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  1. oops. Maybe I'm wrong. This was an overdrawn bank account. Maybe the SOL is 4 years in CA. The originl account was opened in WA. I moved to CA in Oct. 02. Overdrawn occurred in CA. Can they choose which state to apply SOL?
  2. I just looked at an old Equifax report. ER solutions shows that Wamu reports last activity is March 2003, assigned to collection Sept. 2004 and reported Aug. 2005. Is SOL the last date of activity which would be 3/03? California is a 3 year SOL on written contracts that would mean SOL has run. I wonder what WA state is? That's where I originally opened the account.
  3. Yes, I have my green cards on the prior DV's. I need to pull those out of my file and start checking dates, etc. You know, we may be either getting really close to SOL or perhaps, just past it. I'll have a look. I'm in California so the SOL is 3 years on written contracts.
  4. I DV'd them last year and they ignored it for months. Finally they sent me an account statement. By then it was off all of my reports and I didn't hear from them again. This current letter is an offer to settle the account for 20%. There haven't been any inquires from them on my credit reports however I have applied for a mortgage in the past few weeks so that may have triggered something.
  5. I disputed an ER Solutions collection account off of all three reports a year ago. Now, I just received a letter in the mail from a Maurice Chambers, debt collector. The letter was mailed from a PO Box in Hauppauge, NY but it says ER Solutions with a Renton, WA address as the return address. So, I want to DV this but not sure if I should do it to the NY address or the WA. state address. This has not reappeared on any reports yet. Anyone deal with them recently?
  6. 760 area code is the Palm Springs/desert area of Southern California.
  7. When my student loan hit my reports, it gave me age and a big fico increase. It wasn't on any reports while it was in rehab.
  8. psstation


    I had received that same messaage when I applied in May. It took 2 weeks but I got approved with a $12,500 limit. Good luck!!
  9. I received an invitation to apply for a CitiBusiness card today. I have just recently opened business credit, BofA Business visa 2 months ago with a $15,000 limit and Amex Delta Business 2 months ago with the same limit. I'm a sole proprietor in business 3 1/2 years. Probably my only business reports are Experian. I was wondering if I should send the application card into them or wait another 6 months to establish a little more history on my other 2 cards. I didn't know if receiving the invitation to apply meant they already looked at my reports and thought I might qualify.
  10. I've had the same problem. My secured card was unsecured in April. I've had it over a year and can't get a CLI. I just got off the phone with them and no again. Funny thing is, I got an Alaska Airlines Visa from them this summer with a $12,000 credit line and a business visa with a $15,000 line. This one goes in the sock drawer as useless.
  11. You don't sign anything when you apply for credit online. The card arrives in the mail just fine. You pay your bill online and again, nothing is signed. How the hell do they know what your signature looks like? Send a copy of their letter to the Attorney Generals office in your state.
  12. I applied online tonight for an Amex Delta Business card. Approved in less than 60 seconds. Mmmhmm. Chase needs to catch up with the competition.
  13. I thought if I called in I could get an instant approval like I did with BofA. I had read that doing an online app can result in the 7-10 day message, or longer. I guess I was just surprised because the CSR at BofA was so on the ball and Chase was a real contrast.
  14. I have no experience with Chase but decided to apply for their business visa. I obtained the number off of their website and called. After taking personal information from me, the rep asked what card I was applying for. I told her the business visa. She tells me she can't do that and gives me another number. I call that number and get a recording telling me to call a third number. I call that one and the rep gives me a fourth number to call where I get a girl who has difficulty with english. The application process takes forever as I am having to spell every word for her. She never asks me for my income. No instant approval, just that she will submit the application. Last week I applied for a bofa business vis and was approved while I was on the phone. Can anyone tell me if Chase is normally like this? It is a sign of what they are like to do business with?

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