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  1. Years ago, WAMU would block my card when I used it while traveling. Every transaction was blocked until I called to verify that it wasn't fraud. Usually I had to verify recent charges on the card and explain why I am attempting to use the card so far from my home. I was told that calling in advance wouldn't matter and there was nothing that I could do, so I changed cards. Basically I was told that if I attempted to use the card away from my home area, their fraud detection would question it.
  2. I recently received an automatic CLI on my Sportsman Visa. I've used the card once in the three months that I've had it. The others are correct about the increase being significant.
  3. Last week I accepted a pre-approval for the cash rewards card. When I clicked to accept the offer, Navy gave me a standard application form and pulled a hard before providing an instant approval. It was my first credit product with them. The process didn't really feel like a pre-approval, but maybe that is their standard procedure.
  4. The key word that makes the law useless is "intent." It forces the receiver of the call to prove that the caller intended to deceive, which is difficult to prove. Verizon calls me from unknown or 000-000-0000 numbers. Can I prove that they are attempting to deceive me when they clearly state who they are once I answer (and it is usually in response to a request that I made)? My cell phone shows the name of the previous person with the assigned telephone number. Am I attempting to deceive the people whom I call? The users of spoofing technology will continue to use it with little recourse unless it is obvious, such as claiming to be a governmental agency.
  5. Here is the text from a current offer. Please let me know if it is the same as what you are seeing. You're Pre-Approved for a cashRewards Credit Card You're pre-approved for our cashRewards credit card, the card that pays you to use it. With cashRewards, you get cash back on every purchase, every time. It's that simple. The cashRewards card is the card to have in your wallet. No annual fee Earn up to 1.5% cash back on every purchase* No limit to rewards you can earn, rewards never expire Start redeeming online or by phone once you reach a rewards minimum of $20 100% protection from unauthorized purchases Act now by clicking on the link below. This offer expires May 31, 2010.
  6. Below is an old example of a pre-approval email that I received. I've never accepted an offer, so I don't know whether I would also receive the application to which you referred. nRewards® Pre-approval Ends February 28 Save With a Low Fixed Rate Hurry! Your offer for a pre-approved Navy Federal nRewards Visa® card1 is expiring. With a low fixed rate and no annual fee—the card can help you save. Plus, you'll earn unlimited rewards points2. But don't wait—this offer ends on February 28. Fixed rate as low as 8.9% APR3 on purchases and balance transfers No annual fee, balance transfer fees or cash advance fees Hundreds of rewards available including gift cards, travel and more 100% fraud protection at home and abroad To accept your nRewards card today, use your acceptance number xxxxx and go to navyfederal.org/ccoffer/ call 1-888-842-NFCU (6328) or visit a branch.
  7. Navy does offer pre-approvals for credit cards. I receive them regularly. They are posted under the 'My Offers' tab, sent via US Mail and sometimes via an email.
  8. I hope that everyone understands that these products have been around for almost a decade. The change in the law has just increased the banks' interest in the products. Some of you with HSBC Neiman Marcus cards may recall that HSBC did not request your income information on the online application and they haven't requested it for years (go look at the online app today and it still doesn't ask). Perform a search on 'Equifax Income Predictor' and you will also see that Equifax had a similar product available in 2002.
  9. Does anyone know whether Barneys New York will close credit account without activist within a specified time frame? Thanks.
  10. Does HSBC close Neiman Marcus and/or Saks Fifth Avenue accounts that do not have transactions within a particular time frame? Thanks for the input.
  11. RBS has announced that they will no longer issue credit cards to individuals who don't have a checking account with them. It is probably a matter of time before others start to consider this strategy too.
  12. My Experian credit report shows 62 total accounts and my FICO as of February was about 780. I have received auto credit limit increases on my Macy's, but not an upgrade invitation. However, I received a Bloomingdale's upgrade offer last week. They were opened on the same day in 2006 and I have probably spent less than $100 between the two cards since I have had them.
  13. I just read that Advanta is planning to close all credit card accounts around June 10.

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