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  1. Thank you. I will try. They tend to be rather unsure of what they're doing half the time (it's a small servicer) so I'm not holding my breath, but it's sure worth a try.
  2. Hi all, I'm not sure if I should post this here or in the BK forum, so if you think it would best posted there just let me know and I'll delete this and move it there. I'm in my final year of a CH. 13 BK. (It's the best thing I ever did, but that's another story). At the end of last year, we fell two month behind in our monthly mortgage payment that we pay directly to the lender (two cars broke down and a emergency vet bill for the dog, but whatever). Starting in Jan., I've been sending hundreds extra each month to get caught up. This been HARD to do, but it was necessary and I didn't want to mess around being behind with my regular payments while in the Ch. 13. Finally, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. My April morgage statement listed my current amount due for May 1 as around $3,000. I happily mailed that check overnight mail on May 5 and it cleared my bank a few days later. It felt SO good to write in the memo, "remaining past due amt for April and full May payment--current up to June 1." Yesterday a statement arrived dated mid May. It shows my $3000 payment and lists my June 1 payment amount as $3500 and change. That's a full two months of payments. WTF? I dig though the details and it looks as if out of that $3000 check they applied one full mortage payment and distributed that accordingly (some to principle, some to escrow, and so on) and took the remaining $1300 and applied it to ESCROW. I should note that I've not received any notice that our escrow was short, and hazard insurance/property taxes barely moved this year. I want to cry. I am in pretty much the same place I was nearly 6 months ago after sending extra every month since Jan. (Well, I'm not as bad off because I'd been two payments behind and now I'm "only" one payment behind, but still.) AND, I dont HAVE $3500 to pay on June 1. I've emailed the paralegal at my BK attorney's office, but by and large they balk at getting involved in any regular mortgage stuff bc it has nothing to do with the CH. 13. Is there anything I can do? Am I just screwed here? T.
  3. Debt is within SOL, unfortunately. They didn't wait long after payments stopped to jump on this one.
  4. Husband is being sued by Crapital One. Been through DV and other various letter exchanges since summer. Trial date set for March. We do NOT want to go to court (and actually can't due to planning to be in another state to adopt a child that's due around the same time as trial date). Husband sent (lowball) settlement offer, they responded with acceptable counter offer last week. Husband replied with offer to accept they payment amount in return for PFD. Problem is, this was all last week and DEADLINE to pay counter offer is this Wednesday. As we want to avoid court but have not yet heard back on the PFD (and, quite honestly, there hasn't been much time for this), AND as the deadline to accept their settlement offer is in 48 hours, what should we do? Just send a money order for settlement amount and fight for removal after? (This isn't ideal, I know.) Or, is there any way we can sent the payment along with a notarized letter stating if the money order is cashed they agree to delete, blah blah blah... Thanks so much in advance for replies!
  5. Hi all, In trying to remove some old COs on my CRAs (sold to other companies and subsequently paid--yes, it was before I found CBs!) I've sent out request for verification ("OC Validation", per Psychdoc's recommendation) to the OCs. I sent them CMRRR. It is past the 30 days and I've gotten no reply. I'm a bit unclear about the next step even though i've read Psychdoc's stuff. I think it's the nutcase letter now....is this correct? Thanks in advance for your help! Tinkya
  6. Thanks, dd50. Should I sent a photocopy of the letter from the CA with the "we show you paid it in 2002" info? And Collins135, I was afraid that was the case with Providian. I hate them! Tinkya
  7. First, let me do the happy dance. I 'heart' Credit Boards! I've gotten some baddies deleted thanks to you all! Of course, it's not all that easy. here are my questions: (1) sent request for validation to CA for old utility bill (near drop off, about $100). They replied and said "the above referenced account reflects a paid in full status as of 08/08/2002. Your personal credit profile will be updated to reflect same." OK, so I'm a moron and obviously paid it years ago and forgot, and hadn't caught it on my CR. Anyway, on my new CRs it is listed as Paid-in-Full but the paid date is listed as April 2007 (when they got my letter). WTF? Now this will be on my CR for 7 years, right? It's re-aging, isn't it, since I paid it in 2002? What do I do? (2) I'd read here that RJM acquisitions fold easily but not so for me. Advice? (3) Have a CO through Providian. About 3 years ago (before I knew better and before i found CB) I paid a CA that had taken over the acct. I think the CA had purchased it. Can the Providian thing still show up as a CO if it's been paid? Thanks SO much! Tinkya
  8. Thanks, jtoast. It IS a paid CO (two of them, actually, and it's showing a balance other than zero). Does this change how I approach them in letters? Anyone?!.... T
  9. I have two TLs that are COs but are listing balances. If I've understood what I've read here correctly, that's a violation b/c COs should be listed as a $0 balance, correct? SO....my question is, when sending the validation letters, do I try to force their hand by mentioning the violation? I'd like to get the letters out in the next day or two so any help would be greatly appreciated! T
  10. This may seem like a stupid question, but I've gone over the boards looking for confirmation of this (may have missed it) and although I'm pretty sure I've got this straight, I just want to be sure. When determining whether a CA is simply collecting on behalf of the OC or whether they've purchased and now own the debt, if they do not list the OC they now own it and if they do list the OC they are collecting?... Is that a safe bet? And even if the CA now owns the debt, I deal with them the same as any other CA (validation), correct? Thanks all! T
  11. Hi Onyah, I second everyone else's advice here to give it a go yourself. I know it seems overwhemlimg and perhaps impossible when you start, but it's not. I first found CB about 2 years ago and read, got overwhelmed, and didn't do much (just worked on getting new credit lines, paying down deb, and not being late with anything!). Now I'm back with a "I'm-gonna-DO-this, damn it!" attitude! Blackberry suggested reading PsychDocs seminars posted here on CB. I strongly agree with that. I printed them all out, binder clipped them together, and marked relevant pages with sticky notes. It's like being back in college! LOL You CAN do it. You can't accomplish it all at once, but when you make a bit of progress that gives you encouragement to continue (kind of like being on a diet). Keep up with the boards--the people here are a GREAT resource! Oh, and getting a little bit angry helps keep the movitation up, too! T
  12. Yes, it is from the actual CRA (Experian, in this case) although I got there through the annual free CR link. Should that matter? I was thinking it was maybe b/c the account is so old and closed. There are quite a few listed on there that don't have the full numbers (either on the on-line version of the full version I printed out from the website). T

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