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  1. As others have indicated this has nothing to do with the AU credit file and everything to do with the proactive steps many lenders are taking right now given the economic instability during this pandemic. Look for rates to get more appealing for exceptional credit individuals but underwriting to simultaneously get stronger. Rates for average/marginal credit to increase and the subprime lenders to all but stop lending. Companies are going to aim to limit their exposure unless they feel it brings more balance/stability to their portfolio. These actions will include cutting credit limits, requiring stronger collateral/down payments, or having businesses they finance for paying a steeper discount. All of this despite all the talk of rates decreasing.
  2. I would try the address in Indianapolis. USPS only forwards mail for 12 months, just because it’s “expired” doesn’t mean the address they have on file isn’t accurate. There is a chance your mail to Indianapolis will have a different response/forwarding address but you will be one step closer.
  3. Piggybacking on this with The added questions: 1). what were your scores before you took out the loan? 2). whats is the utilization on the cards that you have reporting? 3). what are your goals in the foreseeable future that require higher scores?
  4. Given the vague/limited details provided thus far, yet the total # of creditors you are listing you may want to consult with a bankruptcy attorney. With that said, there is really no standard rule of thumb for when companies will pursue legal recourse - a lot will depend on jurisdiction limits (some companies are more likely to file small claims/civil court than to pursue larger debts in district court etc.). Also a lot of times their willingness to file legal will be determined on if you have garnish-able wages (and they can verify employment) and/or are a property owner - to which they can attach a judgment as a lien against said property.
  5. Did you, at any time ever financing through PayPal (IE: Their "Bill Me Later" program)? If so, that created the trade-line.
  6. You say it was a business account but not a loan. Can you clarify the exact type of account? Was it a business checking account? If so, did they cover a check that would have bounced/returned written from the account? And were you ever a personal guarantor when you opened the account? From reading the vague responses and descriptions thus far I am assuming the answer to the last 3 questions is “yes” in some form or fashions. And if so then the terms of service when the account was opened may have defined any unpaid overdraft (shortage) in the account be treated as a single payment “loan” for servicing purposes.
  7. I’m usually in bed by 8:45 and asleep by 9:15. I wake up no later than 5 AM, usually earlier. With that said, tonight is an exception as I’m watching boxing,
  8. While I can understand the onus falls on me, I have never heard of a 21+ policy on hotels thus had no reason to believe her age could even be an issue - the only reason I contacted the hotel 3 times prior to her arrival was to ensure they would not need/require any method of payment from her. I knew she had previously been out of work for 3+ months and she had expressed concern regarding any sort of hold/charge they would place on her debit card. I honestly didn't even know her age prior to this - our company requires people be 18+ and HR handles all the onboarding paperwork, so to me it wasn't relevant. As for the "high elite" remark, I am an Aspire Elite member of IHG (the highest level they have)
  9. I booked a room for an employee of mine, I twice spoke on the phone confirming the employee was listed as the guest (though the card was booked under my name with my credit card etc.) and even personally visited the location on the date of arrival to present my ID and Credit Card to ensure there would be no issue for the employee checking in (or them having to present a payment method). When she arrived to the hotel at 9 PM she was informed that she was unable to check-in due to being below the age of 21 (she is 20). I called the hotel directly and was informed there was nothing they could do to check her in without me being present (even though I had just been there about 5 hours prior), as well as IHG Guest Relations (who did not know of a 21 age minimum, but after they directly called the hotel they reiterated that it was a “local policy”). After having to get out of bed and driving to the hotel (nearly one hour away from my house). The manager on duty stated that their 21 hour policy was not stated on the IHG app, nor was it displayed in the lobby, but it was on their website. When I pressed him and asked him to show me that on the site, he attempted to locate said policy for 3+ minutes before stating “We’ll the website now says 18+, they must have updated it without letting us know.” When I contacted the GM of the hotel the next day the response I received was more in line of victim blaming, than an apology. He stated that they did have it displayed as 21+ but could only find it by using a specific search engine and clicking on a specific link. Keep in mind that after further review and identifying as a “guest” without registering to different sites (so they would not know my age) - many sites including hotels.com, expedia, and once again the IHG app, allow for guests to book at that location with the only disclaimers posted saying the guest must be 18 years of age or