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  1. I know BK is the best route for me to take with this amount of debt. I guess I'm again in denial. I was thinking if I can get the big one vacated base on PRA vs KING then the other debt could be possible to tackle.
  2. back in 09 I was delusional , I thought I can get another job and pay my obligations. Fast forward 6 years later and my income is at 30 percent what it was then. Should could didn't that's why I'm in a pickle at the moment. I wanted to hold on to BK as my Ace in the hole in case I needed it to save my house or major medical bills during my time out of work.
  3. I'm From New York. I was thinking of trying to vacate the judgements based on SOL using the Portfolio V King ruling which I think I fall under . If successful using that method can they attempt to file for a judgement ? All my accounts with the acceptation of the repo fall under that ruling.
  4. A little history of how I got here: Rebuild my credit back in 2006 to a 785 credit score, bought a house, had 100K plus in CC lines, good paying job and a second great paying job. Fast forward to 2009 lost both my jobs started using credit cards for everyday living. Finally got a job in late 2110 making about 30% of previous income. So as you can imagine my credit is a mess, here are some of the major highlights. 1- Chrysler repo for 11K 2- Citibank CC judgment for 15K 3- 2 CC from penfed judgement for 65K (original amount was about 34K) 4- BOFA judgement for 10K 5- a couple of other small judgements and charge offs probably totaling maybe around 10K. All accounts in good standing are closed, at the moment I have no CC's . MY score is 537 according to Discover(I applied just to get my score) what would you recommend ? And no I cant afford to pay full amount on the judgements. I thought about BK7 but would rather avoid it at all costs. Was thinking of going to a BK attorney and have him try to negotiate a settlement of about 10% on all my judgements. Do you think they will accept considering the alterative? or should I try a different strategy?
  5. Did you try it yet? Seems short of closure to pay the principal and hope the penalties and interest are forgiven. I'd love it to work, though. thats what the rep. told me i actually printed the form from the IRS website "just dom't know where i placed it" im gonna make a payment in full less all fees in March. I'm sure there's some CPA's here that can verify if this is true or was the rep. trying to get as much blood from me as possible.
  6. c21

    TAX LIEN in NY

    thanks tpjets, and clarkeCO just disputed online for EX and EQ but somehow TU doen't allow me to get my free credit report they're claiming that i have a account with then, so i just printed out the dispute.
  7. c21

    TAX LIEN in NY

    tpjets can you tell me how you went about it. did you get the lien from court house and fowarded it to the CB's? or did you simply disputed it as inaccurate info.? how did you dispute? mail? online?phone? thanks
  8. c21

    TAX LIEN in NY

    NEW YORK state Claims that i owed them 160.00 which they mailed a couple of letters to my former address so they filed a lien agaist me, took the money from my back account and its showing up on my EX credit report butits listed ALL wrong. ballance 18162.00 terms: NA due:na last payment: na status: NA i tried to call NYS but after speaking to a supervisor i was told that it was my fault that i didnt foward my mail so they wouldn't remove it (i moved out going on 2 years) They have my new address . any info would be great
  9. i'm on the payment plan with the IRS myself and what they usually do is forgive intrest and penalties as a 1 time shot. they have a online form on there website. i was told by a Rep. that they only allow it 1 time so to pay the prncipal off then request the fees to be waved.
  10. c21

    Thanks to CB

    thanks everyone, i came here last year with a 490 credit score and 1year later i purchased my 1st house plus have a total of about 150K in credit cards limits. oh by the way i closed on 8/19/06 with bank of america at 5.625 on a 30 year fix 5% down and no PMI.
  11. i'm looking to purchase my first house and i'm looking at E-Bank there rates are great. has anyone dealt with them? As of right now i have a approval with BofA at 6.875 with a .287 discount E Bank is offering me at 6.50 no fees or i can buy down to as low as 5.75 (all 30 yr fix)
  12. va loan guy, the reason with my scores is that on Ex i have a timeshare mortgage reporting 30x days to 150x days late on it.and some are as recent as this year. hsbc is offering 7.50 with .035 fee
  13. should i pay my mortgage insurance upfront? I'm going with hsbc bank and they are giving me a chance to pay mi upfront if i dont the earliest i can remove it is after 2 years. MI is about 195.00 per month now my question is how much will it cost me to pay upfront (300k loan) i'm planning on staying in that property for a long time "i hope" and i'm getting prime rates so refi is not likely due to intrest rates rising
  14. ok i've been disputing my last baddy on EX for over year, my last dispute 6/04/06 is pending till july 4, 2006 thats 2 days left and 1 of them is a national holiday. what are my chances that OC will not verify? i've been checking daily on EX website daily to check and status is still pending and it says they have till 7/04/06. I hope the TL itself gets deleted as it has major late payments and its a timeshare mortgage. But i'll be happy with a never late. whats my chances?
  15. I applied for it myself with a EX score of 520 and got approved for 200.00 and the reported right away to all 3 CRA's . i needed a card to get in the door with citibank.

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