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  1. I don't think my account had been late before when I missed those three payments (around $300 per month). We made the last two payments on time, but we weren't "caught up" with the three we missed. Two weeks ago we managed to pay the $900 to catch us up current, so they won't be reporting us delinquent anymore. Btw, this bank credit card is closed and has been for a while. Having said all that, is the damage to my credit water under the bridge? Something that my bank no longer has any control over? Or do I have any options to raise my 598 more than five or ten points a month now?
  2. After a long period of unemployment, my credit had fallen from around 720 to the 500s. I got another job, then it gradually climbed up to 665, 670 then 675. The only glitch during this time was that I missed three payments to my bank on my credit card (my job laid me off for a while), even though I tried to work out something with them. I found work again and started paying my set monthly payments on the card once more, including our mortgage, but the bank said that until I had "caught up" with the missed payments, they would continue to report me to the credit bureaus. Considering that the rest of my payments were good and on time, I had hoped that my next credit score might be 680, but to my dismay it had plunged from 675 to 608 in one month! This most recent month it fell yet again, down to 594! I couldn't even get a checking account with this score. I did get a copy of my credit report, but I'm not sure how to decipher it to see what specifically caused this massive drop. My wife and I made some sacrifices and managed to get current on our bank credit card so they'll stop reporting me. I don't understand how, if the bank is the culprit for my drop, how it happened all at once in one month - and how one creditor can destroy your credit to such a degree in such a short period of time. It took me almost a year to get my credit up 70 points, yet it took my bank one month to drop it that far if they're the ones responsible. But, again, I don't know if this is the case. I'm hoping someone may know how I can make that determination.
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