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  1. Thanks everyone. Its the usual, 2 steps forward, 1 step back. I've been out of the loop for a year, its been a super bad year (to many I know). Between the layoff from work and my dad passing away. I CANNOT wait until 2009 is over. I have a new job and its great and I am very grateful. I need to get back on credit repair. Right now the biggest hurt is my hight utilization. So that's my current goal, pay things down.
  2. Cited overall credit report and history of my other cards. Didn't care that I always paid on time with them. Was ok yesterday, checked account online and in bold letters "cancelled". I called and was told because of the debt ratio and levels of other cards was the factors involved. Funny thing is I've been working hard to pay off and pay down all my balances this year, despite getting laid off for 4 months.
  3. In sending out your letters, did you type the letters or did you handwrite? Thanks!
  4. That is SO AWESOME!! And very inspiring. You are getting me motivated but I want to wait until the end of the month to pull new FICOS (its been over a year since I pulled real FICOs). I made some good payments on my maxed cards so I want to see if those payments affected the scores in any way. After I pull my FICOs I'm going to try to follow your footsteps. Thank you for sharing!!
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew of any discounts available for TrueCredit? Thanks all.
  6. Same here. I even tried going through the BBB route and that was absolutey useless. Horrible agency!
  7. Thank you!! And yes, I've already not just sock drawered the cards, but I also cut a big piece out of each one so that even if I do get tempted, I can't use them. I know myself. Its my intention to keep making good payments until I get down to that $0.00 balance on ALL my cards. Keep the good ones and start closing out the sub-primes (except for my oldest - at least until my really good cards have aged more).
  8. First as always, thank you everyone. This is a fabulous support forum. I've been "lurking" for a few years and used a lot of the experienced advice and had a lot of things removed and cleared up. This past few months I was pretty stupid and maxed out all my credit cards and of course my scores tanked. They were on the way of getting better but that hit super hard. So, I had an opportunity to pay down a lot of the big balances and was wondering how soon after the payment has been received do the credit reports get updated? I'm not saying this right I know but after receiving payments (all on time or a bit early) and paying down a good chunk of the maxed out balances, when will the CRs receive the new balance info? I don't want to order my ficos until its been updated after this month's payments have been updated on my reports. It's been about 1 1/2 years since I last ordered so I need to order new ones to see where I stand and to continue my work. Again, thank you everyone.
  9. I'll be getting my true ficos before the special expires with MyFico.com. No, this is definitely not a positvie account. It was a repo on a mobile home.
  10. This is a biggie on my credit reports. Shouldn't this drop off by August of this year? Here is the info: Account Name: VANDBLT MTG Account Number: 44XXXX Acct Type: Installment account Acct Status: Open Monthly Payment: $0.00 Date Open: 7/22/1999 Balance: $0.00 Terms: 25 Months Thank you for responding!!
  11. Thanks. I recieved a call from CLC and I will need a co-signer through them. But I want to wait to hear back from the school to see what kind of loans I can get through them first. I haven't checked with my CU but since I can't get an auto loan or regulard CC through them, I don't think my credit is good enough to get a student loan from them.
  12. I just checked and my Equifax FICO is 607. Its low, but do you think I have a shot in getting approved for a Sallie Mae student loan?
  13. Good luck! I'm doing the same thing but I don't make nearly the same as you now. I'm a single mom of 2 (8 and 5). But I'm interested in getting my 2-year degree so I can become an RN. I've applied for financial aid and, like you, hope I get something. The books will be very expensive.
  14. I agree - you need to move out fast. You cannot support your entire family. Your parents should be able to talk with the utility companies to get on a hardship program. They can maybe apply for foodstamps. Your brother needs to get a job. You need to move out - even if you just rent a room and that way you can keep on saving.

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