (They notified me of my inclusion and I did not elect to opt out). Here we are 4 years and about an $85 check later (they sent approximately $85 if memory serves to me in or around 2018). I just received a notification of a FedEx package being sent to me via Overnight express from "Wells Fargo Customer Remediation". Anyone have any idea what this could be? I can only figure it was regarding the class action (as a back story I had reported my case of unauthorized account opening in my name back in 2013) - a former employee of mine had went to work at W
  3. I'm still not convinced this is a serious post and not a poor attempt at trolling. Normally I do not call out fellow posters on here, and I'm hopeful that I do not get banned for the following, but your story seems far fetched when compared to your recent posting history: Exhibit A - You posted debating on how to "float" your $417 car payment each month to have that cash at your disposal if needed Exhibit B - 605 credit score... not sure that's a magnet for "Gold Diggers"? Also, your monthly income you listed in March has either improved in the past 90 days while most A
  4. Ha, more power to you OP. What is one persons fairy tale is another's nightmare. Nothing about your setup sounds appealing to me except having the home free and clear.
  5. I can tell you that I IIB'd AmEx in 2007 for approx $20k and I am still definitely on the BL. Attempted to get the Hilton Honors AMEX and the inquiry didn't even process. AA letter stated declined due to "prior performance with our company". I called to ask the rep if there was a way to reconisder and they said no. No offer of Oasis (which I would have declined anyway) etc.
  6. Thanks for the info OP, I just logged into my Chase Credit Journey for the first time in months and was pleased to see the changes. I only use FAKO's for monitoring changes.. And dang, will I be glad when that final late payment falls off my report in January 2021.
  7. This was my though, what is the current aggregate interest rate on the credit cards? I would assume likely around industry average of ~27%? If so the interest you would save on that $20k would take you approximately 1 year to offset the $1k you are paying in an origination fee - steep price to pay just to try to refinance again in a few months (and likely face another origination fee). Have you sought CLI's (credit limit increases) on the current cards? That could be a way to expedite the utilization decreasing/increasing your credit score without taking on frivolous fees. I would suggest
  8. Has anyone with this card received a CLI yet? Just curious as I do not even see the option to request one.
  9. Good call hdporter, as I was considering disputing them when it came to the 6 month shy of 7 yr mark (which will be soon). Both accounts were paid in full, unfortunately one of them last reported 60 days before being paid in full so it never reported “current” at the end. Just shows “paid in full - 60 day late.” will that update to being a positive trade line once the lates age off 7 years or should I consider disputing that trade line?
  10. gerray

    Hello all

    2 Posts and wanting people to message him for info on how he repaired credit, when on the #1 forum for DIY credit report, and then vanishes when told to share his "information" on the forum?
  11. After many years and cycles of the "Wash, Rinse, Repeat" credit cycle, I am finally to a point that I am confident that I have learned my lessons and now budget well, and have a sizable savings established for "emergency expenses". With that said, the MyFico simulators and the FAKO simulators all show my various score driven factors as "Excellent" other than "Average Account Age" and "Pay History" which show as Very Good - I have 2 accounts with lates from January 2014 remaining on my report, and the average age of accounts on my report currently stands at 6 yrs 7 months.
  12. I can only assume by reading your post that the mortgage bankers you are speaking with are viewing you as in need of a Non-QM/hard money lender? If that is the case the amount of the minimum monthly payment on said installment loan that they want to see history on is just as important as having the loan itself. Non-QM lenders want to see a track record of you being able to make comparable sized payments - many would prefer current landlord print-outs (if you rent) showing your pay history/schedule than a non-comparable installment loan for the sake of having an installment loan.
  13. The court of public opinion matters a lot in these cases. Once the CU found out a reporter was running a story on it, they probably felt eating < $1k presented them in a better light than trying to justify repossessing a nurses car during a pandemic (even if her pay history merited it).
  14. Yeah, something doesn't quite add up in this story. Usually multiple parties review an account before an account is placed for repossession (in every company I've worked for anyway) - and something as simple as a payment shortage of less than a $1 per month would not have resulted in a unit being picked up.
  15. It's baffling that is the excuse provided when you only have one AU tradeline on the report. I will say, my employer has seen an influx of fraudulent deals and applications in which the credit report was established based on AU accounts. You can likely do the math on how this ends up but it ends up with the finance company chasing after a ghost.
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