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  1. I do apologize about just now posting a response...internet issues, oh internet issues. Anyway, ic systems never sent me a collection notice, i don't recall receiving one. I had mail forwarding and i do not remember receiving anything. I would have responded with asking for proof if i did receive the collection letter as i keep any green cards from my mailings. Any help is appreciated.
  2. IC Systems is on my credit report for Transunion and Experian, as they dropped off of Equifax a few months ago. This is scheduled to stay on my credit report until 2020. On my credit reports it is listed as collection for a utility company from 03/2014 and reported 05/2014. The original balance is showing $128 and the other section shows amount due as of this month $154. I remember moving out of my apartment in that year (october of 2014, not 03/2014), but had mail forwarding, which even then I shouldn't have had a balance due, nor do i recall receiving anything from the utility company in my mail forwarding. I never received anything from IC Systems, just noticed it when it hit credit karma. It has been reporting for some time now, i say about a little over a year. I've read the boards about IC system, but i'm still at a loss of what to do. I really do not recall any letters from the utility company nor the ca regarding this. Also keep in mind that the whole 03/14 date is mind boggling because i was still in my apartment at that time and of course before (year lease). I would think that my utilities would have been disconnected if i waited a long time to pay or never paid but still continued to live there. Any help on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated. BTW - GA is the state i reside. thank you.
  3. I did some housekeeping/investigation and found a few dunn letters from them and letters from three CA that dunn me before being passed to midland in a folder in an old backpack. From what i can gather the dunn letters seem sporatic from midland. Im thinking they may not (hopefully) have had anything once it was passed to them and thats why there was no validation from them. In any event they may have sent something that i overlooked because,hey, im now finding past letters from them...but i still seem to remember not seeing anything from them. Ill do more digging and will take to my storage to see what i can find. Thanks to all who helped me and holefully nothing comes of this.
  4. Yes, i remember sending the validation letter within the 30 days of the initial dunn letter because i moved to another apt but i can't find it and we are talking a little over two years ago. Im wondering if i send a second validation letter how it would be worded in terms of needing an actual date of the first validation letter. I know the burden of proof is on them, but trying to find the initial letter is bothering me a little.
  5. I meant to add Midland never validated, ive never received anything from them as proof, but continued to dunn me.
  6. The letter states a little over $1,000 for a cc. I dont know about a ITS because it is in SOL (GA) and they have it from 2014. Im just at a loss of what to do. I cant find my green card and letter from when i sent validation request and they kept on sending the dunning letters but marked my CR as being in dispute.
  7. I received a letter from Midland with the heading that this was a prelegal notification. They stated that they have attempted numerous times to contact me and were considering seeking legal litigation and that they may refer the account to an attorney in my state if they don't hear from me by the end of this week. Has anyone had a letter like this mailed to them. I remember asking for proof and they even notated it on my cr but i cant seem to find my letter that was sent. I don't want the drama of the attorney if pursued. I would like any help if possible.
  8. I am in need of some guidance dealing with Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA): PRA sent me the initial dunning letter regarding a CC account for around $700 with a date on the letter as 11/07/2016, and i sent my letter disputing and asking for validation Cert mail with green card...the green card shows signed on 12/06/2016. I never received any type of response from PRA, no validation or proof, and low and behold it was inserted on my credit report recently and shows the account was opened on 10/21/2016 (per Credit Karma....i will be ordering my real CR today). The account open date on the CK credit report is two days after the CC company sent a letter stating PRA had bought the account outright. Of course i am in SOL, and i know disputing it could poke the bear, but i'm wondering what steps can be taken? Also, i will have to double check the amount their asking for as i don't recall that amount being correct. My question also is even though the initial PRA letter states they have to receive the dispute within 30 day of my receiving the letter....would it be correct to go by the date on the actual letter as your thirty day clock or by the envelope? I know it may sound silly, but on my report PRA placed that it was disputed, but met FCRA requirements...any advice would be appreciated.
