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  1. tmcgill

    Approval Updates***

    Any checking or savings approvals from suggestions on this Chexsystems forum? Do you have negative info on Chexsystems, EWS or Telecheck? Any operational or customer service issues? Thanks for the responses. They may help someone else who needs an account.
  2. Others have posted about successful approvals when they froze Chexsystems. There is no hard and fast rule, it depends on the bank or credit union. Here's a previous post from RocketGoBoom about freezing LexisNexis: Search in this forum for other posts using the words, "froze, freezing or freeze". Perhaps others can also respond about their experiences freezing ARS and Sagestream when applying for a checking or savings account. If you freeze a Chex file, they can always pull it later once its unfrozen. Activating bill bay, certain debt card transactions (those associated with online gambling, for example) overdraft protection, etc. have been known to trigger a pull. A best practice is to keep one or more non-Chexsystems accounts until your file is clear.
  3. tmcgill

    Southern Non Chex - Non EWS Bank

    Thanks for the update! Keep us posted on any customer service or operational issues with Synovus. EFX = Equifax Synovus Bank Service Areas https://www.synovus.com/local/
  4. tmcgill

    Capitalone360 Checking

    Good news! Consider a backup account *just in case* something triggers a Back Office or Loss Prevention review. A questionable debit card transaction, billpay, deposits from a flagged bank ... there are several actions that could cause a Chex or EWS pull. Years ago, after experiencing an account freeze I kept non-Chex non-EWS savings and checking accounts until my file was clear.
  5. Standard account terms generally mean a bank or credit union can close an account if the account terms are violated. They don't have to notify you prior to freezing or closing. Chexsystems has been known to send new negative entries to subscribers. Depending on the services they purchased, Chase and TD may get the negative update to your file. If so, it will be up to their loss prevention sections whether they freeze or close your open account. Anytime you're on Chexsystems, its always a good practice to keep a non-Chexsystems backup account. **When you have negatives in Chexsystems, never keep all your funds - or a direct deposit in a single account. It can be disasterous if your funds are frozen or the account abruptly closed. Negotiating removal is usually done before paying the account balance. Once you pay, there is no incentive for them to delete the entry. You can try speaking to a manager or executive, but there are no guarantees. However, they should update the entry to a PAID status. As stated earlier in the thread, many banks and credit unions will approve a new account if Chex shows money owed has been paid.
  6. tmcgill

    Chexsystem help

    Affinity Credit Union may be an option. www.affinityfcu.com Branches are located in Norwalk and New Haven. You may have to travel south to open, but once the account is opened, you can use shared branching to bank locally. Membership: You can become a member of the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education or the Connecticut Jump$tart Coalition by making a $5 donation when you fill out your online application.
  7. Banks and credit unions with pull your data from other consumer databases such as Clarity or Lexis. They profile you to see what other services they can offer; auto financing, mortage loans, investments, etc. Clarity is part of Experian. The big three credit bureaus have a lot of services they market under different names. https://www.clarityservices.com/
  8. tmcgill

    Chexsystem help

    Unfortunately, she may be blacklisted because of the issues with that bank account. TD Bank may have added her info to several databases that monitor banking. Although a bank may overlook Chexsystems, they may run Early Warning Services (EWS) or other databases reporting check kiting or fraud issues. Also, many of the newer, checkless accounts are underwritten by Green Dot Corporation. Chime Bank is usually easy to get. What reason did they give for declining the application? 1. Get a secured Visa for point-of-sale purchases. I would try Open Sky - www.openskycc.com. They don't do a credit check, and she can open with a minimum $200 deposit. 2. Open a local credit union savings account with ATM or debit card for any check deposits, or direct deposit. **Reply with the city and state for suggestions. She needs to pull her reports with Chexsystems, EWS, Telecheck and Certegy to see what's reporting. Send me a direct message for info. **Yes, give us an update if she applies to fcbanking.com (First Commonwealth Bank).
  9. tmcgill

    Capitalone360 Checking

    Keep a non-Chexsystems account as a backup. If some account activity triggers a Loss Prevention review, they may run the report again once the file is unfrozen.
  10. Chexsystems offers their scoring system to subscribers. The scoring goes by different product names, most commonly Qualifile. It computes several things in your file, and gives them a "predictive" score. This score is suppose to indicate to the bank or credit union how you'll handle the bank account, and how much of a risk you are. 520 may be lower than what they'll accept for new accounts. The bank decides which scores they'll accept for new account approvals. **If your Chex file is clean, many of the declines are often due to recent inquiries for new accounts, or discrepancies in identifying information. What It Computes: Number of new account inquiries over a certain time period. Discrepancies in identifying information found in LexisNexis. FICO Score Recent negatives with a current or previous bank account. Recent negatives with check writing or debit card activity. Other related financial transaction information. Here's a good article explaining the scoring: https://wallethub.com/edu/chexsystems-score/13318/ How To Resolve? Each bank or credit union is different. You could contact them and try to determine if they offer an account alternative, or reconsideration. Personally I would find another financial institution. With a clean file, you have a lot of options. Let us know if you would like options for your location. A low Qualifile score is not an end all. Too many other options available. NOTE: However, keep in mind that multiple new account inquiries can affect approvals.
  11. The bank or credit union may pull one of these CRA reports: Request and review your free annual reports. Chexsystems https://www.consumerdebit.com/consumerinfo/us/es/chexsystems/report/index.htm Early Warning Systems (EWS) If you wish to obtain Consumer Report Information, please contact Consumer Services at: (800) 325-7775 Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Arizona Time (Mountain Time Zone) Telecheck Free annual file disclosure pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act 1-800-366-2425 Note: Reports from Chexsystems include your personal data from LexisNexis. Request that report as well. The Lexis report may be lengthy, but go through it and check for false or inaccurate information related to your identity. LexisNexis https://personalreports.lexisnexis.com/pdfs/CD107_CP-File-Disclosure-Request-Form_pg-3.pdf
  12. tmcgill

    Moneylion Zero Free Checking

    Regarding MoneyLion: I found a few complaints online about duplicate charging for the $29 fee, and a user who said it was hard to cancel the account. I advise reviewing the account terms and details regarding the fee account, if anyone is considering using those services. Keep us posted with updates on any operational or customer service issues.
  13. tmcgill

    Moneylion Zero Free Checking

    As always, choosing a banking relationship depends on how your monthly funds come in and go out. You should always determine which banking services you need and how you'll use them. Moneylion is an account with two options: Free checking only, or free checking under their membershp program which is $29.00 per month. It offers loans and payday advances.
  14. A problem I've had with many specialty CRAs is the failure to properly filter information. I've helped individuals who had to deal with similar information that wasn't theirs. https://www.housingwire.com/articles/47142-realpage-to-pay-3-million-to-settle-ftc-allegations-of-faulty-tenant-screenings
  15. tmcgill

    Moneylion Zero Free Checking

    Thanks for the post. I'll review and post more info.

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