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  1. thanks for the replies. As of this moment I decided that I will be using the words beer bust and caterers on my e-mail. I am sure it will put my point accross. I will be using as they describe exactly how some of us are feeling. thanks guys. Nikki
  2. Hiburi I have definately thought of that, I have looked into A Southern Season for these classes which also include wine tasting ect. and they invite cooks from the cooking channel as well. Last month they had the barefoot contessa. I think that will be my next step. Unfortunately this will make it difficult for me as it is only my husband and I here in the state and we have an 11 year old who needs supervision. These classes take place during the day and I am working. We will consider going to the night classes but DH and I will have to alternate. I wanted to experience these things together. You know quality time etc. Plus my child would have learned too. (We are the only ones who have a kid a in our group). I do like the lets "dissolve this club" idea and institute a new club with the couples who have been more responsible, specially because the husband in one of the couples is a chef and I think we could learn a lot from him. Not to mention saving some money in the process by not having to pay for classes. However these are people who work together and they will find out about the new club. Since they are dear friends of ours I do not want to jeopardize our friendship. Frankly, I am very surprised they did this, they were never like this before. Thanks for every one's input. When I heard about the extra people I just got so infuriated and then I began to wonder if I was exagerating. Your posts illustrate to me I was not. Nikki
  3. DD had them about four years ago. from school of course. I did the first treatment of the shampoo and then started googling the shampoo and what I read about it scared me to death. I then did a search for home remedies and tried the olive oil on the hair for one whole night. Withing two days she was rid of the pests. She had silky hair after that. Nikki
  4. Hi everyone: I have not posted in this forum before, but today I have a problem which I hope to get some advice on: back in July we moved into a new home which has a killer kitchen. Since this kitchen is great I decided to form a cooking club as I am lacking the good cook gene and want to learn to cook while having fun with friends. DH and I recruited five other couple friends, several of them we have been friends for over six years. On our first meeting we set the schedule to meet and the meal everyone was responsible for. Tonight will be our third meeting and this just could not be going worse. Here are a couple of the issues which are bothering me: 1. on our last meeting the couple in charge of dessert just walked into a BJ's and BOUGHT a creme puff cotainer and placed it on the table as her assigned dish was dessert. This of course bothered me as the point of the "cooking": club is to cook things yourself. The couple in charge of mixing drinks brought beer??!!! 2. One of the rules for the club was to bring a print out of the recipes to the meeting only about four of the couples did so. 3. before a meeting the couple who hosts the meeting should send out an e-mial indicating what type of food they will be preparing so that the rest of the dishes everyone brings in goes with their dish. Well; for our meeting tomorrow the host did not bother to do so. To top it off, I found out from my DH, who heard it from another friend, that the couple hosting the meeting today are having another thirty people invited tonight!!!! They decided to combine the husbands new years office party with the cooking club meeting without telling anyone. This couple actually asked to swap their turn with another couple and they did this because they did not want to have two occassions in their house so they figured they would kill two birds with one stone. This couple has totally hijacked the club. They have not done any of the things they were supposed to do at all. Now I and some of the other couples are irated about the turn of events and one couple even quit the club. I will not address these issues today(in front of another 30 people) but I will definately send out an e-mail and address them later in the week. I need advise as to how to word me e-mail as these are dear friends of ours and I do not want to lose them. I just want then to either comply with the club's rules or quit the club. It just seems some of us need a lot more structure to this club that others. Do any of you out there have a successful cooking club? if so what are your rules and can you share them with me as maybe they can help me out. Help??!!! Nikki
  5. My daugther had then two years ago. I did the first treatment of NIX and then started reading about it on the internet. THe stuff I read scared the daylights out me. The first application did not work. But I decided that I would do just about anything else instead of using that stuff. I did the mayo thing for two nights and it did not work. (She hates mayo now) . I also did olive oil in her hair at night and it worked wonders. Note that she also had long hair. The olive oil worked overnight. The people in school were amazed at how fast it worked. We did not pick out nits either. They drowned in the oil. Give it a try. I also recommend you read up on the information on the chemicals sold in the pharmacies to get rid of lice.. Nikki
  6. After a year of working on my credit in preparation for this month. July 27th is the closing date for us. Nikki
