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  1. UPDATE I talked with a Wells Fargo rep today explained situation and it sounds promising. They are going to switch my loan from a conventional to VA loan and do a streamline no income/no asset refi so they can refinance 100% ltv since i lost most of my equity in the housing crash. Looks like rate will drop to less than 4.5%. We will see...
  2. i wanted to get the experts opinion here if i should even attempt a refinance/modification. Heres the background... I am active duty Army for 15 years. i bought my house in 2005 at a respectable 6.25%. I have perfect credit (high DTI, explanation coming), no lates of any kind. I started a business in 2006 with a civilian partner and he left me holding the bag with $70,000 in credit card debt and 4 car loans after the small business crash of late 2007 and 2008. my corporation has since been dissolved and i have worked with credit card companies to lower interest rates on most of them (American Express, Citi and USAA helped actually). I have been shouldering these debts for 4 years now and dont seem to be getting anywhere. we have went from 4 car payments to 2 now and have been limping by. i have had too much pride to ask for any help from my lender in any way. the only way im going to get this revolving debt paid off is to trim off a little fat from my mortgage. i am enrolled in credit counceling and have scaled back in every way possible. my question is since my mortage is excactly 31 % of my base pay, its not owned by fannie mae or freddie, have no evidence of not being able to make payments because i pay my bills ontime every month no matter what.... what are my chances of getting at the very least an interest reduction. FICO scores running mid 600s right now, but with all this revolving debt DTI is running 70%. Would appreciate any comments from people who have had any experience with this or expert mortgage pros.
  3. Wasw this a no doc loan? What did you have to provide them with? Financials, business plan for new start up?
  4. I have 2 business registered with DnB, a automotive company that folded in 2001 and another cleaning service which was started in 2005. Both of my companies are listed in business search on the website, but in my account info only the older company is listed. How does this translate for my Paydex? Do they just associate the EIN of my new business with the paydex or is it for my old company with no TLs reporting. I still havent gotten the number even tho i have been in the system for 4 years and have at least 2 TLs (Citibank business cards). Also, how do i get my ID number from EXP?
  5. Anybody had any success with above company?
  6. Blazzzer is coming home!!!Thats right boys and girls! After a involutary year-long vacation in the land of sand- that fun filled, family oriented third world country called Iraq, Blazzzers' next transmission will be from the continental United States!! Cant complain too bad though, completely overhauled my credit over here and you guys have kept the boredom at bay. So Ill see all of you in a couple days when I get back to the good ole USA!
  7. anybody else getting the 90 day appication crap? i ve had starwood and applied for clear and optima plat and they cancelled the clear because theysaid i couldnt apply for another card for 90 days.
  8. Im gunnin for GEORGE and Cloak too- just got approved for Optima Plat and Blue last night.
  9. $20,000+ CAPITAL ONE $100,000+ AMEX $60,000+ BofA $30,000+ MBNA $15,000 PENFED WHAT ADVANTAGE WITH A CU???? 3 or 4 WEEKS FOR PENFED TO APPROVE!!! WHAT ADVANTAGE WITH A CU??? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> GEORGE- you are comparing apples to oranges. You cannot compare credit card banks to conventional credit unions or even regional banks. When was the last time you walked into Amex's Centurion bank and cashed a check?
  10. ive had a government chase card for 7 years- never late- denied me for a card. thank god though, MBNA and Citi made up for it!
  11. not true- my Penfed LOC reports with $5k limit with $0 balance.
  12. blue was cancelled because i applied in august and got denied- waited over 60 days and reapplied. cancelled because system said it was duplicate. csr put it in manually though, just cost another hard though. maybe tu will combine or ill just "B" em.
  13. I believe OP was suggesting that they would reapply with Amex because of the B, not that the applications helped with it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually i was being sarcastic because Amex screwed up 3 apps because of the 90 day duplicate policy, so i got 6 hards because of it- they gonna get deleted, but they did help with "B"

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