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  1. I sent in a payment for $17,514 into the Credit Card company two weeks ago to pay off the balance of my Zero percent interest account before the deadline to pay off the account. On August 8th they will start to charge interest on the entire balance at 21%. In other words I will owe about $250 unless they find my check and credit it to my account by that date. While I can not prove it, I suspect that they have my check but are holding it so they can start charging interest. When I complain and ask for additional time for the check to arrive or be processed I am met with deaf ears. I am told to pay through automatic debit and then when the other check arrives and is credited I can ask for a refund and wait 4-6 weeks. We are talking about alot of money here and I suspect it is a con. Two days is a common time for the mail to arrive at their office, not two weeks. Any advice?
  2. Every time I put out a thoughful post I am attacked. So sad!
  3. I feel sorry for people who are very over weight. I am fighting a big belly and want it to go away, so I understand the problems with being overweight. Yesterday I saw a women who must of been 600 pounds. She was just huge. Maybe one of the biggest women I have ever seen. She had a face of a bull dog, a huge but and a huge belly. She walked so slowly and had a constant expression of pain as she made her way down the street. Just making it the two hundred feet to her car looked like torture to her. I watched her get into the passenger side of the car, it took so much effort. I wondered what would cause someone to gain so much weight and get so out of shape. Is it a case of mental illness? Or is it a health issue? Bad genes? Or something else? Do you know anyone who is that fat, tell us their story!
  4. I recently ran into an old friend from High School. She looked terrible. She was only in her 40s but looked like she was a hundred years old. Why do some people look so terrible when they age? Some of my friends in their 50s look great and have hardly any wrinkles and are slim and trim. Others look just plain awful. Life has not been good to them and they look like hell and death warmed over. I wonder what they think when they see old pictures of them selves and see someone who use to be trim slim and attractive. Now they must see themselves as someone else. When I saw my old friend from High School I wanted to say, "you look terrible, what happened to you!" I wonder if it is generic or maybe they did drugs or had a health problem. I wonder what happened to them that they turned out this way in middle age. Do you know anyone who looks better with age or has completely lost their looks in middle age?
  5. I have lived on a dead end street with 12 houses for seven years now and have found the neighbors to be cold and distant. The women across the street is especially cold. I have tried a number of times to be friendly by making attempts at small talk as we crossed paths. Usually all I get is a one word answer- or a grunt. Other times I am completely ignored. When my wife and I go on hikes down the street on the way to the community park we run into quite a few of our neighbors. I always try to be friendly and generally get no reply. I was completely shocked when I came to the door and found my cold neighbor (from across the street) putting a note in my mail box telling me about a neighborhood block party at her house. I asked her if she was inviting me because I lived on the street or that she felt I would be an interesting and enjoyable person for the party. She looked shocked, looked away and left. I still have not decided if I should attend the event. So, do you attend neighborhood block parties?
  6. I was on a long boring cross country car trip and started to look inside the cars that were driving by. Many of the people passing us were couples driving together. One thing I noticed was the man was the one driving in MOST cases. In a few cars the women was behind the wheel but that was rare. The man was doing the driving in most cases. Why?
  7. OK, this is a Internet Message board so I can be truly honest about myself and my spouse. My wife has become more and more manly over the years. Recently she has cut her beautiful long hair short like a man and is carrying her self more and more like a man all the time. When I complain she tells me that I am getting more female acting and lack the macho way that most women find attractive. So I have no room to complain according to her. When I see her move around the house she seems like a man. She moves like a man and carries her self like a man. She says I have a sissy way about me and no real man would want to be my friend. What to do?
  8. A friend of mine always cries when she hears about major events that kill thousands of people overseas. Recently she has been affected by the terrible news from Nigeria, Chad and Somolia. Thousands have died from war, explosions, terror attacks and starvation. I tell her that she should not worry about what goes on in Africa and spend her emotional capital on issues closer to home. Africa and much of the third world will always be a land of killing and disasters. Huge wars have killed millions there since the dawn of time. Death is just part of the human condition. She tells me that that view is an indication of how cold I am to fellow human beings. Your thoughts about morning the deaths of people you do not know.
  9. A good friend is the most lucky man in the world. I have known him for 25 years and I have never seen anyone who has had such good luck in life. Highly intelligent with good people skills too. Great looking Terrific Wife and Great Children Supportive family Incredible Job and career Tons of friends Beautiful Home Highly respected in the community and the church I have never met anyone who has it so good and has gone through life with so many advantages and good luck. People call him the lucky man. Is this your story or anyone you know?
  10. I expect most of the replies will be from people that know people who have a Genius level IQ but lack common sense or do not have much ability with people. I know that there are a number of people out there like that but I suspect that there is also people who are incredibly bright that have added to our society through their genius. What if you as a person of average intelligence had to live in a world where everyone was mentally purple or had a very low IQ? Wouldn't you suffer and struggle in your daily interactions?
  11. I have recently got to know a genius. She told me that she has a IQ of 170 that makes her "one in a thousand." I can tell she is very smart but at first I did not believe that she is really a genius. So one Saturday afternoon we both took one of those IQ tests that you can buy at the bookstore. I know the test is not a true exact measure of ones IQ, but it is an indicator of the real score. I have to admit that my IQ score, while being above average, was not so impressive. My friend took the test and scored about 170 without much effort. She struggles in life being so smart in a dumb world. What would take the average person an hour to do- she completes in 15 minutes. The average person frustrates her because she picks things up so quickly and her peers at work take so long. My friend is at a different intellectual level and knows it. Do you know any one who is a genius and how do they function in our dumb world?
  12. You people who think that this story is made up are WRONG. It has occurred and one of the girls who is having one of Doug's babies is a relative of mine. Of course the school does not promote and advertise the story but it is a small town everyone knows what is going on. I suspect that there is a number of sexually active teenagers in towns all over America who are getting girls, who lack love and support at home, pregnant.
  13. According to the School there is no requirement that the boys family pay any child support in the State we live in. Three of the babies will be born soon. Another was aborted. The girls are looking forward to be a mother and the girl that had an abortion is an outcast in the school. In the crazy world of Middle School the boy (Doug) is considered cooler than cool and the girls that have got pregnant are given alot of attention. Alot of the other girls are saying they wish they could get pregnant too! Most of the girls who want to get pregnant are from families that do not show much love and are not in the in crowd. A baby would give them alot of attention and would allow them to be loved- they think.
  14. My boss has agreed to pay for some adult education classes as part of my professional development at work. I am looking at taking the DALE CARNEGIE CLASS. It meets for 3 1/2 hours for about ten weeks. It would meet once a week from 6:30 to 10:00 pm. After a full day at work that will be one long day. It is quite expensive but my company will pay for the cost. I just want to know if it will be worth my time. Anyone have any experience with DALE CARNEGIE TRAINING?
  15. A local 14 year old boy in our local Middle School is already very sexually active. He is bedding down half the the girls in the Middle School. He has fathered four children all ready. No one seems to know what to do. They have talked to him a number of times, he is non responsive. They have talked to his parents and they do not seem to care, in fact they seem proud of him. The other kids in school think he is some type of hero and is one of the most popular kids in school. This causes him to push his sexual conquests even further. Many girls in school think he is just plain hot and want to be with him. He is sleeping with scores of girls all the way up to 17 years old. Few bother with protection. The school officials say there is nothing that can be done. Because he is under 18 no child support can be charged. Advise?

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