  9. I have a paid state tax lien showing on TU and EQ. The release date was 03/10, and according to TU, is scheduled to delete in Feb 2017. The tax lien was suppose to have been deleted in Aug of this year as some of my tax refund paid off the remainder of the payment plan I had with them in 2009. Do you think that a the jack attack method would do, or online dispute as obsolete (hoping for early deletion), or let it simmer until Feb? TU has a three errors on how it reports, EQ has two errors. Please give me your take on how you would go about it. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I'm not expecting a deletion, because of who cap1 is, nor do they have to. Cap1 stop sending statements to me period after it charged off, I haven't received statements since the CO date. Also, the amount doesn't change every month, it stays the same but it charges off every month. The reason behind asking do I speak or write to a certain person is because I'm sure the regular csr phone line is not going to produce any results as far as it getting paid, I'm thinking they will not be able to help. I read on another credit board that cap1 referred a CO person to the CA, but the CA told them that the account was sent back to cap1, so they paid cap1, but they didn't say if they went through the exec office or what. So here are the bullet points: 1. I'm not expecting a deletion, I understand that. 2. I'm looking to pay without going through a CA and I would rather go to cap1, but I'm thinking the regular csr phone line will not help. 3. I'm wanting to know if anyone has dealt with cap1 after a co by phone or mail with no CA reporting? 4. I would rather deal with them by mail and would like to know how to word a letter. 5. Can cap1 continue to CO every month with everything remaining the same in my cr (no amount change, no date change except the report date not the dofd) if I haven't received a statement in a year? I'm at a place now where I can pay it, but just need a little direction. I understand they will not delete for payment and that is not a concern of mine at this moment. Thank you guys for any help.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I pretty much know cap1 is not the deletion type of company, so I never even put any hope in that, but my question was has anyone had any luck/favor with going back to cap1 and making the payment? Since they still have the account and the CA that have dunned are not reporting on my CR, I was interested in if someone had spoken or written a letter to a specific person at Cap1.
  12. Mfarmer, thanks for the correction. It is being reported by the OC and not a CA, my error. Please don't think I'm ignoring your advice, I mean that in a sincere way, advice taken. I'm going to look over the trade line again because there are two errors I see so far that I think might help when disputing, and no I will not dispute "not mine". I will send cmrr on Monday.
  13. Thanks you guys for your input. I did have the account with the utility company, however, i don't remember the amount being what they stated it was on CR because my electric bill was always around the $40 or $50 mark because of the size of my apartment that i resided in at the time. I was going to dispute not mine, because i really couldn't find another reason on EQ to dispute it as. As far as it reporting as 120+days past due...that is an error i think. I will look at the tradeline/CA account and send my request via certified mail and hope for the best.
  14. Cap1 is reporting two different accounts as charge-offs each month since the official CO date of 09/2015...it shows as follows (just one of the accounts): Type: Credit card Recent balance: $700 as of 09/2016 Credit limit: $500 High balance: $700 Date of status: 09/2015 Status: Account charged off. $700 written off. $700 past due as of 09/2016 Monthly payment: $0 Comment: Account closed at credit grantors request this is well within SOL(GA). i have had a few CA send letters, but i have sent a dispute everytime and they do not respond or it goes to another CA (not on my CR from any CA). I would like to go directly to Cap1 and get things taken care of, but i wanted to know if anyone has had success with Cap1 with making a payment or it's pretty much waiting out my time for the seven years?
  15. There is a utility company (electric) that was paid back in oct 2014. I am trying to get this off of my cr report, but need to know how to proceed since the online dispute reasons from EQ do no really pertain to me. The account as follows: ABC electric company account status: 120+days past due type of account: open Date of last payment: 10/2014 Date reported: 10/2014 Date closed: 10/2014 DOFD: 10/2013 Activity designator: Paid and closed Term Frequency: single payment loan High Credit: $150 Actual payment amount: 150 EQ has reasons such as: 1. not mine 2. balance paid - reporting delinquent in error 3. dates/amount/credit limit in error....things such as this. I was going to dispute as not mine and hopefully and comes off, but in case it doesn't, i don't want to select that and have nothing to dispute it as again. any help would be appreciated. thanks
  16. Sorry for the late reply. ARS is collecting on behalf of cap one, the creditor listed shows cap one and the letters heading states settlement offer/notice. ARS is not on cr nor alliance one. Cap one is reporting the account as CO, but as if the account is open because experian states my utilization is high for that particular account. I thought that once it states charged off, the current balance reports as "0" but includes in the past due amount the charge off amount...no?
  17. I recently received a settlement letter from ARS National Services regarding a cap one account that is in SOL (2015) for $900 plus some change. This us my first time getting anything from ARS as Alliance one sent me the initial/welcome letter back in 2015. I would like to get some help on how to word my letter to ARS. Also when I sent a validation letter to Alliance one in 2015, they never responded and it has been a year and havent heard from anyone until now. Thank you for all your help.
