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  1. This company is called Legal Hopkins Law firm and after doing some research they are prob overseas and they sound really fraudlent. I cant find a good mailing address for them.
  2. They were telling my wife it was for a payday loan from back in 08 or 09 which she doesnt know about. She hasnt recieved anything in the mail to our knowledge however we just moved to a new address about 2 months ago and we had a problem with the mail being forwarded here. Thats all we know about this alleged debt.she has all the info on this CA at her desk at work. I think they are in another state we reside in TX.
  3. Thanks everyone I guess first we should get the police report filed with the officer then send a letter to them with all the details. Maybe someone who knows more could offer me a step by step advice on what wife should do first. Should I get a written statement from wifes supervisor. Will the audio and video footage be needed?
  4. Yes the CA made contact with my wife 2 weeks prior. She didn't file a formal police report but she has the officers contact info and will file a police report friday morning 3/16 . We havent recieved anything to our knowledge but she disputed some info on her credit report about 3 weeks ago and thats when the calls from CA started coming
  5. This CA started calling my wife at work 2 weeks ago. She asked them not to call well today they decided to go CRAZY. This guy called he 25 times at work. Her supervisor even asked him to stop calling but he refused to.It got so bad she threatened to call the police which eventually she called the police to come and ask this guy to quit calling. The office came and the CA rep gave him a hard time so the police officer left and told my wife to call him back if this kept happening. Guess what it did so she had to call the officer back up to her job.. Now when the CA Rep called back he told her apologize for being rude which she did just to play nice and get the info she needed about this company. She was transferred to a supervisor she told the supervisor well a few min later the police office shows up and calls his dispatch with this companies phone # and finds out that they called 25 times or more today alone. He gets someone on the phone and explains to them this is harassment and its illegal. Then they finally never called again. My question is should we sue them. Her employer does have cameras with audio and video that tapes everything. As well as her boss who asked them to quit calling and a police officer who had to call and stop them from calling. What is the proper steps that should be taken?
  6. Yes I finally got into the experian dispute file and I see 3 diffrent social security numbers. How can I handle this to get this resolved?
  7. I went to pull my credit at annuaLCREDIT AND FREECREDIT REPORT and Truecredit. I was told to call and when I spoke to someone at freecreditreport they said experian said they have a diffrenet social # on file how could that happened and what should I do becuse my credit is no so good. I have been disputing and I had lexington law they had over 9 coll/baddies removed the 3 month I was there. What should I do and how could this have happened when I have had the same number forever and now equifax is saying I have to call them something is wrong also?
  8. Wow, I hope everything works out for you.
  9. So from what I gather its not a good idea to dispute with ant CRA online? Do everything by mail with the CRA and CA? I searched e-oscar nothing came up.
  10. I thought the cra had to actually validate the debt. It seems hard to believe they did that in less than 24hrs.
  11. Hello, I went online yesterday and disputed my experian accounts. I have checked today and they are saying it has already been verified. How is that possible? What should be my next step?
  12. I applied for a capone business card and I recieved this respone: Thank you for submitting an application for a Capital One® business credit card! Notification of approval status will typically be sent in 7 to 10 business days; however, in certain circumstances it may take up to 15 days. In the interim, please do not submit another application, as only the first application received will be considered valid. What does this mean ,maybe I m a little slow but I don't know if its saying approval or not?
  13. In texas is it true that all collection agencies can only report for SOL 4yrs? What about when the CA update a collection account I have a few accounts that were reported a while back and every month are updated as 120 days late.
  14. I have disputed them twice with all three credit bureaus in the last 12 months and they keep reporting 120 days late almost every month. They keep validating debt which I dont understand because I have never personally opened an account with them.
  15. I have 2 salie mae loans reportind as chargeoffs and 2 CA student aid accounts showing as chargeoffs with TU & EXP and 120 days late with EQ. How can I get this matter resolved? The two accouts with CA student aid I believe are from salie mae. Can I get them refinanced or if I pay them off one by one will they still report as collection acounts that were paid off? I want to get them reporting and a good status and then paid off so they dont keep affecting my score. Also how bad do student loans affect credit score?

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