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  1. Thanks George. I think you hit the nail on the head. We are about to pay off all of our cards. So, I think a freeze is in order.
  2. I totally agree!! They taste great, and arent full of sugar. They are all the B Vitamins that the 5hour energy drink have with a MUCH better flavor.
  3. This thought has crossed my mind ... Shredder is right next to my desk ... and if your info box didnt say Texas, I would really wonder if you werent my neighbor!
  4. I called their 888# this morning (verified the number online as well as on the letter before calling). The fraud department isnt open on the weekend, but they had already flagged the account. It's just weird that I already have fraud alerts with all CRAs. So, why would someone use my information to try to open a bank account? The scary fact is that all of the information was listed correctly except my DOB.
  5. *I am not sure if this is in the right area (has to do with bank account, not credit) ... so please move if you think it should be somewhere else. I did a search, but found nothing on the subject.* Earlier this week, I have a message on my phone saying to call Sarah at Capital One and left an 888#. I tried to call, but they were closed. Figured it was a scheme to try to get information regarding a *very* old credit card debt and didnt call back again. So, today I get home from work and in the mail is a letter from Capital One Direct Banking. The starting line is "I'd like to welcome you and thank you for choosing Capital One Direct Banking for your savings needs." Your online account number is ..... and was opened on 7/20/2009. I did not contact them ... and havent opened an account with them (although I obviously have one now!) Has anyone else experienced this? I would call now, but yet again, I've just gotten home and they are closed.
  6. I loved it!! The eye candy alone was worth it (The shoes, the clothes, the jewelry). HOWEVER ... the one thing I wasnt prepared to see .... (nope, not the sex scenes, I was expecting those) ... it was the family of four including a 6-7 year old girl!
  7. Patelco has a great HSA account with a decent rate.
  8. Hella I dont know why ... but I hate this prefix (if you can even call it that) ... HellaStupid HellaFat HellaSick
  9. I live about 45 miles from there and I was just there yesterday! Favorites for DH and myself ... Cliff House for Sunday Brunch Moose's for Brunch either Saturday or Sunday
  10. Have you checked out Cabo San Lucas? It's a lovely area and there are quite a few all inclusive resorts.
  11. I agree! I love sundance - I found it just before I fell asleep last night. Garnet Hill Here is the dress that I want for a wedding I'm attending in a couple of weeks.
  12. Thanks Neen - this is going to end up bugging me until I wake up at 4am with the answer! I have called family, friends, and googled all day long ... but I still havent found it.
  13. I used to get a catalog and now I cant remember the name of it! It is a lot like JJill, has womens clothing, shoes, and accessories ... simplistic styles. Do any of you get a catalog like this? What catalogs *do* you get? Thanks!
  14. Oh ... I can definitely add to this one ... DH's birth mother called today. She has been asked to move out of the room that she is renting. (Seems the person who is supposed to be paying the mortgage on the house had just decided to quit paying it.) So, she needs a place to move to (on a social security income in California!). Well, that pretty much just leaves it up to DH to take care of. So, guess who is moving in with us! Into a 600 sq ft one bedroom condo. Oh, and we cant forget that I have two dogs as well! It's going to be tight living for a little while. Oy!
  15. DH and I have a timeshare with points (Disney Vacation Club) and we love it. It allows us to choose what level of vacation we want to take and when. As far as saving money in the long run ... I cant say that I truly have done the math. I do know that when you compare it to the long run of just renting a regular hotel room at Disney (including the ever inflating cost of hotel rooms), buying into DVC is much cheaper. The points values do not change within a resort.

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