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  1. In my experience NO as long as you don't have a collection on your reports from HSBC.
  2. I am VERY aware of the Egyptian factor! My #2 goal since August 08 was getting a PenFed CC with a CL in the 5 figures. Took 13 months for me to be in a posistion where I was comfortable to apply. This is one relationship I want to be careful with. I am not 100% sure I am going back on the Kona program. There may be one or two CC i may apply for around the end of the year, after I call all my current CC's and ask for CLI's .
  3. After opening an account with PenFed I applied & received a credit card with a limit of 15,000, ( wondering if I should have asked for more!) My highest limit before this was Chamu $2500, EQ score between 690-710 0 inquiries 3% utilization 1 collection under a year old ( actually a re-aged account thats 8 years old ) Oldest CC on file 26 mos ( AMEX ) Basically I groomed my report for a year for this card. Finally I have a "grown up" CL
  4. DTI is very very low. CC are paid off every month. Car loans and Rent is under 10%. Thanks more credit less cash... I have been a member of CB for a very long time and use the search function religiously, just in these changing times I wanted to see if there was something I was overlooking/ wasn't relevant/ or I wasn't aware of. In the past I have missed a couple of opportunities because my strategy was a little flawed. ie. Last year i applied for Macy's and I declined the Credit Card... OUCH! Thanks for everyones input!
  5. I have 5 inquiries on EX ( all over 1 year old) 0 inquiries on TU and EX under 5% utilization all credit card accounts 1 yr old min. TU, EQ in the 700+ range EX was 740 in earlier in the year when I could get the score from MyFico I am looking preferably for a credit union that gives out large credit limits, Currently my largest is with Chase $2500, then Capital One $1500 Is Pen Fed still the way to go ? Anyones thoughts are appreciated, and doesn't necessarily have to be a credit union.
  6. True Credit offers a FAKO score. I wouldn't worry about a FAKO score. When I used TC I hade bogus alerts for new accounts or even a 30/60/90/120 late when in actuality it was 6-7 years old. I would take the alerts with a grain of salt.
  7. Opened an account with their "credit steps program" on 07/08 with a low $300 or $500 limit. I was a day late with a payment in the 3rd billing month because of the way they set up their online payments, and missed my 1st "automatic" CLI. They sent me a letter stating after 3 consecutive months of good payments I would be eligible again, on 1-21-09 I got my CLI raised to 1500, waiting for my next CLI....
  8. Union Pipefitter working as a Certified Welding Inspector
  9. If you can afford the $500 I would go through with it. You will stop any Collection agencies harrassing you for the bill. You would get a OPEN tradeline backdating to your first AMEX card. You will have a "chance" at other Amex products in the future. Worse case scanario is you get stuck with a $500 Oasis tradeline.
  10. No my payment was paid the day the statement was cut March 5th and was $273.87. I pulled Credit secure on March 21st and my credit limt is listed as 500. Recent activity 472.68 Outstanding balance 472.68 Credit remaining 128 The next downside is this will now report to the CR as 94% and Amex wil probably cancel my card
  11. I agree George $723 is more than I should. I am still in the rebuilding stage of adding accounts so I had to use it this weekend and charged 475. Its the end of the month and it was either the AMEX or the debit card. I finally got around to taking my directTV bill off the card this week, and credit secure will be cancelled before the 26th when its billed. Oh by the way AMEX won't let me pay my bill since I already paid it the day my statement cut. Maybe I will get a nice call from them this week asking for my payment!!!!!!
  12. I took my amex card out of the sockdrawer this weekend. Went to pay the bill immediately and noticed they raised my limit by $100. My Credit line was decreased in February 2008 from $5000 to $4600 and again in August 2008 to $500. New limit $600 as of today. 2007 Year end statement 17,000 (origionally got the card in August 2007 so only 5 mos. of use) 2008 Year end statement 13,000 2009 total $723
  13. There are loopholes, I believe ata bout 10,000 all loopholes are closed. Last year I underpaid just under $8,000 with no penalty. The key is you need rising income and have to pay more taxes than you did the year before. I don't advise anyone doing this unless you know what you are doing, there are consequences if you do it incorrectly!
  14. I always borrowed $ from the government every year. Interest free loan over the course of the year and send in the check every April 15th.
  15. Thanks Hurricane. I am going to do a little research but everyones comments would be very helpful. I can't necessarily say i would go with the cheapest service. A service with a nice webpage layout and any extra perks might be better than saving a couple a bucks on a transaction. I won't be using this a a daytrader, just adding to my portfolio on a monthly or quarterly basis. I wish I had read this thread earlier I have about 5,000 that should be in the market right now than sitting in a 1% savings account.

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