  7. Our ratio must be low as we have no other debts. The only debt we have is the mortgage on our present home. If we rent this place our ratio will be even lower. I will ask them anyway, just to verify the information. Our middle scores are : Husband (primary income) 678, 674, 712. Mine 686, 658, 678 We are in NC. The guy from the builder's lender indicated if I don't get a tenant we have to then go stated and he said the rate will be slightly higher. I left a message for the lender of the other two choices to see the rate would be less if we do a full doc loan. SHe has all the information anyway but if we get the tenant I figure they should be able to do something . Thanks for your responses. I am leaning towards choice 1 just because I am thinking if we don't have a tenant it will have OK rates and the closing costs are less. Nikki
  8. We will close next July 27th and we have three choices thanks to Credit boards. Here they are: All three mortgages are 30 year fixed. Loan amount $395,600.00 down payment $100,000.00 We will not sell the house we are currently living in. We will rent it. No tenant yet. Choice number one Builders loan company. If we use then they extend the house warranty to two years and they pay $4000.00 towards closing costs. Full doc loan. Rate is 6.37. No points. Closing cost are $4,500.00 taking into account the $4000.00 the builder pays. There is a possibility of including a HELOC as well for 50% of the down payment account. Contingent upon providing a rental agreement, copy of 1st month's rent and appraisal to make sure we are renting for the appropiate amount of money. I think we will have a renter by closing. Choice two Stated income loan due to no renter yet. Rate 6.7. No points. Closing cost are $7,200.00. No contingencies. Choice three Stated income loan due to no renter yet. Rate 6.25 buying 1&1/2 discount points. Closing costs are $14,051.00 No contingencies. Is it worth it to pay the $14,000.00 in closing cost to get the lowest rate? It is $10, 000.00 over the builder's loan. I think we pretty much discarded choice two, but I am not sure between choice one and choice three. Any help and opinions from the experts will be appreciated. Nikki
  9. Today DH Fico EQ 712 FAKOs EQ 623 FAKOS are trash. Nikki
  10. Thanks for your quick replies. I guess I know what I will be doing the next several days. Nikki
  11. OK, so I already have an approval, but I would like to shop around. Although I asked the bank which approved me to let me know first, they pulled my scores today without telling me. Do I need to get on the phone today and get others to pull so that it will not affect my scores? Do I have more time than a day? Do I have a couple of days? If so how many? How many pulls before it affects my score? I did a search but cannot find this information, even if I have seen it here before. I called the CRA's but can't get a human. Thanks in advance for the information. Posting in the mortage and the credit forum as this is information I need ASAP. Nikki
  12. OK, so I already have an approval, but I would like to shop around. Although I asked the bank which approved me to let me know first, they pulled my scores today without telling me. Do I need to get on the phone today and get others to pull so that it will not affect my scores? Do I have more time than a day? Do I have a couple of days? If so how many? How many pulls before it affects my score? I did a search but cannot find this information, even if I have seen it here before. I called the CRA's but can't get a human. Thanks in advance for the information. Posting in the mortage and the credit forum as this is information I need ASAP. Nikki
  13. DH and I have an INQ from Jan 5th of this year and been pulling every single day and no EQ "B". I am getting frustrated because if we get "B" the five or so points will get him us to the 700 club. Nikki
  14. This woman is not a first time home buyer. She is buying a rental property. I don't think she is getting these kinds of rates on a investment property. I think she is lying anyway. Either to DH or to the bank on the investment property. Plus she is just starting the mortgage process. I know their income if well over $160,000.00 so the low income bit does not apply. I think I will insist on getting the info just in case. Nikki
  15. I think I am going to have DH pester her for the name of the bank. . . just to see her squirm & sweat!!! LOL Nikki
  16. That is what I thought. Uggh I hate ignorant show offs. I told DH she must be something special and have a FICO higher than possible to get those rates. Nikki
  17. have you tried the new Resolve with Oxi? It work really well may it can help you. Nikki
  18. WOW thanks that makes me feel better. I will call my LO and ask about the rapid rescore items so we can do that when the time comes. Thanks
  19. DH's friend is telling him that she is getting 5% on a thirty year fixed. Can that be true? I tend to doubt her as even with good credit rates don't seem to be at that level DH asked her who is the lender and she did not want to say. what do you guys think? Nikki
  20. As I posted before we are building our new home. I got a pre approval on the loan back in January before construction began. Our scores were in the low 600's and the loan we were approved would have been a ARM. Now our scores are in the mid to high 600's for both DH and myself. My husband is closer to the 700 club and he has the higher income. Our LO indicated that if we can hit the 700 we could get a fixed Mortgage with a good rate. Our next review and credit pull will be in late May to early June for a July 27 closing. I still have room for more disputes but feel paralyzed in fear that our score could lower. These are the items I can still dispute: I have a Cap One paid charge off on all three CRA's however it is classified as derogatory only on TU and EQ. I disputed this with the CRA's only once & only to have the charge off amount change to the wrong higher amount and the DOLA reaged to more a recent date, which is wrong. I have proof of the correct DOLA from my credit card statements and also the credit report before I disputed with the CRAs. I have a mortgage account I closed last year in August which is reporting a bunch of 30 days past sue. Last one in