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  1. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/623311-chime-bank-and-how-they-robbed-me-without-a-gun-run-for-the-hills/&tab=comments#comment-5818006
  2. ***Banks have been known to ease their approval criteria when the economy is in a downturn. They want and need the deposits.
  3. **Delaware, of course. File a complaint with Kathy Jennings, their AG about your money. https://attorneygeneral.delaware.gov/fraud/cpu/complaint/
  4. MarcuzAgrippa: (These are steps I've suggested using that worked in the past.) I'm reviewing your original post again to see if you filed complaints with the US Office of the Comptroller (OCC) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). (1) When you file, Chime has roughly 30 days to answer and tell why they closed the account. The intent is to determine what triggered the closure. (2) I would file an attorney general complaint about the return of your funds in the state where Bancorp is incorporated. **Banks still hate regulatory complaints, because it means the legal regulator will go digging around their records and business practices. (3) Write a letter to a Bancorp executive informing them of all the complaints you will be filing, legal action, and social posting you'll do if they do not return your funds. **NOTE: Legally, Chime has to verify your identity before opening an account. The feds require it. I've had individuals get a decline because of identity confirmations. I believe they use one of Experian or Equifax's ID services for a soft pull. (4) I've also had individuals get a return of their funds by filing in small claims court where the bank's corporate office was located. (Depending on the state and SCC procedures).
  5. Early Warning Services: Fax 480.483. 4628 For the 5 year old account what month was it closed or charged off? (The others shouldn't show amounts owed).
  6. Thanks for the update. If possible, let us know if Chexsystems and/or a credit check (which agency) was run.
  7. The information should update to a PAID status, if the accounts are still within the five year reporting period. If it has been more than five (5) years since the account was closed or charged off, the entry should be removed. Paying does not mean the accounts will fall off the report. However, many banks and credit unions will approve if the files indicate money owed has been paid. Send them a fax requesting the update. State the date the money was paid. Fax Number: 602.659.2197 (Save the fax confirmation as proof of your request. Sometimes if you call, they say one thing over the phone, but do nothing later.)
  8. Banks and credit unions are required to verify your identity when you apply. Does this individual have a social security number, and a current state-issued driver's license or ID card? Those two items are required to apply and get approved. A current passport can also be used, but if the incarceration has been a long time, he may not have one. The Chexsystems file will automatically build once identity is confirmed, as the agency shares information with the social security administration, driver's license bureaus, the big three credit bureaus, and other data brokers. Let us know when those two forms of ID are available, and we can assist with getting a bank account. There are available banks and credit unions who do not use Chexsystems, and only do the required ID verification.
  9. DIscover Bank is thorough and picky about identity at initial screening. If there is a closure for some reason, it usually occurs shortly after the account is open. With them, multiple inquiries factor in approval. The straight Discover Bank checking versus the Money Market with checks are separate products, with individual approval criteria. If there is an approval override and closure, it occurs shortly after opening.
  10. I haven't heard of any COVID specific lieniency for new accounts, but know that some banks have been known to relax approval policies when the economy dips, and they want more depositors. As always, wait two full statement cycles before fully utilizing the account, and maintain one or more backup accounts.
  11. EWS reps have told us negative entries fall off after five years. Anything prior to July 2015 should not be reported. How long ago has it been since you requested your file?
  12. Thanks for the post. They are still on the rebound for all the unauthorized accounts they opened for existing customers a few years ago.
  13. Not sure about a Chex pull, but they offer a Second Chance/Fresh Start account: https://www.itcu.org/accounts/checking/fresh-start
  14. If we don't list it here on CB, always call and find out which CRA is pulled before applying. That way, you don't wind up with a lot of inquiries in your Chexsystems' file. Some second chance applications are declined due to excessive inquiries in Chex. 1. Call and ask for new accounts, and ask them which system they pull for new checking/savings. (They will often ask if you are going to apply for a new account with them.) 2. Tell the customer service representative you were considering applying, but have some inaccurate information in Chexsystems you need to remove. 3. If I get a friendly rep and the say Chexsystems or EWS, I ask them if they approve if the negative file information is older (24, 36 months, etc.)
  15. They charge 10.50 for their Qualifile (risk management) score, which I wouldn't get, as there are non-Chexsystems banks available.

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