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  1. Congratulations!! Any idea which CRA they used for the inquiry? Which city/state? Thanks!
  2. My experience with Capital One is that they are very litigious and will show up in court to fight. If you are within the SOL, I would make a deal of some sort. If it is paid in full, you might get it off eventually. They only way I have succeeded with Cap 1, is to make an offer in compromise, (25% of balance has worked for me) and negotiate a removal of negative information. They will play hardball, but a threat of BK has worked to get them to accept. BTW, most here know this, but the CA they use is owned by them. I have never seen them go to a JDB. They are a very large holder of debt and are very well financed. Though they closed down their wholesale mortgage division, they have lots of cash and live for subprime debt. If you fight, make sure you are correct. They are no one you want to fight without knowing your facts.
  3. Maybe it is just a typo, but $1500 for recording is about $1450 higher than I have ever seen in Cali...
  4. I would think with the clout of over 50,000 people, this forum can influence alot of things...hopefully even and election...!!
  5. This is a good point. One factor would be the SOL for the debt. Be very careful to look and see what the DOLA is on the Credit Report. This may have been re-aged, which has happened to me. I have moved to quickly threaten (successfully) a lawsuit using Nutcase Letters. Always have worked for me. Knowing the SOL, will determine the best course of action. I would not awaken a sleeping OC however, unless I know my legal rights.
  6. I am attempting to serve OSI Collection Services for a lawsuit. I remember reading at this site, years ago, that it was not legal for a CA to write to you, asking for a response in a dunning letter and not give you their PHYSICAL ADDRESS. Is that true? The letter from them did not have anything but a PO Box and I was not able to get a letter to them. Letter was returned by the post office (stamped by them) "Unable to Locate". Is this the correct address for OSI, that anyone can confirm? 200 S Executive Dr. Brookfield WI 53008-0933 Thank you for the help. BTW, they reached a civil settlement, brought on by a lawsuit by Attorney General of New Jersey and had to pay the Department of the Treasury $315,000 in February 2007!
  7. So what exactly does that mean? Do you know how that internal score card is put together and what the are the determning factors for approval ? Or...is it the usual "based on your ability to pay"? (Income - debt)
  8. That is great with the Emigrant Direct approvals! Do you have a web address for those? Thanks!
  9. GREAT! What a way to start the new year!
  10. Did everyone who received the CLI have a good record with Cap one and a clean CRA? Or, just a clean record with Cap One? I have read on other boards that they (Cap 1) are mostly concerned about your record with them.
  11. I thought Advanta became Fleet, which then became BofA...did I miss something? Did Advanta stay as a biz only cc co? Please tell us which CRA they pulled....
  12. Re: the 2004 you must specify the miles. I cannot plug in a range. It must be exact. Re: the 2006 you must specify either an LR3 V6 or Range Rover: Then after the correct model is selected you must select the proper style within that model, and exact miles. 2004 Land Rover HSE 20,000 miles 2006 Land Rover "Sport" supercharged The model on this is sport, not HSE (Range Rover, not LR3) Thanks again!
  13. So is $40k plus for a new Ford, Chevy or Chrysler...

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