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    I'm a Jersey Girl
  1. sonaly - two little ones in your sig are adorable! Thanks! It's been a while since I updated my sig. My boys are now 4 & 2!
  2. I wish we didn't have to wait so long til the next season!
  3. That wouldn't work for me, I have 2 little ones that go to daycare.
  4. That's why I started my shopping early Nov. I have 1 more gift to buy for my nephew. I just need to pick up something for my sons' preschool teacher.
  5. Crowds and I don't mesh.... I stay away from the stores on Black Friday. And nope, they don't do rainchecks.
  6. Sonaly

    New Pics

    Twins..lol...I guess it doesn't help that I dressed them alike in the pics! Thanks! I can't believe how big they are already.
  7. A nearby town had the downtown are decorated for Christmas by Oct. 15th. When I drove by I was like WTF!!! Let me get through Halloween first!
  8. Here are some recent pics of my boys. The first 3 pics are Darius. He's 3 and a half. The last 3 pics are Jared. He'll be 2 next month. You can click on the thumbnails and see the larger pic.
  9. I just hope it heals soon. I don't want him having surgery.
  10. Jared had his first ear infection and it was a doozy! The infection was so bad that his eardrum ruptured and he was draining pus. Well it's been about 2 weeks and although the drainage is gone, his eardrum hasn't healed yet. :/ He's not in pain or anything now. Anyone have experience w/this? How long did it take for the eardrum to heal? The doctor is willing to wait another week and a half and if it's not healing enough, she wants to send him to an ENT.
  11. Around here, the crappy houses are starting at around 250k.

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