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  1. I think I already know the answer! Recently I’ve reached the 800 club and this week was approved for the Apple Card with a 10K CL Now I’m going to start gardening my credit. Now. Should I wait till the month before the AF’s are due or should I rip the bandaid off & cancel them ALL now to get them off my Credit reports in 10 years? AMEX Blue (originally Delta Gold) 6/2007 $4500 Back in 2009 Amex decreased my CL to $500. I did everything I could to hold on to it and now it’s my oldest card. AMEX awarded me a $1500 limit earlier this year and last month I asked for a CLI and got $4500 CL. Don’t want to lose the history, but maybe I’d like to go back to a Delta or something. Credit One Visa 9/11/15 $1800CL $99 annual fee billed @ 8.25/mo. (Cancel before 8/16/19 so not to be billed AF). Continental Finance -Surge 12/2015 $1400CL $10/Mo. Maintenance Fee PLUS $96AF billed in Dec (Cancel in Nov. to avoid fee) Blaze Bank 12/2015 $1250CL $75AF billed Jan 28th 2020 (Cancel in Jan. To avoid AF) Merrick Bank 3/25/2016 $1400 6.00/Mo. Cancel in March to avoid AF Credit One MC 2/9/17 $1200 Annual Fee paid 5.08/Mo. Fee (Cancel in Jan to avoid AF) Commenity/Meijer 11/17 $2450 NO AF Basically my gas card. Occasional groceries. It serves a purpose. Capital One Platinum 11/2017 $3500 NO AF Recently applied for a CLI & given the “3-day” No CLI was given or a letter explaining why. I’ll probably keep this till I see something I like. If Chase offered the companion pass again I might jump at that. AMEX Rose Gold 1/2019 $250AF This is my go to. Almost all my spending is dining. If I start traveling again I will move to Platinum, but currently is perfectly suited for my needs. Apple Card/Goldman Sachs 8/2019 $10,000 NO AF YEA I know Apple May be a SubPrime with no real rewards, but only costing a soft pull and more than doubling my highest CL. I had to. I’ll use this card to get higher limits in the future.
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