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  1. Even though he was never meant to be a co-owner of the card, the bank put him on there instead of an AU. They aren't willing to change it unless I close the account & open a totally new one. I hate to lose my 3 years of good payments, since I worked hard to pay it off in full every single month. I just don't understand how they put him on there two months after I opened it as a co-owner. I opened it in July, 2006 with $1,000 deposit. He was listed as an AU. Now they're saying in Sept., 2006 his name was added on the account. My bank accounts with them are in my name only. He's an AU on my checking account & it's never been a problem. I've had my checking account & savings account with them since 2000.
  2. In July, 2006, I put $1,000 into a secured account for a credit card with US Bank. They said if I paid on time for 12 months, I could get my $1,000 back and receive an actual credit card. I asked if my husband could be an authorized user of the account since it was in my name only, and they said no problem. I've paid my balance off every single month since that time. My score has increased from 566 to 661, which with all the troubles we've gone through I thought wasn't bad. Not great, but not bad. Even though it's been since 2006, the bank refused to release my security deposit, stating my credit was still bad. I found out today they're using my husband's credit against me because there's no such thing as an "authorized user" on a secured account. They had put him on as a co-owner without my permission & without him signing any papers stating it was a joint account. They told me I only have one option ... close the account & open it in MY NAME ONLY with no authorized users. Then I'd have to start all over again, waiting another 12 months. Then they looked at my payment record & said since I had such a good record with them, I needed to apply for their Visa Platinum Card in my name only. Then I could either keep the secured account, or close it. I'm worried that the application for the new card will lower my rating. Or, if I closed my account with a good three year credit history & opened a new one in my name only, it also might lower my rating. I've worked too hard to repair my credit to have something like this mess up the small improvement I've been able to make. What's wrong with this picture? What options do I have with a credit rating (with Equifax) of only 661?
  3. medical from 2004. I was an "older" student & had no insurance. Oh, when I talked to the bookkeeper, she gave me the name and phone number of the CA & said I'd have to call them for that bill. Does that mean they sold it to the CA?
  4. I don't know for sure. All I know is I was talking to the bookkeeper at the OC, and she started to give me an amount of an old bill (not the one I was calling about) and she stopped & said, "Oh, wait. That one's at XXXX CA" So she didn't include it in the amount due.
  5. Can the OC file a judgment for the same debt?
  6. But this was never on my credit report, and no CA ever contacted me. I didn't even know about it until today when I called to transfer the utilities to my name.
  7. Until 1999, I lived on my dad's family farm. I had lived there over 40 years, and while I'd gone through a divorce, a business bankruptcy, and the trials of trying to raise two children on my own, I was good about paying the utilities, even if I had to make payment arrangements. I moved away in August of 1999, and never looked back. My parents died in 2002 & 2003, and I purchased their "town house" at auction. My daughter & her family have lived there ever since. My brother inherited the farm. My husband & I purchased a home in 2000 140 miles away from our hometown, and things were getting better all the time. That is, until today. My daughter & her ever expanding family purchased a larger house in September, and will be moving out of my house this coming weekend. So I called my former utility company to transfer the utilities to my name on Monday. They took my information & informed me that I had an outstanding bill of $395 from 2002 (the farm) & I would have to pay that before they'd put the utilities in my name. The lady then informed me that she has a record of the meter at the farm being removed in February, 2001. 1) How can there be a $395 bill from 2002 if there hadn't been a meter since February, 2001? 2) I moved away in 1999, and had them shut off the power at the farm since I wouldn't be living there. 3) I have a sneaking suspicion that my brother had power turned back on when he inherited it, & put it back in my name rather than pay his own bills. Do I have to file a police report? I have no proof of this, but it wouldn't surprise me. But then again, wouldn't I have gotten a bill? 4) The utility company told me I'd have to fax them proof of my addresses from 1989 to 2002. They suggested old bills or income tax returns. How many of you still have all your records/old bills/etc., from 1989? And why, if the bill was from 2002, would they need records to 1989? I can prove I've lived in our present home since 2000, and moved here in 1999. Wouldn't that be sufficient? Suggestions? Help?
  8. Forgive me. I'm not a regular here, and I have no clue what FOAD or CMRRR mean. My evil/warped mind tells me what these COULD mean, but I don't want to give the wrong impression. I'm assuming C&D means Cease & Desist. Help?
  9. A few months ago, I received a call from my married daughter who lives in another state. She said she had just received a call from her father (whom I divorced over 20 years ago & lives roughly 1500 miles from me). He had received a call from a Fred Stanton who stated he needed to contact me ASAP regarding a serious legal issue. I haven't spoken to my ex since our son's wedding four years ago, and have no idea why this guy would even call him. I don't have my ex's phone number, and he doesn't have mine. Recently, my daughter again called & told me that Fred Stanton had called HER, stating the same thing. He insinuated that I was in serious legal trouble regarding this issue, and scared her half to death that I would be heading to prison if she didn't have me call this number right away. I did a search of the number, and discovered it was a place called CR Systems. Today, Fred Stanton called me here at my home. He informed me that I needed to discuss a legal situation with him regarding a credit card bill he now owned dated November, 1999 from Providian. When I told him I never had a credit card from them, he became very abusive and insulting, and informed me that if I wasn't willing to pay my bill, he would forward it to the IRS and send me a 1099-C. I told him that even if it HAD been my bill, which it wasn't, the SOL in Iowa for credit cards was 5 years, so I wasn't going to discuss it with him any further and hung up. He called back immediately & started insulting me & stated that he'd just have the IRS take care of me. I asked him for his mailing address, and when he refused to give it to me, I hung up again. He called again (my caller ID showed the same number) but I wouldn't answer. The phone number on the caller ID was 508-553-1900. Does anyone know the address of this place? Would a Cease and Desist letter work if I can find the address? How do I stop this person from harassing me and my extended family?
  10. We've done a written dispute. My original concerns were whether or not they are working outside the law by speaking to me without my husband's permission, and by using false caller id numbers. As Saria said, in Iowa, a collector can speak to a spouse with the debtor's permission OR in response to an inquiry from the spouse. Although in the past I've even been told by a collector if I inquire into a debt that by Iowa law they couldn't talk to me without my husband's permission. Also, having a false phone number show up on the caller id is questionable. From what I've read, a consumer/debtor by law should be able to call the displayed phone number and reach the bill collector. "...The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which prohibits false or misleading representations and unfair practices in collecting debts, and the FTC Act, which outlaws deceptive trade practices in general. "I would say that the concept would be very attractive to the industry, but the practice would be prohibited," says Andersen. "If that consumer calls that number, and does not reach the collector, that's a very serious problem. Certainly the use of what I'll call a 'dummy number' or a 'substitute number' would be a prohibited practice, because it is deceptive in its nature."
  11. No, we live in Iowa. And they DO require spousal permission. We requested the promissory notes directly from the DOE. Tiffany called & left a message from Premier Credit that she also had requested copies of the notes.

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