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  1. Thanks. That is what I am thinking. If I pay it today and sell the house Thursday then I should get it back, but was curious all the same.
  2. So I am selling my house. My Payment is typically due on the 15th. We will not be closing until the 16th. After calling Wells Fargo they said that a payment will not be considered late until 1/30. She said the only implication would be a $25 late payment fee. Is this true?
  3. Ok so I was quoted 3.85 with 1% origination or 4-4.125 without origination along with $3500 in closing and Escrow amt.
  4. Well we do not have 20% into it yet so will have PmI. What are the best FHA rates your seeing today?
  5. Ok so what are typical time frames for this kind of refi? Would it still be considered FHA?
  6. So we closed at 5.5/30 20 mths ago. Looking at possibly refinancing to take advantage of current rates but also thinking of moving in a few years. Are companies offering no closing costs still?
  7. So let's say someone was trying to buy a house that would appraise for over 250k, and they could buy it for 165. Let's say their income is lower than would qualify for a house at 165, but would the built up equity in a house figure into the approval?
  8. So they denied deleting incorrect names and address'. What next????
  9. Any reason to CMRR this? This will be my only stupid question of the day. Thanks.
  10. Is that something a lender will tell me? If I am going for FHA, and ask if they take 580? I thought as long as you were approved via score the rate was the same???? I am confused, but reading steadily.
  11. DW and I are looking around for homes. Her scores are awesome. My scores meh. 560 585, 625. Income, D/I ratio, utilization, and employment history is fine. My scores are lower from old collections and charge off's I am in the beginning stages of fixing my scores. Our lease is up Aug 31st so we want to find a house by then. Should we opt out, then (tommorow) try and get pre-approved for FHA? I know I am shooting in the wind with my score but I really want to get my wife a house. Thoughts? Is there a chance here?
  12. Anyone have any luck with disputing the CRA's online? Is it quicker? Any responses?
  13. no. they have been paid so I want to do a nutcase letter to get the tradeline removed but whom should I send too?

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