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  1. Also,when I disputed online, I got my updated CR from Transunion and showed what was deleted and what was validated. Since I disputed online and now the CA says that the debt is valid, what steps should I take now. Send them a validation letter directly asking them to provide the proof? I have learned my lesson from disputing online. Because I know that the CA is just validating to the CRA that the debt is mine with out actual proof.
  2. Thanks so much. I think this time around I will do the normal CMRR instead of disputing online. Call me old fashion but I just think that's the best way for me to go.
  3. I was looking over my CR and noticed that some of my medical collections had open accounts too. Do we dispute these to the CA or the CRA??
  4. Sorry for posting this here, made an error when posting, was posting it to the subform of medical debts. Had too many Creditboard screens up and placed it to the wrong area. So once again I apologize. So if some one can move this topic for me, It would be so appreciated! Thanks! Andrea
  5. I submited some items to be disputed online with Transunion. They have deleted some of items off but now do I have to contact the other 2 CRA and tell them to update? My belief was that they report to each other and should follow suite in what was on one should be updated to all others. Is it best for me to send a letter to the CRA and inform them of the changes?? Andrea
  6. I am in the process of sending validation letters to some CA that are reporting collection on some older medical debts that I have. Some of these are duplicates and some have been paid. Is it so the same procedure to send the CA a Validation letter or are the procedures different with medical debts? Also, I have been gettting my credit report every 6 mths or so and I noticed some new reporting which were not on my credit report 6 mths prior but are saying they are older medical debts but are just coming up on my credit report ( hope all that makes sense). They are two years old. Has this happened to anyone else? Where they just start showing up later in time?? Thanks Andrea
  7. Thanks guys for your advice. I just always felt bad for asking questions and needing clarification with certain items. Didn't want to be a big pest to some. And its very true that with everyone here, most situations and experiences, someone has been in or knows something about it. Its just a big melting pot of knowledge and information. Also, I never thought of the mentor/ buddy thing possibly being seen as a being a credit repair tactic.. so thanks on the view.. it was and Ohhh AHHH moment. Thanks for all the positive well wishes.. Well see how things go in the up coming months with repairing the credit. I know right now I feel lost but with in time things will come with a bit more ease!! So thanks guys!!
  8. The other day I got online and disputed some of items on my CR. I want to opt out now.. which I should of done first before disputing and then removing my old addresses. Should I wait to hear back from the CRA about the disputed to opt out? Is it ok to still opt out and have my addresses removed now? I only disputed with Transunion. Also once I dispute and they say its a valid debt of mine, can I still do the Validation letters to the CA? Or have I really messed up the process?
  9. Once you opt out and send all 3 CRA letters for removing old address, do the 3 CRA send you an updated copy of your credit report? Glad to know my eyes are the only ones water.. but Im still not sure if its from reading, or frustration with my credit lol Also when we send out the address removal letters, I read somewhere that we should include a copy of our Driver license with our new address on it, Is this correct? Or is it ok to just send the letter stating our new address information and ask them to remove all old info? thanks Andrea
  10. Thanks for this step by step easy to understand guide. I find my self going in circles most of the time figuring out what I am suppose to be doing first. I read and read and get more confused. I see old posts and wonder if they are still valid information since its been awhile since updated. So yes as a newbie its much easier to understand the simplicity in your steps. I understand that reading and searching is the best way to find and answer but sometimes you just need a clear guide to help you further in your searching.
  11. I just wanted to ask if there was anyone willing to be a credit repair budddy/mentor to me. I love this board and all its advice so much. I just hate asking so many questions and was wondering if anyone would be willing to be a mentor with questions or just just guidence on helping me cleaning up my credit. Its so nice to have people that have the experience and knowledge helping all of us out. It's so appreciated. Thanks so much.. Andrea
  12. Im glad to hear that someone else found it a bit difficult looking through the posts. And I did find myself going in a circle cause some of my questions were answered but then were disputed later in the threads. Also some of them were dated back for a few years, so I wasn't clear or sure if they were still valid answers. But it's still great to read everyones opinions and hearing about everyones experiences. Had no clue on the Dnb. So I do find myself learning from it all.. still sorting it all out though and figuring it out how things go hand in hand. So very glad to hear that I am not the only one asking "where do I start first or the only one confused. Thanks Andrea
  13. Thank you so much for all of your "leads". It's very much appreciated. I am new to the forum/ message board life, so figuring out what the "stickies" and other message board lingo/ terminalogy all is. So thanks all for being so patient and for directing me to the threads. Just trying to figure my way through the maze of it all.
  14. I have been reading through some of the threads and still learning what DnB &paydex and all that stuff means for the business credit. Still in the dark, so thought asking questions might help me figure what everything means and how they go hand in hand. Thanks
  15. What steps should I take in trying to obtain small business credit. All advice, links, information is welcome. What credit cards are the best to try to obtain as a 1st for a Small business??

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