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  1. I’m thinking I’ll pay another payment and hopefully that will knock it down fast. I’ll double check with Wells Fargo tomorrow!
  2. Thanks!! I’m reading but I want some advise here!
  3. Ok not sure which category this fits in, but I want to retire in 5 yrs and have seen that a Roth IRA is a good way to save money. Is there anything or any place that’s best? I have $38,000 in my banks savings which basically earns me nothing? But it’s secure. So do 8 pull it from the bank and place it in an IRA or leave it? Is there a “best” place to start an IRA?
  4. Where can I find this thread?
  5. I’m not using nor would I use any company to figure out how to pay my mortgage off. No worries there! Since my mortgage payment is dropping and I’ll just have to add like $200 to add to the $800 and pay an entire second payment. I’m also tossing around the thought of taking my SS at 66 ( May) and continue working for awhile. That way I can still cover hubbys medical insurance!
  6. Yes I’m planning on doing this! I’ll be paying an entire extra payment every month! Hope I see the balance coming down quickly!
  7. I was told there is no penalty for withdrawing money from my 401K....about $11,000. There at the moment. I contribute 7% and employer contributes....not totally sure honestly. How would I be considered retired if I keep my FTEs- 73hrs every 2 weeks?
  8. We inquired into his U.K. work history. They claim they don’t have him listed as a past employee. He worked for the council....the government. Yes he has dual citizenship....you can do that with the U.K. we have $30,000 in savings but he hates the thought of going back there....not a fan of their system. anyway NO I’m a nurse and work full time....hope to retire, take my SS payment and still work. Apparently if I work until 66, I can work as much as I want and still collect SS. I hope to retire ....stop working, at 70. oh the U.K. pension....it’s only redeemable if you Live in the U.K.....so that’s off the table. He loves the USA.
  9. I’m planning on sending my mortgage payment ($1052.97 in Feb 2020) twice. I’m thinking this will get me paid off quickly. I’ll have to figure out how many months?
  10. Ok, I’ve been paying $800 extra and designated it to go just to the principal. i received a letter yesterday that said I’ve been paying $171/month for PIV....I called them with questions this am and they said it was insurance because we weren’t able to pay a sizable down payment. So I dropped it. Come Feb. I’ll have a mortgage payment of $171 less...so since I’ve already been paying 800 extra, I’ll be able to pay a double payment. My current mortgage payment is $1224.27...it will drop to $1052.97....and my rate is 3.25....so no need to get a better rate cause that’s really low yes? Thanks!
  11. Yes that’s what I understand....called Wells Fargo this am. But, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t being taken advantage of Thanks!

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