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  1. tmcgill

    Free Annual Reports

    It's that time again. Request and review your free annual reports: Earl Warning https://www.earlywarning.com/consumer-information.html Chexsystems https://bit.ly/2u03lEI Telecheck https://getassistance.telecheck.com/consumer-file-report.html Lexis https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/access_your_full_file_disclosure.jsp
  2. Many banks and credit unions have customized programs that run a combo report; Chexsystems and EWS simultaneously for the same application. However, they only mention Chexsystems when you inquire after a decline. I recommend getting free annual reports from both Chexsystems and EWS to review your data. FYI: I also request Telecheck and Lexis annually.
  3. tmcgill

    Disputes by phone?

    The paper trail helps if you go the legal route with a creditor; file a lawsuit, send a complaint to a regulator or other legal authority. You have to be able to prove what you assert in the legal action or complaint.
  4. Thanks for the reply. It gives others info on why they may want to freeze their Chexsystems report.
  5. tmcgill

    Teen Account Went Bad, Now What

    bakes1313 - As posted above, we need more info. 1) Did you use the account? Debit card, checks? 2) What is the city and state where the account was opened? 3) What is the month and year the account was opened?
  6. tmcgill

    HSBC Checking

    Not sure. I would call new accounts and ask them what they use.
  7. tmcgill


    Thanks for the post. Many second chance options are out there. Do you need a second, alternative or backup account? If so, what is your city and state?
  8. tmcgill

    New Mexico Bank/CU

    First Convenience Bank https://bit.ly/2EEbQu3 US Eagle Federal Credit Union (Membership Requirements) https://cs.loanspq.com/Consumer/Xpress/public/Disclosure.aspx Bank of Albuquerque www.bankofalbuquerque.com (Second Chance Accounts) Bank of the West www.bankofthewest.com (Fresh Start, Second Chance Accounts) As always recommended, call new accounts and verify what they use before applying. Although these have been used as options, their policies may have recently changed.
  9. An option for cards on the MoneyPass, Visa Alliance or GreenDot networks. Wasn't aware cashiers at check-out could do it. I've loaded Chime at the Money Center in the store.
  10. Why are you freezing Chex?
  11. Other than contacting them directly, I don't know another faster way. https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/fcra_consumer.jsp -BUMP-
  12. tmcgill

    Advice on Opening Checking

    Wow. Good news. Keep us posted on any operational or customer service issues. #Forward2019
  13. Confirm and document the exact facts. Contact the school and get the account information IN WRITING (Tell them to fax or email the information). Contact the Department of Education Ombudsman https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/disputes/prepare NOTE: The DOE Ombudsman helps with possible solutions when you have the exact step by step facts and documentation.
  14. tmcgill

    Advice on Opening Checking

    Possible MS Options: In addition, Renasant Bank has been posted as a non-Chex non-EWS option. https://locations.renasantbank.com/area/jackson/ Other Second Change Accounts: Hope Credit Union - www.hopecu.org Woodforest Bank (Off Highway 80 E in Clinton) www.woodforest.com **Review the account options and fees. Call and ask them the current approval process. This will save time and possibly an additional Chex inquiry in your file. 1. Figure out how money comes in and goes out each month. Keep one or more backup accounts. 2. I recommend an account strictly for bill paying and household expenses. 3. FYI: I use Chime for point-of-sale shopping and internet purchases. I keep household bills separate in a different account. This way, if my card is compromised, it won't cause a problem for rent, electricity, insurance, etc. In addition to direct deposit, Chime accepts mobile deposits, but there is a deposit hold period. I use GooglePay to send money from another account to Chime. 3. I maintain a separate account just for savings. Keep us posted on any approvals!
  15. tmcgill

    Advice on Opening Checking

    Unless there has been a recent policy change, FSNB has not been known to check EWS or Chex.

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