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  1. Thank you for this, I am sure you are correct that it isn't so difficult, and I did not mean to give offense. You have clearly put great effort into developing and sharing this. I am just overwhelmed and extremely anxious as due to a recent natural disaster in our community, housing has become a total nightmare. I had planned to buy in the spring, but now everything is up in the air. I will almost certainly need to move by midsummer, so I cannot fail in this credit clean up. I am also dealing with ex's separate bad accounts on my reports, so it is a lot all at once. Yes, my daughter is a young adult in college with a separate report. She's kept her nose totally clean, she just has these dings on her report from the medical debts. Thanks all for your help. Please forgive any awkwardness, English is not my first language and the more stressed the less well I communicate!
  2. We Forwarded it via USPS, but now his mail is starting to arrive here six months after the children and I moved out of the marital home
  3. I am legally separated from my husband, unfortunately he still receives much of my mail My "ex" husband frequently does not pay bills; he lives itinerantly and frankly does not care Currently, my adult daughter and I have a number of relatively small bills that went to collections- these are accurate bills that went unpaid My priority is to get negative information removed as I am (desperately) trying to get a mortgage in the Spring This issue arose in the past before we separated, and I was able to resolve by approaching the original creditor, obtaining a written statement that they would delete for full payment within thirty days, and then paying. It looks like WhyChat has a more formal and enforceable method? I have a little trouble following it. Would it be effective to skip the validation letter since I know the debts are valid? Will opting out harm building/rebuilding credit. My daughter is a young adult who has never put a foot wrong, but is suffering the dings due to her father. I was not allowed to have my own accounts, but much of his negative information is on my reports. Thanks very much for any additional guidance you can provide.
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