July 05. I have disputed with the CRAs and the payments were verified. I disputed with the bank itself and they answered with a list of when I paid the account for two years. According to their list there were several payments that although they were sent late, the account was not 30 days past due as they claim on the CRs. I responded to then pointing out the payments that were not 30 days past due and they responded that they do not report as per industry standards. I want to dispute again and indicate they are not complying with the law and are reporting inaccurate information and send a complain to the FTC but I am afraid of the account being deleted from my report which would kill my age as it is 18 years old. Some lates on my SLs which were closed in August can also be disputed. Again fear of account deletion is holding me back. On my DH reports I have two paid medical accounts which were deleted on TU & EQ but not on EX. I am afraid that if I duspute the stupid CA I paid will re insert on TU and EQ. Finally, a HFC account is paid with zero balance yet reporting current status as 30 days past due. I disputed with the CRAs several times with no change. I disputed with HFC and finaly got a letter with them stating the account is not currently 30 days late as it has been paid in full since February 2005. I sent a copy of the letter to the CRA's as well as copies of the reports reporting the status as 30 days late. I have no response yet. My mom added DH and I as AUs on a Sears account but it shows only on my reports but not my DH's CRs. She will be adding us on her CapOne accounts which have good history. (even if I hate them) I have gotten B on both out reports for EQ and TU before but for some reason EQ has taken way longer than it usually did the last time I got B on them. I have and inquiry on them for a mortgage refinance I did on a rental property in January. The INQ is still on EQ but fell off TU. I am considering going to the companies and disputing INQs on our EX reports for PP maybe I can loose some INQs we had from last Oct and Sept last year. I just paid off the small balances on our credit cards and they should report next month as zero. Now for my questions: 1. Should dispute all the accouts above and hope for the best? 2. Should I ask the LO to do a rapid rescore and provide the letters from the mortage company and HFC as well as the Capital One statements and hope they go ahead and make the changes? Can I use the credit card statments for the CRs to change the DOLA on my Cap one or do I need a letter from Cap One. 3. Should I just leave things alone and hope to get ok rates with the scores we have at this time. Please offer suggestions I am open to any advise. Please help I don't know what to do, I have analysis paralysis. Nikki Ruth
  21. Does the OP have any results on the EX inq's. I am considering doing this as I need a couple of points increase on my EX report to get prime rates on my mortgage. I already have a FA on my files so that won't be a problem. Nikki
  22. Have your deletions consisted of deleting complete tradeline? If so you have lost history and that impacts fico score. Did you know your fico scores when you began your work? It is possible that if you did not know your scores they were lower than they are at this moment. Have yourself added to someones good credit lines as an AU and this will boost your score. Watch you utilization too as it is a huge factor on your scores. Since you have only two secured cards using them and reaching a utilization of more than around 10% to 15% will a depress your score. Even if you pay off the cards every month. Why are you concerned with your fico score at this moment? are you looking to buy a house? If not you should not worry so much about it. Just keep working at cleaning your reports and everything else will come in time. Don't be discouraged, DH and I started with fico scores in the 400's and we are doing much better now, but we have been very careful doing all the things I just mentioned and letting time help out scores. Good luck Nikki
  23. Thanks for the info. I hope they report soon, as I think this will help out scores. Ruth
  24. We refinance our home on Jan 5th and the lender pulled a tri merge report. It was on our TC reports for all CRAs. Today I checked TC and the TU PP is gone!!! I gues now I wait for the EQ PP to fall off. I love "B" Nikki
  25. Uuugh I hate Geico with a passion. I had them insure me for over fifteen years believing they were the most reasonable. Last year when I bought another car I decided to go online to check and I nearly fainted when I found out how much they were ripping me off. I was paying cover $6,000.00 to have coverage for my two cars in NC. I had full coverage on my Expedition 2000 and only liability coverage on my 92 Camry. The liability limits were the minimum you could get away with. I only had a claim which was less than $1000.00 They also listed as a claim a broken windshield for which they paid nothing. I only called to find out if I was covered and they said I was not. Just making the call counted as a claim. Anyway, I am now covered by Nationwide and my premium is less then $2000.00. This includes full coverage on my 2000 Expedition, full coverage on my 2005 Camry, liability coverage on my 92 Camry, the highest limits for liability available and to top it off my homeowners insurance for the whole year!!!!! I called then back irate when I found out and they offered to give me the same crappy limits for $3000.00 and this did not include the homeowners coverage. Hey, they have to finance those stupid Gecko commercial with somebody's money. Everytime I see one of those adds I feel like lunging at the TV. Boy I did learn my lesson. Now as part of my new years resolution I check all my insurance coverages to make sure I am not being ripped off. Good luck getting coverage for your damages. Nikki

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