older. The hotel, nor IHG Guest Relations offered me any sort of reimbursement, or even sincere apology for the time my employee wasted sitting in the parking lot, nor that I spent on gas + time, and sleep lost) due to their incompetence. This is a process failure that could have been avoided by simply either A). Following the IHG rules of 18+ for guests, or B). Having ALL links that allow booking at this facility to clearly identify the minimum age upon check-in as 21+, or C). At any point in my 2 phone calls, and one in-person visit to the location - having asked the age of the guest I was listing as the occupant. Sorry for venting but you guys are always great and wondering if I should pursue this any further than I have already (I’ve left negative reviews for the hotel in question on Google, Yelp, IHG Corporate Site) and filed a complaint with the BBB for misleading advertising (or lack thereof) and possible age discrimination. Normally I just let poor customer service go after a day or two, but this happened over a week ago and I’m still as upset about it as I was the night I got out of bed to visit the hotel. To keep this somewhat credit related - I earned 5000 reward points for the trip on the $200 total bill. ***MODS I understand if this thread needs to be moved or deleted.****
  10. Following. I started traveling for work this year - should result in about 75 nights in a hotel this year. Through my research I was down to 3 choices in the markets I travel to: Hilton, IHG, and Choice. I opted for IHG but second guessing that decision after a couple of subpar Holiday Inn experiences already - however the points have been flowing - not including the sign up bonus I’m already at 30k+ points in 2020 alone (I paid the annual fee for the IHG World Elite Card - approx $90) and earned 80k points for meeting the spend requirements for the SUB and those should post on my next statement.
  11. Do you have any evidence the 25% offer on the $9k was on the table from them? Any written correspondence or any recordings on your end to verify it? I can assure you they will not compel the recording through arbitration and neither Citi nor T&H is going to volunteer it. As always, it’s best to correspond with Collectors in writing. If you do make the mistake of calling, or answering a call from them, and proceed to negotiate and get a verbal settlement Agreement you need to have them email you and confirm receipt of it prior to ending the call.
  12. USAA will likely code the payoff as “payoff from competitor” so if USAA loan app #2 from them goes through manual underwriting (aka a real person) it will likely get declined. Also, unless paying down your cards significantly increases your credit score (remember it will need to have more positive impact than the recent inquiry and average age of account the newly obtained loan will have) It’s likely that USAA will still generate the same max loan amount the second time around. As Shifter said though, it sounds like you could be headed down a dangerous slope with over extending yourself I would proceed with caution and work on a personal budget to get out of debt rather than simply accumulating more.
  13. You also mention a single 30 day late one one of your non-foreclosure tradelines. Have you tried writing a goodwill letter to them (The account with the one late)? also, of the non mortgage tradelines reporting, what are the limits and current balance(s)? are there any errors/issues with the way the mortgage tradeline is reporting or Is it 100% accurate? As others have said, focus on cleaning up the reports and not so much inching up your score immediately. People who are in a rush to increase the score often end up over paying for a loan, and over paying for whatever it is they purchase.
  14. I would ask them for a print-our ledger history showing the payments they’ve given you credit for as well as a running balance. I would them cross reference that with any payments you can actually verify that you’ve made (the billpay check and any money order receipts you can find (you’ll likely need to pay a fee to the money order issue to get copies of the cleared/cashed money orders back to prove who they were written to, and that they were cashed). if you can find discrepancies between the pay history they give you, and the payments you’ve made, I would go and speak to an attorney. You may have a case. Worst case, he advises you to send your “evidence” to the tax lien company and they credit you for the misapplied payments, best case is once you have an attorney willing to take on the case the company releases the tax lien and you have this behind you. Under no circumstances will claiming payments were made, without you having any proof of such payments, help you. Creditors hear these claims daily and they are very very very rarely true.
  15. Eh, I disagree. I used to have this mindset, but I did the math and certain reward cards are worth their fees. Just two weeks ago I obtained the Chase IHG World Elite Card which increases the points I’ll earn when staying in IHG hotels by 2.5x over the normal rewards program. Considering I’ll likely stay in their hotels ~60 times this year + the perks include free room upgrades, one free hotel night per year, and 80,000 point sign up bonus the $95 annual fee will easily be worth at least 3 to 4 times that to me and return at least double the cash value of “rewards” than I would have received using my Citi DC card, or similar Zero AF rewards card.

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