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  1. 2fast51 I looked at the entry again and noticed it was already marked as paid. I would still send the goodwill letter, but remember to pull your Chexsystems and EWS files. Chexsystems www.chexhelp.com (unfortunately, reports comes via snail mail in 5-7 days) Early Warning Services https://www.earlywarning.com/consumer-information.html
  2. When the accounts terms of a checking or savings are not kept, banks and credit unions have been known to (close) the account, and/or charge it off, and report to one or more of the three CRAs, as well as Chexsystems and Early Warning Services. The terms generally state you are responsible for all deposits, fees, etc. If all the information in the report entry is fully correct (dates, amounts, account number, - everything on the entry, etc.) the next step is a goodwill letter to the branch manager where you opened the account, or an executive of the bank or credit union. It should be a "friendly" tone indicating you moved, and had no intention of not honoring account fees, had satisfactorily banked with them for ___ number of years, and there was an address mix up, etc. Indicate you paid what was owed, and request removal from all CRAs. The goodwill letter doesn't guarantee removal, and many times they just update the entry to show the amount was paid, but you should try it first. I've had many individuals get entries cleared once they explain the situation to an executive or manager, especially when the overdraft was not intentional, and all debt was paid. Try that and update us on the results. NOTE: Be sure and get your free Chexsystems and EWS report to see if they reported there.
  3. Wasn't able to get a consistent response when contacting them. Call them at 877.332.1269 and ask them what system they use to approve new checking accounts.
  4. I've observed from user feedback that it depends on your individual report. They seem to decide on a case by case basis. A single entry that does not indicate fraud may get an approval, but multiple accounts with funds owed, and/or fraud entries may be the deal maker.
  5. I'll double check their approval process and let you know.
  6. A recurring problem with Certegy and Telecheck. There are no specific legal guidelines on their declination reasons. There are always inconsistencies on why they decline.
  7. From user Frokey on 2/7/19: "Hey guys! Thanks so much for all of the advice. I just setup an account with Renasant without a hitch!"
  8. Was interested in the response you got from Certegy. Normally they plug-in and report when an account is overdrawn or has negative (or suspect) deposits, check writing or ATM activity. Once the account is back to a positive or normal status, they haven't been known to decline a transaction.
  9. It's that time again. Request and review your free annual reports: Earl Warning https://www.earlywarning.com/consumer-information.html Chexsystems https://bit.ly/2u03lEI Telecheck https://getassistance.telecheck.com/consumer-file-report.html Lexis https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/access_your_full_file_disclosure.jsp
  10. Many banks and credit unions have customized programs that run a combo report; Chexsystems and EWS simultaneously for the same application. However, they only mention Chexsystems when you inquire after a decline. I recommend getting free annual reports from both Chexsystems and EWS to review your data. FYI: I also request Telecheck and Lexis annually.
  11. The paper trail helps if you go the legal route with a creditor; file a lawsuit, send a complaint to a regulator or other legal authority. You have to be able to prove what you assert in the legal action or complaint.
  12. Thanks for the reply. It gives others info on why they may want to freeze their Chexsystems report.
  13. bakes1313 - As posted above, we need more info. 1) Did you use the account? Debit card, checks? 2) What is the city and state where the account was opened? 3) What is the month and year the account was opened?
  14. Not sure. I would call new accounts and ask them what they use.
  15. Thanks for the post. Many second chance options are out there. Do you need a second, alternative or backup account? If so, what is your city and state?

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