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  1. USAA is definitely garbage these days. Never thought I’d say that but cie la vie…they’re out and Navy Federal is in.
  2. Thanks! The link provided didn't work, however, I was able to find information when I searched for "productivity card."
  3. I have a question about this. I got a DUNS number also, but everytime I check for my company info, I cannot find it, and it cannot find the DUNS # in the database. I called on of the reps and they said that they number would not be in there for 30-45 days. Is this true? Or like karosmom, should I be able to view it immediately? It's been almost two weeks now and still I can't view it, or if I type my company name it doesn't appear. ALso, can anyone out there who has that unlimited credit file checking service pull a report for me? I would GREATLY appreciate it, would like to see the info in a previous companies file before I take it over. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Did you receive an email confirmation? Also the easiest way to obtain a duns is to go through http://www.ccr.gov. I got my duns in two days along with a wealth of other info.. Yes That was a very easy way. Got my number in one day. I went to the eupdate site and got a password with in hours. Thanks for the information I have my DUNS number (it's a government number) --in fact I received it in January or February. Yet, I still don't have an eupdate password. How did you get yours? When I search D&B's database, I still can't locate my company. I have 30-day net accounts with NEBS, Viking, Uline, DHL (unused account) & Wearguard (now Aramark). Additionally, I have Home Depot (unused account), Lowes (unused account) and Dell revolving accounts, but still no Paydex. I do have an Experian score of 82. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have no idea how to get an eupdate password if I still can't see my company's information. HELP!!!!! PS...I spoke with D&B today and was told that I have a "support" file established, but won't have a credit file until Credit Builder is purchased. I've read plenty of postings on this site to know that to NOT be true! She also told me that I had one inquiry into my file.
  4. Hi Breeze, I joined in August! Thanks...Chanbug
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