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  1. I have a good EQ score, but just checked my Experian and have an old, very delinquent, very high balance account that I was an AU on with an old girlfriend. I'm disputing it, and I know that it will be removed, but what would happen if I applied for credit while it was in dispute? Will it show that it's in dispute if they check EXP? Is it just better to wait until the dispute is over? I was checking these out today because I promised the wife I'd try for new furniture financing.
  2. Hi, I'm buying a car for the first time, (I'm a college student) and I'm buying it from a private party. I'm not really sure how I work the financing...Do I just apply at places like Roadloans and LendingTree? If I apply at more than one place, will all those hits drive my Fico down? I currently have 691 on EQ and not sure on the 2 others, with 2 years of history. If I apply for loans at, say, my credit union, lendingtree and roadloans, will all those show up as sep. inqs? How long does it take to process, since I would like to close this within a week or so? Thanks for any advice!
  3. hehe, I have 2 pc desktops and a laptop. It's time to add an ibook to my collection!
  4. The 2 negs were credit cards; one that was abt 5 months past due (but not in a collection agency) and one that had been sold to a CA about 7 months ago. I actually don't have many positives at all, just a best buy card that I've had for about a year, a Kay's card that I've had for 2 years, and my student loans that are still in deferment because I'm still in school. Now if only Apple checked Equifax for their loan! :cry:
  5. I pulled my Equifax a month ago and my score was 514...I had only 2 negs, and they were for accounts I was an AU on. I disputed those, they came off, and my Equifax Fico as of last night was 691!! I had no idea it would raise that much!!
  6. Does anyone know what FICO usually qualifies for an AppleLoan? I've been looking at a new iBook for my wife for Xmas.
  7. Last month I had Equifax remove two accounts that I was an authorized user on that were in poor standing (collections); I stressed that they were the ONLY 2 accounts that were in dispute. They removed them (and raised my FICO by 130 points, yay!) but also removed a jewelry store card that I've had for a few years, have paid off a few times, and am currently carrying a small balance on. Would it help my credit to have that jeweler's card put back on there? How would I go about doing that? Thanks!
  8. It was pretty off for me....I answered it as I was looking at my CR and it said I should have a FICO between 645-695....mine ranges around 515-530. :?
  9. My score is currently 515, with only one negative (a credit card I was an auth. user on) and that neg is being removed right now. I only have two credit cards showing on my report, both in good standing---a jewelry store card and a Best Buy card, and my student loan. Those are the only three things showing on my credit report right now. I want to get a car loan without a cosigner, and I know I need to raise my score. What's the most effective way to raise my score, and how long will it take? I have a small bank loan in perfect standing but that hasn't been reported to the credit bureaus...can I request that they report it, and will that help?
  10. I'm looking to buy a little used car...just something reliable to get me to school and back. I'm looking at a '00 Saturn, on a local lot and priced at $4750. What kind of score do you have to have to get financed on a small loan like that? I'm willing to accept high rates, because I need a car BADLY but I don't have anyone who can cosign. My eq score is 515, and wife's is 519, but I haven't pulled the other bureaus yet. Can I get financed on a score like that, or do I need to wait a while? thanks!

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