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  1. Why did I have to think EXTRA HARD on who this is.... smh @ me. Probably because I haven't been on here in I can't even remember how long.
  2. Ok, so I pulled my reports the other day and it looks like this dumb company pulled my report for 3 internet loan places on the same day. THREE different pulls. THREE different companies. I filed a complaint with the BBB in Florida, and these yahoos just emailed me at my email address instead of replying to the complaint via BBB. They sent a fraud form, a file disclosure form, and 3 other attachments. After reading their responses on the BBB, it looks like this is how they do things. They think that by emailing you this info, that they are in the clear. This is what the email said: Clarit
  3. BobWang, I leave for a few years and come back and you still don't have a Cliff Notes version??? lol. I need b*. Off to do some reading again....
  4. Ok, I haven't been on here in a while, so I am a little rusty.... Hubs applied for something and was denied due to some incorrect reporting by the CU. The CU has since fixed the error (thanks to a lawyer) and we are wondering if we can somehow make sure that the people who pulled the credit, get a copy of the corrected report without us allowing them to pull the credit AGAIN. Every ding hurts... I can't remember how this works. thanks.
  5. I'M SAYING!! Were we ever given this bit of info? I mean, we deserve to know. It's been 6 years.... I made it to the middle and had to skip towards the end.
  6. Thank you for your responses. I am not trying to sue or anything of that matter. I did however file a complaint as I don't believe the Dr really took care of our needs (hence the second ER trip in 12 hrs). I did mention her being so flippant and giving us the results of another patient's test. It wasn't as if they were really busy. But this wasn't the only issue. I do however feel that they should at least reimburse me my copay seeing as how I had to take him again. He is actually on his 2nd round of antibiotics now. His infection was that bad. I will contact my insurance company as well
  7. Good afternoon! Long time no see. Just out of curiosity, if the doctor an emergency room situation, gives me another patience test results, but not the patient's name, is that a violation? This doctor misdiagnosed my son. I ended up taking him to another emergency room within 12 hours of leaving the first emergency room. (Where the doctor gave me another patient's test results.) I have a $150 copay and had to pay it at both hospitals. So $300 within 12 hrs because the first one said it was viral when it clearly wasn't. They never did more than swab his throat, despite swelling in his lip
  8. I have gotten Cap One to remove items, including a car repo and a charge off. I did have to "settle" the C/O though, (pay for delete!) which I did because I wanted the house. It worked. It was worth the $1k to get my house. But FP is a witch from everything I have heard.
  9. ICAN knows their stuff. I saw that letter and immediately knew that they were trying to say they were a JUDGMENT COLLECTOR. As in, there was already a judgment and they were trying to recover money. Again, "least sophisticated consumer" is who is looking at this. Not everyone knows about creditboards and I think if a family member of mine got this letter, they'd freak. As it is, the OP went to make sure that there was no judgment already on them. I would have too and I am pretty used to dealing with this stuff. It's kinda like when collector's call and leave messages: This is so and so wit
  10. Have you asked over in the mortgage forum? You might want to have this thread moved there. Good luck!
  11. I don't think you handled it badly. Kudos for TRYING. Google their name, get an address and send off a DV letter stating "per convo on xx date at xx time with douche female ...yada yada. I tried to give my updated address and it was refused." Add something in there (after checking your state recording laws) that all calls to this number will be recorded, etc etc. I suggest spending a few extra dollars while you are doing your credit repair and getting a PO BOX. But that's me. It sounds like they don't follow the law and if you had that convo recorded today, that would be helpful for
  12. Thor had his way with her and Ugby number two will be making an appearance. She's laying low so none of us find out. Agreed. Although it's been so long, OC may even have had #2 and Thor has gone and planted #3. *runs*
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