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  1. wingwalker

    Finally ALMOST out of the toilet... But questions.

    Agency Address: XXXXX Date Reported: 01/2019 Date Assigned: 12/2018 Creditor Classification: Financial Original Creditor Name: [Check Cashing/Payday Loan Storefront] Account Number: XXXXXXX Account Owner: Individual Account. Original Amount Owned: $XXX Date of 1 st Delinquency: 07/2012 Balance Date: 01/2019 Balance Owned: $XXX Last Payment Date: N/A Status Date: 01/2019 Status: D - Unpaid (From EQ)
  2. wingwalker

    Finally ALMOST out of the toilet... But questions.

    Thanks! It looks like the letter was the source of ICanHasMuny's very helpful post in April 2017, so it's great to have that. The second link with the matrices is helpful too - I'm wondering whether (and where) that was codified in the appropriate statute that I can cite in my dispute. Definitely a step forward.
  3. wingwalker

    Finally ALMOST out of the toilet... But questions.

    Thank you! I'll read this through. I really appreciate it.
  4. wingwalker

    Finally ALMOST out of the toilet... But questions.

    Thank you so much!
  5. Thank you - that's solid advice... will do I'll check that song out too.
  6. wingwalker

    Finally ALMOST out of the toilet... But questions.

    Hi, dvd, I have a related issue and wondered whether you had a link to these standards? I'm crafting my dispute letter. Thank you so much!
  7. Thanks very much... so, when I dispute it, that would count as first contact? They have an abysmal reputation. They do this a lot, and I've read a few dozen complaints on the BBB site wherein they've folded and deleted the item after not having contacted the consumer. I can DM the name... I don't want to attract any attention. Thanks again!
  8. Thanks so much for this! I'll reach out to ICanHasMuny? for clarification. If it turns out that payday loan collections are ok to report, how should I approach the dispute, given that I still haven't received a 5-day dunning letter (or any other kind) from the CA? Thanks!
  9. Thanks! It's embedded in my long OP : In reading the April 22, 2017, post from ICanHasMuny? on this thread (link at the end of the post), this type of account shouldn't even be reported: "EX TU an EQ won't accept the following information from furnishers effective june 2016 - so if you have this type of information still on your reports, DISPUTE IT OFF ... check cashing companies payday loan companies" This is excerpted from ICanHasMuny?'s post in this thread - thanks!
  10. Thanks for this! So, I take it that "constructive notification" means that the fact that I detected it serves as notification in a practical sense? Where does the five-day requirement of the CA sending a dunning letter fit in? I still don't have one (or anything, for that matter). In addition, if payday collections are prohibited from being reported, would you say that's the primary point of attack? Thanks!
  11. Thanks, Legaleagle2012. So, from reading this (before coffee), it looks like Scumbag CA violated by reporting to my CR before contacting me directly...? If so, is this a "delete this sucker right now" violation, a "Make the check payable to..." violation, or both? It's been forever since I've had to deal with this stuff. Then there's the issue of whether any payday collections can even be reported now. I appreciate your help - thanks!
  12. Thanks, CV. During my research, I found that there was a court case stating that placing a collection on my report was first contact. However, I haven't received the post-first-contact (phone call/placement on CR/etc.) dunning letter sent within five days of that first contact. I appreciate it!
  13. Bump for the dinnertime crowd - thanks!

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