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  1. Just a theory but my guess is that you have a split experian file and your score is “stuck” on the file that is no longer being updated.
  2. Have you ordered a paper copy of your EX file to ensure you have accounts currently updating/reporting to it?
  3. I've never had any issue with Discover's cash back either. My promotions always post correctly and they are generous with their limits (mine is just shy of $30k). I also just dowloaded my year-to-date summary in Excel format and had no issue. It must be true, Discover DOES hate cv.
  4. Two people both posting about said (scam site?) and both have one post each... good job snuffing out the link CB! Not sure whats worse, their feeble attempt to drum up free advertising or their attempt at making coherent posts.
  5. I am sure this has been asked before, but I am very intrigued by this graph/data. Since negative items are only supposed to report for 7 years, where is there still a score difference in the illustration at years greater than 7?
  6. I haven’t even searched this company but from the sounds of the OP, it definitely seems like possibly a representative of their company possible seeking free advertising. in terms of a company that often increase CL’s nearly monthly, FingerHut sounds like the US equivalent to this company and they prey on the subprime by selling things at higher than average retail pricing + borderline usury interest rates - think of it as a catalog version of a rent-to-own business.
  7. It seems the mortgage underwriters doing her mortgage refi are incompetent. They should be able to omit any debt reporting on her report as “authorized user” with a statement written/typed by her saying she is only on the account for business purposes and is not financially liable for the repayment.
  8. While he's not a popular source of financial advice on here (and that's being generous), given that you are being hit with late fees etc currently I would do the Dave Ramsey debt-snowball approach - at least on the small accounts up-to and including the Wal-Mart card. I would pay off the smallest cards first (and cut them up to prevent the temptation of using again, but don't necessarily need to close the accounts - hopefully by the time you have all the debt paid off you can request new cards be sent to keep tradelines open as they are nearing the closure points by the creditors). As others have suggested I would work on a budget to eliminate any frivolous expenses and look at eliminating any bad/costly habits (eating out, tobacco/alcohol use, driving around aimlessly, entertainment expenses) until you can reward yourself with those "perks" once things are in control - and set goals and treat yourself when milestones are hit and that will help you keep yourself accountable and have things to look forward to during your journey.
  9. I am anxious to see the feedback others provide on this one. I can only speak from my experience working for a large creditor/bank. Usually we would only have our attorney's seek a continuance/delay if we were confident that the borrower's financial outlook would drastically improve in the near future and/or felt the applicant was about to be the beneficiary from an estate or settlement. The latter reasoning could be applicable in your case. If BoA has reason to believe your mother will be leaving an estate that you will be beneficiary of then they could wait for that and then seek a judgement against you to be paid through the estate settlement.
  10. Current outlook: Discover Card - I use for the quarterly 5% cash-back promotional Categories Target Red Debit card - 5% off @ Target Lowes Store card - 5% off @ Lowes Amazon Store Card - 5% cash back @ Amazon Apple Card - 3% off Apple purchases - will likely start purchasing my gas with it when the Citi DC promotion ends as I usually buy gas exclusively at Exxon and they accept ApplePay through the ExxonMobile app which results in CC rewards + 5 cents back per gallon for using their app. Citi Double-Cash - my "default" card - currently on a promotion through 01/20/20 that gives me 2.5% cash back on every transaction. This card gets most of my monthly activity as I pay my utilities for it (no fee), Netflix, cell phone, cable bill, and gas. Once the promotion ends, it will revert back to 2% cash back. I PIF on all cards monthly, and rarely travel or stay in hotels, s my question is - Am I missing any cards that would improve my rewards/savings.
  11. For those curious the Apple Card weighs just shy of 15 grams and a traditional/normal credit card is just shy of 5 grams. (Non scientific results using a standard oxo kitchen scale).
  12. Mine was delivered today via FedEx. Card came in a white Apple embossed card stock holder with the card tucked away neatly inside. I’ve got to admit, the card is a little beefier/heavier than I expected and white. I was expecting it to have a brushed aluminum appearance but titanium based on the promo photos, but it’s titanium (you can see it on the edges) with a white powder coated finish.
  13. Was it shipped from a company named EWA INC by chance? I got a notification today via email (I am signed up for FedEx delivery manager) that EWA INC is sending me a package via FedEx two-day air (I am across the country from California). It puzzled me at first because I viewed the companies website and they are an electronics warfare company that specialize in essentially spy technology and I have not placed any recent online orders for anything. I am assuming maybe they got the Apple contract to make the titanium cards (if that is indeed what they are sending me).
  14. Just an update: But the inquiry was place on my credit report approximately 90 minutes after applying (or at least that's when the flood of notifications came through from the credit monitoring services I use).

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