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  1. I received a couple of these letters, too. Stashed in a drawer.
  2. I'm so sorry for the stress you're under. Perhaps this will help: Cap 1 and BOA will reduce your payments to $0. BOA does it for a several-month stretch, so give them a call ASAP and have them set it up. With a $0 minimum payment (check your account after your BOA statement cuts to confirm that it "took"), you won't have any lates and you'll preserve precious unemployment dollars. With Cap 1, they'll reduce your minimum payment to $0 (they have this option on the automated phone system), but you need to call before your due date to avoid any late fees. They'll waive the late fees, but it's best not to cut it too close. You can call every month to request a $0 minimum. I hope that helps! I don't know about the other cards, but given that California was just knocked back to more a restrictive reopening schedule, I would think that they do. Take care, and don't forget to breathe! 💛
  3. Which ties in with the recent news in the Bay Area that many tech employees who are currently working from home are eyeing real estate in the Tahoe area. Not that it's cheap, but probably a bit less expensive than SF and the Peninsula.
  4. LOL! And true! My family is my destination Although I've gotten very fond of Double Daves, Taco Cabana (now all the way out in Bryan), Aggie baseball, and 100K people rocking a football stadium! 👍
  5. Every time I go from northern Cal. to B/CS, I daydream about buying gas... I'd love to know what's happening with the premium gas price, though.
  6. I agree, NorCal. Loyal Sharks and Giants fan here too.
  7. I think we got a double-whammy: An article that was spun from the original (a fancy term for plagiarizing), possibly by someone who doesn't have a solid grasp of the language's nuances.
  8. I went to that dance. Took me about 10 years to mostly recover.
  9. When I saw this, I thought of you right away, Tess.
  10. Not a unicorn! My $300 starter card got to $10K (after numerous intermediate steps) in about 2-2.5 years (I don't remember). It's possible On edit: It's not $75K, but not bad...
  11. Thanks! I called yesterday, and it's gone. I guess someone noticed it was stale and zapped it.
  12. In about the last year, Penfed has been pulling a SP on EQ the first Tuesday of the month, and that score shows up around the 1st of the next month. Once in a while (like this month, it seems), they'll skip updating it. Semi-random, it seems
  13. Thanks! Time to dispute once I get the report.
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