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  1. The 000-00-0000 is their internal record keeping, and should not be interpreted as a way to enter your SSN or EIN on an application for an account. I'll call several branches and verify their approval process for business accounts. I've had varying responses about what they check now. I'll post back with the responses and branch locations.
  2. tmcgill

    Chex/QualiFile Definition Help, Please

    Chexsystems does not provide a detailed description of Qualifile coding to the public, so I don't have a specific definition for that entry. I have a description for a few of the commonly used codes, but not 20 - Insufficient debit history. The information I've gotten has come from speaking with various bank managers who use that system. If there is a decline, it is generally based on several factors in the report which includes identity verification, banking activity, specifically overdraft/NSF activity, average account balances, deposit history, new account inquiries and debit card purchase history. This predictive scoring is suppose to help them assess how you'll manage a bank or investment account. Was the second account declined based on your Qualifile score?
  3. Thanks for the list. 🤓 Here are the membership requirements to join: In case there is a policy change, always call and confirm which CRA or approval process they use. Hawaii Community FCU - https://www.hicommfcu.com/About/About-Us/Join-Our-Ohana City Credit Union - Dallas, Texas - https://cs.loanspq.com/Consumer/Xpress/public/Disclosure.aspx MidWest America FCU - www.mwafcu.org/membership/index.shtml Langley FCU - https://loans.langleyfcu.org/Consumer/Xpress/public/Disclosure.aspx (The application contains qualifying organizations) **You can join a library association for $5 and become a member. IH Credit Union - https://www.ihcreditunion.com/open-an-account/ MidUSA CU - Dayton, OH - https://www.midusacu.org/about/how-to-become-a-midusa-credit-union-member/
  4. tmcgill

    Pep Boys Care Care

    Since this section focuses on Chexsystems and banking issues, I would post your inquiry in the main credit forum.
  5. tmcgill

    Bank of America "Safe Balance Account"

    A recap again about the account: From BOA: https://www.bankofamerica.com/deposits/checking/safebalance-bank-account/ **Considering the account features and monthly fee, I think there are better options.
  6. tmcgill

    Need Urgent Help - Secured Card

    Considering the details you posted, I would opt for Open Sky. I treaded those waters years ago, and had that card. It wasn't the best, but it was better than many on the secured list. I would avoid Applied Bank (shown on the secured list).
  7. You were subject to a "new customer hold". Regulation CC gives financial institutions a lot of latitude for new account holds (first 30 days an account is open). Here's the hold schedule, but some banks and CUs will claim a hold exception for large deposits during the first 30 days. https://infosight.secure.cusolutionsgroup.net/files/infosight/34973/file/Expedited%20Funds%20Availability-%20Reg%20CC%20-%20CHART%202011--08.pdf
  8. tmcgill

    Need Urgent Help - Secured Card

    Konrad2012 - I travel a lot for business, and use the card for both car rentals and hotels. Maybe I missed it, but didn't read the OP saying he needed a secured card to improve or rebuild credit.
  9. tmcgill

    Need Urgent Help - Secured Card

    That's why I suggested the no-fee, no-NSF Chime Bank account. It sounded like the OP was rebuilding or recovering. (multiple secured card declines)
  10. tmcgill

    Arkansas - Arvest Bank

    Arvest Bank - www.arvest.com (Service areas: Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas) Has anyone been approved with a negative Chexsystems, EWS or Telecheck file?
  11. tmcgill

    Need Urgent Help - Secured Card

    Consider Chime Bank, one of the best prepaid cards on the market. At present, there are no monthly fees, and the account provides a Visa debit card, and routing and account number to use it as a checking account. (Since some monthly bills are paid via checking account only). There are no NSF fees, and they encourage opening a corresponding savings account as well, and of course, direct deposit. I've used the card exclusively for over a year now, and I love the mobile app. It notifies you when something has posted - or tries to post to your account, displaying the current available funds. Several ways to deposit, but I transfer funds between other accounts and Chime. www.chimebank.com
  12. The appeals will drag this out. He'll probably settle for a lot less.
  13. tmcgill

    Bank of America "Safe Balance Account"

    Thanks for the updated info.
  14. tmcgill

    Alabama - Redstone Federal Credit Union

    Thanks, Moyel3. Adding them to the second chance list for Alabama. Scores? Did they run one of the CRAs or Chexsystems?
  15. tmcgill

    Early Removal

    Since they only report for 5 years, they have not been known to do early releases. However, there are many banks who will ignore negative info after it ages (24-36 months). I would pinpoint the banks or credit unions you want to do business with - and find out their approval policies. Also, double check in July to ensure the entry has dropped off the report. Have you check your EWS report?

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