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  1. I went to that dance. Took me about 10 years to mostly recover.
  2. When I saw this, I thought of you right away, Tess.
  3. Not a unicorn! My $300 starter card got to $10K (after numerous intermediate steps) in about 2-2.5 years (I don't remember). It's possible On edit: It's not $75K, but not bad...
  4. Thanks! I called yesterday, and it's gone. I guess someone noticed it was stale and zapped it.
  5. In about the last year, Penfed has been pulling a SP on EQ the first Tuesday of the month, and that score shows up around the 1st of the next month. Once in a while (like this month, it seems), they'll skip updating it. Semi-random, it seems
  6. Thanks! Time to dispute once I get the report.
  7. Hello - I gave EWS my usual yearly call to see if anything snuck on there from ID theft, etc. I was shocked to find out that there was an unpaid entry from either 2008 or early 2009 from a bank that I actually opened a new account with about five years ago (I closed it because the fees were so high). I talked to the branch manager, who looked into it and confirmed it ... he said that when I opened Account 2.0, the manager probably overrode that entry and/or need to pay it, but also didn't mention anything to me. It's a few hundred dollars - an unexpected amount and not easy for me to conjure right away... but that's at least 10 years ago. Aren't they supposed to be removed after a certain amount of time? Thanks for your help!
  8. I've read several accounts like this one... this is good stuff.
  9. + 1 million. My fiscally responsible ex-h, when we were divorcing, refused to pay a counseling bill (which had my name at the top because it was on my insurance). Counselor never contacted me, and by the time I learned about this, the counselor had taken it to collections. I didn't find out until it was too late to bring it back to the counselor (who refused to accept payment or arrangements. I think he was upset with me too). Of course, this was years before CB and online credit reporting. By the time I talked to an attorney, disputing it was out of the question because I stupidly agreed to payment arrangements, which stuck it to my CR. My perfect credit report, which I relied on to survive as a former SAHM, was stained. Six months later, when my other accounts (also in perfect condition) did SPs, those got shut down or CLD'd. Please, OP, do what you need to do to ensure that nothing can happen to your credit score. I was convinced that my soon-to-be-ex wouldn't do what he did. Good luck to you.
  10. Do they run Chex or anything else? I have a prepaid account but have the option to switch to a postpaid because of my payment history. Thanks!
  11. I hope that this poster left the "/sarc" tag off: "I would suggest applying for the 10 cards and then add a card from Barclays and at least 4 cards from Comenity."
  12. A question, heg, Is being opted in necessary to receive PenFed's preapprovals? Thanks!

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