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  1. I think I may have solved our mystery..i caught our son cranking the heat up to 80 earlier..apparently he likes to lay on the vent with the heat going full blast. Now if appliances and lights start turning themselves on, I'm outta here.
  2. Well, I'm hoping there's a logical reason for this. Earlier I was playing with my daughter on the living room floor. I kinda landed hard on the floor which probably caused our family picture to fall over and knock off a few things off the entertainment center. So,I guess you could say I'm definitely on a heightened state of alert...LOL. I talked to a friend earlier, he said it's possible somehow for the slide to move.I don't know how, but maybe so. For whatever reason, this kind of crap scares the h*** out of me. I'll probably be camping in the living room in front of the TV tonight!
  3. yeah..it's pretty dang odd I have to admit. Fortunately, I've not noticed anything else peculiar going on. We've lived here for more than a year, and it's only a seven year old house. So..I would really like to figure out what's going on. i do have kids, but they swear up and down they have not fooled with it.
  4. It's been awhile since I posted, but I figured I could use an opinion or two. We have had something pretty unusual happen in our house the past two days. Last night we set our thermostat to 75, we wake up early this morning its down to 60 or just below. My wife readjusts the thermostat before she leaves, but finds it cranked up to 90 when she gets home from work. So, she puts it back to the seventies, then it's cranked up again an hour later. I find this pretty bizarre, considering we have a slide thermostat and not a digital thermostat. I could see a digital going haywire, but a slide would require someone or something physically moving it right? Anyways, I'm pretty freaked out..LOL. Anyone have ideas??
  5. Man, that sounds like a nightmare to me, considering I'm afraid of wasps. Especially the part about being stung in the middle of the night..ouch! Have you tried calling an exterminator of some sort? It may be expensive, but you might get some help/relief. We get the black wasps, they usually mind their own business, but I've had my close calls when working out in the garden. Also get honeybees and bumblebees..but they hardly ever sting or attack. The most feared stinging insect we have in SE Kentucky is the hornet. I was cutting grass a few summers ago and noticed a huge black and yellow insect resembling a C-130 making a beeline for my head. I got off the mower while it was still moving and ran for the garage..no joke. I love spring/summer, but the downside are the stinging insects we have to live with.
  6. It's good to get away! Glad it worked out for you. 1800's Victorian mansion.......... Do you have a link, I'd love to check it out. I cannot remember the exact link, but if you google Central Park Bed and Breakfast, it should be the first one to come up.
  7. Well, we did it and it was an awesome experience. Our room was in a 1800's victorian style mansion in Louisville,KY. The room was nothing short of awesome...hardwood floors, gas fireplace, comfortable queen size bed, huge windows overlooking a park, nice tub/shower. Next to our room was a little nook filled with dvds and videocassettes if we wanted to watch a movie. Downstairs was pretty cool...two sitting rooms/parlors, a huge dining room, and a little alcove with everything from cold drinks to wine. Our innkeeper was great, she provided some good conversation without being too intrusive. I think my wife is pretty sold on staying at this b&b whenever we return without the kids. Despite the awesome time, we returned home to a baby with a 102 degree fever and a furnace that wont kick on for some reason! I think we are paying for enjoying ourselves.
  8. The one we are staying at seems laid back, they have two breakfast serving times and there are only five couples/guests staying that night. I don't mind interacting with people, I"m a little shy..but can talk to anyone. I was also wondering what types of guests usually stay at b&b's. I used to have this idea that only wealthy folks stay, but I know several people from work that like b&b's over motels...and they are definitely middle class.
  9. My wife and I are taking a weekend out of town (first time in two years!). So I decided to reserve a room at a bed and breakfast since it's her birthday as well. This is our first time at a b&b, so i don't really know what to expect. The one we are going to is a restored mansion with a fireplace and full bath in each room. Still, I wonder if it will be a little awkward sitting down with breakfast with folks we've never spoken to before..should be interesting. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience with staying at one, and is it a better experience than staying at a chain motel/hotel.
  10. Thanks for the story..I have considered nursing as well. The pay and prestige is a step up from what im doing now.
  11. Hey guys/gals, I don't post often, but rest assured this is one of my daily stops. Anyways, I'm really getting to a crossroads and I would like some honest opinions, so here goes. I'm a 35 year old man, with a BA in Communication (I know it's a general degree, thought I would eventually go for the MA..never did). I currently work as a Surgical Tech at a mid sized hospital, current salary for this year will be in 35,000 to $40,000 range. I've been brainstorming all different kind of ideas, ranging from medical sales to becoming a middle/high school teacher. I would have to go back to school to get my teaching certificate, and the salary would be comparable to what I'm making now. However, I think I would enjoy working with kids, and may be a little less subject to burnout. As for sales, the salary potential is there, but it would require travel and considerable more stress. Although I'm only 35, I'm a little wary of going back to school and starting something new, I guess that's why I feel I'm at a crossroad in life. If anyone has any experience and wants to give me an idea/opinion, I would really appreciate it.
  12. We have family health insurance through my job. Right now we are currently paying $180 a month, not bad..but rates go up every year. Our provider is CHI (Cumberland Healthcare), based out of OH.
  13. Our system is 6-7 years old. This is the first time I've noticed it being so wet, and coincidently it's only been 2-3 days since we had flooding rains in the area. I'm leaning towards the idea its related to the wet weather. The only thing that bugs me is that the rest of the field has dried out except for one area. As far as inspection guidelines, I believe ours is every 2 years as well. We just moved in this house back in April, so I was not planning on having it looked at until next summer.
  14. While I was cutting grass today I noticed an area over our septic field where it is very wet, almost spongey like. The first thing I'm obviously thinking is there a leak or a crushed septic line (leech line). The rest of the area looks pretty dry, just that small area near the house. The only other possibilty is that we have had a very wet september here in KY, I think we picked up 3-5 inches of rain over the weekend. I'm wondering if there is a leak or is it just the ground being so saturated right now. Anyone ever have some experience with this? If there is a leak, I can only imagine what the cost of repairing a line would be.
  15. They (the mother) had the kid moved to another team. He said that he believes the guy has forfieted his rights as a father, at least morally if not legally. If those aren't statements that he/they believe access should be denied, then I don't know what is. He didn't come right out and say it, but he was searching for support in their quest to deny access and keep the guy away. The guy may very well be a loser, I'm not disputing that, but that's part of my point... the focus is on the adults, when it should be on the kids. You've made your point that you think we are denying the boys their right see their dad. First, as I wrote earlier, my wife was the one who dealt with their pain. Just a hunch here that my wife is trying to *protect* her children from being hurt again. FWIW, we aren't going to challenge visitation, but he will be paying towards his children's future. IMO, that's not adults playing commodities, but a father doing what's morally right for his kids.

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