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  1. So, here's the scoop. Someone tell me if I'm looking for something that doesn't exist. Need a low doc/no doc HELOC or Home Equity Loan for DW, her credit score is around 640, BK 2+ years ago. We've owned the house about 6 months. Appraised value is around $150K, we have no mortgage, but paid $50K for the house, as at the time it was a fixer upper. Now it's fixed up. Looking to pull maybe 20-50K in equity out of it.....I'm the one with the paycheck but her credit is better than mine. Is there a prayer here? thanks,
  2. I tenatively set the draft to Sat Aug 24 9:00pm EDT but we can change it if need be.
  3. So it's that time of year again....I just sent out the renewal e-mails to those who participated last year. If you would like an invite to join the league this year, please PM me. I am thinking of a draft sometime in about 2 weeks, after the 3rd preseason game. This will make sure we don't get screwed with pre-season injuries, etc.
  4. Sorry about moving the draft, but at the time we only had 4 sign ups, which kinda stunk. So I moved the draft to today at 5:15 PM. We now have plenty of teams signed up and a couple more sign ups pending. What stinks is Yahoo only gives out certain draft times, so if we have to change at the last minute we end up getting less-than-desirable spots. I got a decent time this year but with having to change due to low sign ups, ended up getting stuck with the scraps again. So now we're all set! See you all tonight.
  5. OK, looks like Yahoo won't let me change back to 11:30 tonight, so i am leaving at 5:15 PM EDT tomorrow (Monday.)
  6. We had another person join, and i just sent out 2 more invites to people who requested. If everybody signs up by tonight, I'll try to make it for 11:30 tonight if that still works for everyone. Otherwise I'll leave it at 5:15 EDT tomorrow since it's a holiday and most people shouldn't have work (hopefully)
  7. Also, if everyone gets their stuff together tonight, I can do at like 11:30 tonight if it will still let me. I'll check back in a few hours and see what everyone thinks.
  8. I can postpone the draft, but there aren't a ton of times left as options to do it. I can do Monday at 5:15 EDT or Tuesday at 5:45 EDT. Right now I'll change it to Monday so that we can let everyone who expressed an interest sign up.....I just e-mailed another invite today and have another person who needs to send me their e-mail address.
  9. EDT - sorry. Last chance everyone, draft is tomorrow night....
  10. The league has been renewed - e-mails sent out to last year's participants. If you would like invited to this year's league, send me a PM and I'll try to get you included. Draft has been set for Sunday Sept 2nd at 8:45 PM. Sorry about the crap timing of the draft last year, I didn't wait nearly as long to set it up this time!
  11. OK with work, vacation, etc I've been a bad commish this year LOL. I think we got one more team (just sent the invite out today) so we should be good to draft. I'm hoping to set the draft for tonight around 10 PM Eastern time. Depends on what Yahoo let's me do, but there will be an e-mail sent to all league members as soon as I get it set up.
  12. Delayed due to lockout, but I just went in and e-mailed the invites to last year's participants. If you are interested in participating, PM me your e-mail address and I'll try to add you....
  13. Introducing a protected class completely changes the issue. So let me get this straight (pardon the pun).... Pictures of gay sex on internet = protected Pictures of straight sex on internet = not protected hmmmm..... I have several FB friends that are teachers and attorneys, and most of them use fake names that only their real friends know about. It's the safest thing IMO.
  14. OK, who here lives in Georgia and can tell me what the price of smokes is like down there? I have to go down later this week and I'm not sure if I should buy here and bring with, or wait and buy there. I know in some places like NC they are cheap cheap cheap, but in NJ / NJ / etc they are a fortune. Thoughts?

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