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  1. Chexsystems is usually not an issue for temporary overdrafts or unauthorized charges. It may factor in if the charges are not resolved, and the account charges off.
  2. Good news! Keep us updated with any operational or customer service issues with United and Citizens.
  3. The first 30 days after you open an account is a "probationary" or new account period. The banks don't know your banking habits, as you are not an established customer. They closely monitor for any irregularities. Any activity that violates the account agreement might prompt the back office to close the account. When a bank closes your account, contact them and try to pinpoint the reason. Again, any transaction they consider suspect - or that violates the account agreement could trigger a closure. Any basic info is at the top of the section in the pinned posts.
  4. 1) What date were you reported to Chexsystems for the second check? 2) Have you requested a copy of that report? Also, there are numerous banking options if your Chex report is negative. Reply with your city and state for possible options in your area?
  5. NEVER give your routing and account number! There isn't enough space to post the horror stories I've seen through the years. ***You can try Chime or Cash App accounts. They both offer routing and account numbers with their cards. Also, ask your current bank if they offer temporary processing numbers or second accounts not linked to your primary.
  6. Have a financial strategy and watch the inquiries. I've often recommended the following: (My accounts) 1) An account and backup strictly for household expenses. **Local small credit union and fee-free internet-only bank. 2) A saving account only for emergencies (no point-of-sale). **Ally money market 3) A card strictly for point-of-sale and internet purchases. **Chime card 4) I also have accounts for investing only. **M Lynch and Robinhood
  7. Thanks for the updated info. I've learned that BOA is self-serving and fickle like many other banks. The strategy is to stay in control of your money, whether it's personal and business. Always have a backup plan if you have negatives in EWS or Chexsystems. EWS repeatedly says over the phone its five years. However, I've helped some remove entries that were well over 5 and even 7 years.
  8. I don't think there is a single source or CRA. Agents and brokers have told me that scoring is a combo report using several factors, depending on the insurer. Data is merged based on several factors: FICO, age, driving history, claims experience, zip code, etc., all merged from Lexis, one of the big three, C.L.U.E or other specialty CRAs.
  9. Thanks for the input. Note: Several responses that PNC runs Chex when you apply online
  10. SoFi, GO2, Varo and BBVA are widely recommended for those on Chexsystems. Does anyone have experiences with these banks? 1) Approval Process 2) Fees 3) Customer Service 4) Products
  11. Although the FDCPA doesn't apply to OCs, the FCRA allows you to send a 623 letter AFTER a CRA dispute. I've gotten older debt removed with the 623 for re-aging and incorrect debt amounts. a) You have to dispute with a credit reporting agency first. The 623 is done after a debt is verified by a CRA. b) The 623 is not validation but an "investigation" request. You're saying "XYZ credit reporting agency verified my dispute, but it is incorrect because of (why you're disputing). Please investigate your records regarding this account. They have to respond in 30 days with the results of their investigation. If no response, the next step is a possible lawsuit. As with all steps in the process, there are no guarantees. It's just another step avaiilable to consumers disputing debt. Language from section FCRA 623: https://www.bankersonline.com/regulations/fcra-623
  12. I would never give Experian access to my checking account. I understand Boost is for a specific consumer, but if I was that consumer, I would use other options to add points to my score.
  13. Note: A few minor issues: It has been reported that you have to pay those reported utilities through your checking account. If you pay using a non-checking associated card, it doesn't get noted by Experian. Also, if your financial institution is not listed for Boost, you may have to request they add it to their system.
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