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  1. I honestly don't remember and it does not state the DOFD. The SOL in my state is 6 Years for a written account and 4 for collection of a debt account. Yes it is a charge off. I was looking for an angle to have it deleted that was my purpose for asking about the 42x 90. Maybe I don't understand how they arrived at 42. I know 9x6=42 but how does it apply so I'll know my direction with this? I'm still going to pay it regardless because they got caught up in our personal swabble but I don't want the 7 year mark.
  2. It's reporting as a closed charge off from 6-1-16, DOA 8-1-16. Also reports as a charge off. Last day reported 7-1-20 Joint account. 1x 30 day late, 1x 60 day late and 42x 90 days late. This is the last account left after the divorce. Don't mind paying it I just don't want to live with it.
  3. What are your thoughts on a 36 months loan reporting 42 times 90 days? Is that even possible?
  4. A little more info on the error. I made a check deposit into my account and then I paid a bill that was due 5 days later. The bank returned the check and charged me a returned check fee. I asked them why and they said the funds were not there, but they were. I asked if there was a hold on the check deposit and they said no and that they never put a hold on a payroll check so I explained that the deposit was made in person almost a week ago but they had it as pending status. I showed them the deposit slip. The lady saw the error and she called the main branch to have this it reversed and she did so and I should see the mistake corrected in about 2 days but it never happened. When I called back I got the run around and then they closed the account. I took all of my evidence to the bank to have it handled and but I had to make an appointment with the main branch to do so but I was never able to get an appointment due to my own personal hospital stay and later my mom that I gave up on it but it is an error. I filed BK due to a business I put in my name so I included everything on my report, even tho this was an error I did include it because it was on there. I didn't have much personal debt I needed to file on but I did have about 50,000 in business that was destroying me. It's before I incorped and all. Major lesson, This debt and the BK are the only 2 bad things I have. I want to tackle the BK but I need this gone first because it says IIB but they won't respond to me. I sent them a letter and explained. They said no it stays. I ask them to reinvestigate and they said no they will not reinvestigate. so I challenged it and they responded with verified.
  5. I have this one account that was written off about 4 years ago. It's deposit related and it is a true error that is on my credit report. I challenged it and it came back verified so I ask the original creditor to look at it again. They sent me a letter that said that they investigated and will not do it again. It's completely wrong but besides all of that I did include it in a bankruptcy in 2015. I filed bankruptcy due to a failed business in 2015. The last time I tried to have it deleted was last year and that's when I got that letter. I'm ready to try it again and I remember they told me that they will not do it again but they will answer the credit bureaus, but not me. How would you handle this? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. harmonie


    I'm in Ga and I didn't agree to pay anything. I simply asked did they do pfd for the full balance.
  7. harmonie


    Yes I have a hard copy of an older report from 2 years ago that shows the OC DOLA date as '09. Midland has totally taken the dates off and only left the date they received it of '12.This is making it look like a fresh collection accounts and dropped my score by 10 points. The SOL will expire in march next year but the amounts are small. 170.00 and 158.00 so I don't think they would sue for those peanuts.I told them I would just wait them out (yes, I told them... I know. I thought it would make them more cooperative if they knew the truth) or do a pfd for the full amount but they said no and that's when the dates all began to disappear. I think this is the first step in the re-aging process. I would like them gone but I can also wait because I have nothing to do right now.
  8. harmonie


    I got an alert stating that I had 2 accounts that have gone into collections. I don't have any new credit. I'm laying low for a while so when I checked it out, it was the same 2 accounts by Midland with no DOLA reporting and now they say open. Both also say I disputed which I didn't. I asked them for validation about 2 years ago and they changed my status to disputed plus they validated. I did have an old CR and I have the original closed date from that. How would you handle this and did they take the DOLA off to reage the account?
  9. Oh! I must mention that I am on they main road not the house land. I am on the shoulder about 3 feet from the traffic.
  10. Yes you do Sweetheart. Signage is always needed. I was merely trying to find out who owns it and if they would like to sell. This is how it's done when there is no address. You need not reply.
  11. Okay so I was house hunting and came across this cute vintage Victorian style home. I got out and looked at it as there were no 'No Trespassing' signs. I looked around to see if it could be fixed or updated. along the side and the back was this 3 wire fence. I had never seen this before and there was no signage that said it was wired so I just touched the top of it and {{{SHOCKED}}}! I would have never touched it if I knew. I was looking to see how much land would come with the house to see if it was worth it to me to find the owner. Now I'm mad and I still feel that shock and it's been an hour. There is no signage anywhere and the house is dilapidated, but I'm mad as @@#@ about this. What can be done legally. There is nothing that says do not enter, no trespassing, wired, electrical...nothing. I had my kids with me for God's sake! What if they had touched it! OMG I am poker hot mad.
  12. Okay so I have been toying with Bankruptcy but haven't done that yet because I want a last ditch effort to clean up my act. I have been trying to deal with these creditors but they just won't budge. All I want is a mortgage...That's all! If I can pay rent I surely can pay mortgage. There's got to be ways to get around this PM me if your got the secret to handling this without going BK. I would have to wait 2-3 years for a mortgage if I go that route. Somebody PLEASE! It don't have to be totally honest... Joking...I think
  13. harmonie


    I sent Midland a VD letter on 6/14 and I got the green card back without the date they received it filled in. I'm gearing up to send them another in about 2 weeks because I really don't know when they got it. They have not answered me at all. They wanted to argue with me on the phone and I hung up and put them on call control because I don't do phone. I'm going to have to get really tough with them I see. I have also put BK on my scope because if they don't want to work with me, Fine I'm tired of the games they play and bankruptcy will call it done. I'm talking about ALL of my creditors. They want the money and they want me to suffer... not going to happen... Tired.
  14. I personally would say nothing. When the bill comes, write 'deceased' on the unopened envelope and put it back in the mailbox. Let them figure out what happened without your help and if they do figure it out...pretend to not know what they are talking about. Even add 'that's not possible'. You know nothing about this, period. I've had a girl to steal my identity and my checking account. I filed a police report on her and the police did nothing so I took it upon myself and I found her and told them where she was and she's still free today and that was 8 years ago. She even bought a car with my checking account(Check bounced, of course) and never served one day in jail and she has a car (nicer than the one I had).. Jeep Cherokee to be exact. She got away with this crime and I am alive and still have to deal with this! Your Mom has passed so I doubt she cares about a presteen credit report. Go live life with your mouth shut... Carry on

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