  18. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I do not have any release forms from 2009, only the offset letter showing the credit applied to that tax year that is somewhere in my pile of paperwork. I'm thinking of writing the clerk of court because when talking to the tax payer advocate, there whole tune is that they see the payment made in full in August, but the date of paid and satisfied shows Feb of that following year and that's what they are going by. Do you think that would be a good move as well and request proof of full payment on the August date?
  19. I have a paid tax lien on my cr scheduled to be removed by 02/2017. I'm in GA and they only have withdrawal procedures unless it is an error on their part. My situation is the tax lien was paid in 2009 through a payment plan and also my income refund showing in August of 2009, but it didn't showed paid and released until March of 2010. I thought once the Lien was paid it automatically updates, but found out differently when I went to apply for credit and it was sitting on there as still due. I went to the courthouse in March of 2010 and that is when it was released. I called today and spoke to a tax advocate at the state and they stated that even if the Lien was paid in 2009 it takes up to six weeks to post to the system. My whole thing is that six weeks does not equal until March of the next year and I felt that it should have posted in 2009 which would have made the seven year clock end this year and fall of my report. I understand a lien can stay up to 10 years, but the only reason it shows released because I went to check on it at the courthouse. Ok so I'm wondering what steps to take. I know most may say it's only a few months and to let it sit and then dispute, but im trying for my mortgage, the advice was given to get a better rate is to see if it can be removed during my pre qualification. The Lien is tied to my current address so removing the address is not possible. I have been made aware of the consumer protection financial bureau, but i would like any suggestions before contacting them. Thanks for any help.
  20. Good morning, I need help with my approach to I.C.Systems. I have a utility bill account that is on my CR that is showing placed with IC Systems on 30/2014 and was updated on 07/2016 for about $130.00. The utility company is correct because i did have them at my old apartment, but i thought i had paid the amount. Anyway, i am wanting to pay the utility company directly, but it has been so long ago. I am still able to log into my account online and the system will allow a payment, and i also saw the utility bill PDF that shows it was written off. I want to make payment to the utility company online and then dispute, but i don't know if this will backfire. This may seem simple, but i want to know should i call the utility company first or just go ahead and pay IC systems and be done? Also i am located in GA, thanks for any help.
  21. 1st question: I wanted to know if anyone has had any luck with Cap One taking back their account from a CA? Alliance One is collecting on behalf of Cap One and i want to pay Cap One directly. I planned on contacting them by email (exec office) to see if i can pay them in full directly. I'm not looking to pay for delete (charged off) or to remove the late charges....right now i want to see if they will take the payment directly and report paid in full on my CR....i'm trying to circumvent the CA. I am in SOL and i know that Cap one is sue happy, so i am hoping that i am allowed another month to gather my funds. 2nd question: Alliance One sent me a packet after i disputed and requested validation. the packet had multiple statement showing the past amount due and what interest fee was assessed (there are not transactions on the statement). I'm really trying to hold out another month and hoping that Cap One will take the money. is there a letter that can be sent to Alliance One, in your opinion, that will hopefully keep them at bay for another month? I'm willing to pay, but i don't want to pay to them if possible. thank you
  22. I received a letter this past weekend from Portfolio Recovery Associates offering me three different payment plans. They list the OC's name and also have in the letter "Creditor to whome debt is owed" which carries Portfolio's name. The debt is within SOL and i am going to pay as soon as i have the money which should be in another month (end of Nov/beginning of Dec). the issue that i have is that the OC sent two emails to me (automated ones) this past weekend stating or alluding that there was some fraudulent activity on my account from another state that needed my attention. the second email stated that they are willing to work with me regarding my account to clear it (i have been making payments, not a formal payment plan, but couldn't keep up). The link that they provide (the OC) goes to their personal website (credit card). If Portfolio is just collecting on their behalf, i never received an initial letter giving me the dispute/validation commentary, but on the back of the letter i got this weekend it gives a dispute correspondence email and regular address along with a customer quality service email and telephone number. the bottom front states that the communication is from a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt...and so forth. My question is has anyone encountered this type of letter from Portfolio and if so how do you think i should handle it? I want to repeat that i will pay it, but i'm wondering is there a letter that i can send that will obtain clarity. Again, it is within SOL, but i'm wondering how this situation should be handled. thanks
  23. thanks moosetracks...i was searching the web and i found the telephone number for cap one...i will also look up their exec offices email. do you think that i should still send the dispute letter to the ca's as there will be about a one month period before i can pay them half or more (cap one if they accept)?

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