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  1. Although the FDCPA doesn't apply to OCs, the FCRA allows you to send a 623 letter AFTER a CRA dispute. I've gotten older debt removed with the 623 for re-aging and incorrect debt amounts. a) You have to dispute with a credit reporting agency first. The 623 is done after a debt is verified by a CRA. b) The 623 is not validation but an "investigation" request. You're saying "XYZ credit reporting agency verified my dispute, but it is incorrect because of (why you're disputing). Please investigate your records regarding this account. They have to respond in 30 days with the results of t
  2. I would never give Experian access to my checking account. I understand Boost is for a specific consumer, but if I was that consumer, I would use other options to add points to my score.
  3. Note: A few minor issues: It has been reported that you have to pay those reported utilities through your checking account. If you pay using a non-checking associated card, it doesn't get noted by Experian. Also, if your financial institution is not listed for Boost, you may have to request they add it to their system.
  4. Thanks for the update. 👍 Let us know about any service or operational issues.
  5. Thanks for the info. Note: Federal law requires banks and credit unions to verify identity, so many of them use Lexis, or one of the verification products sold by Experian, Equifax or Transunion.
  6. 👍Thanks for the info. Keep us posted on negative or positive service/operational issues.
  7. I have no qualms sending my license for ID confirmation. The license is a public record (no concerns about copying signature, etc.)
  8. If so, and you have negative Chexsystems, EWS, Telecheck or low FICO score, tell us about it.
  9. A freeze is no guarantee for approval, although it has worked for some.The best strategy is to call the bank or credit union, and ask them which CRA they use for new checking and savings. Then you know whether to apply, or which report to try and clean. Yes, Specialty Consumer Reporting Agencies (as defined by federal law), and used by financial institutions, must follow the FCRA.
  10. Thank you for the update. Keep us posted on any operational or service issues - both positive and negative.
  11. You violated your account agreement with the negative balance. It was reported to Chexsystems - and possibly Earning Warning Services (EWS). Since it was paid, Chex should update it to a paid status. Many banks and credit unions will approve with a paid indicator for negative entries. Each bank or credit union has their own internal policies. During the five year negative reporting period, use non-Chexsystems - non-EWS financial institutions. Let us know if you need help locating a bank or CU in your area. As for legal action, there is no basis.
  12. I haven't heard of a brokerage account closure in this instance. **This is why we advise finding out what is used for approvals first. Those inquiries can negatively affect future applications.
  13. **Paying amounts does not guarantee removal.** The accounts will still report for five years from the charge off date. However, some banks and credit unions will approve if charged off accounts are paid. Each financial institution has their own internal approval system. The key is to identify where you want to bank, and contact them to find out their approval process. Call and ask them what they use. You can also post on this forum for feedback from others who may use that bank, or got denied. This minimizes inquiries which can affect approvals. When Yo
  14. They have been known to still run Chexsystems.
  15. YOUR ACCOUNT AGREEMENT: Generally states you will be responsible for ALL deposits. Without a goodwill removal by the bank, you are SOL. Banks take a hard line on those types of deposits. **Even though you did not know the checks were fraudulent, you are still responsible for keeping the account in good standing. The best move is to deal with nonChex, non-EWS banks. There are many options available while you are in Chex-EWS "jail" for the next five (5) years. As mentioned above, you could go into the bank and explain your situation, asking for removal. You contact
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