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  1. Thanks for the insight. I just checked and my EX Auto 8 is a 721 and the Auto 2 is a 645 regular EX is a 647. I don't think getting it financed will be an issue but I know that won't get me Tier 1. My EQ is 762 and the TU score is 706, not sure on the Auto Enhance on either of them. I just took my Utilization on CC down to 10% so that should also give my scores a bump. I do like the 6 series but it always seemed out of range lease wise but maybe in the Oct/Nov time they will be discounting it like you said. I also test drove the Guila TI & Audi A3 and I liked both of those but they seem to have low Residual Values right now making them less attractive leases. Never had a Mercedes as I think they ride too soft but it's been awhile since I looked at them so that may also be an option. Good thing is I have until Dec to have to do something so its no rush.
  2. Thanks, I am also considering the other Euro luxury cars as you are correct the 5 is in high demand and not that great of leases right now. Of the Euro cars which would be the most lenient ? I have heard Jaguar and they have some really good lease programs right now. I have always liked my BMW's but I am not opposed to trying the other Euro brands providing the numbers are right. I'm thinking Oct/Nov is when the deals will really start.
  3. Wanted to know what affect a 6 year old repo would have on getting approved with BMW on a lease. I have all clean credit the last 4 years and prior to the repo with WFDS I had 2 perfect leases with BMW so I do have a history with them. Equifax and Transunion are both clean but Experian still has the repo and a couple of other old 5+ years collections. From what I hear BMW now uses Exp and TU and not EQ, which is my highest score. Looking at leasing a 5 series. Will they put more weight on my previous performance with BMWFS or the 6 year old repo ?
  4. What does 623 mean ? Surely someone has to have a solution for this. I thought they had to reinvestigate by law no matter how many times you dispute it.
  5. I have tried letters as well as online and they simply refuse to reinvestigate saying it's been previously disputed.
  6. Almost have my reports clean but Experian has a few items on there that I have already disputed and when I try and get them to reinvestigate it i get an error and it won't let me dispute. Shouldn't I be able to dispute an item even after they have investigated it ? Need a car lease in a few months and this is stopping me from hitting the Tier 1 level. Can I send them a letter to force a reinvestigation ?
  7. To answer the question about a SS card and a job, I have been self employed for 20+ years therefore I have never needed a card. Tried to get a replacement through the mail already with copies of a passport and a DL but they would not send me one.
  8. Ended up getting the Quicksilver One card but the limit is only $300, not going to help much in expanding my e-com business. Least it was not a secured.
  9. Was finally able to get in with Capital One, just got an approval email and another email that the card is on the way with the last 4 digits of an account number. No idea what type of card or the credit limit but at least it's a start.
  10. Because I doubt NASA will approve me with a 638 EX score.
  11. Tried NASA but they insist on EX an I am not going to unlock it for them. One thing I am assuming even if I am getting denials at least I will be on their mailing lists for possible pre-approvals in the future. I may have luck with Citi simplicity as I got them to pull EQ instead of EX and I would think with a 737 they would at least give me something.
  12. So other then Penfed what is something good to apply for. I already tried Bank of America & Amex but they both want EX scores and I refuse to unlock them. Capital one made me send in a copy of DL but now they are asking for a SS Card too(which i have not had in 20 years) I am battling Barclays, HSBC & Citi on my other 2 reports yet so I am guessing they would be a waste of time to apply for at this time. Waiting on the results of the Overstock MC as I applied and got the 10 day message.
  13. I got the membership with them no problem it's just the card that is the issue. The score is from the Equifax complete thing so as far as I know it's accurate and it would have also shown an inquiry had they actually pulled it. This leads me to think they never actually reviewed it. I don't really see how they would say I have a thin credit history considering I have 6 years of BMW leases paid in full plus other car loans & cards. I also applied for Amex, Overstock and Citi, all of those came back with a 10 day wait and I have yet to see an inquiry from them either. My guess is they will request me to unfreeze EX and TU.
  14. They gave a reason as being in adequate credit history but I have over 15 years of established credit and less then 20% utilization. Only cards I have are Walmart, Credit One and an installment loan with Conns. Previously have tons of car leases paid off so I am really confused why the denied. Another thing is strange that I can't even see that they made an inquiry on EQ and my other 2 are locked. Is this worth a recon ?
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