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  1. the biz credit card..is a nice little hidden tradline..does'nt report to personal CRA's.
  2. night crew anyone? crickets are chirping...LOL
  3. so my brother opened a business platinum(credit) card and i told him to wait 61 days and apply for the 3x CLI. so he did and thy declined him . his scores are FICO 780. he had just refinanced his mortgage and had 3 INQS from the mortgage deal and one from amex approval. they declined him becasue of INQ's ,length of membership with amex and a few others i cant remember. how long does he have to wait between the decline and trying again ? looks like thy just did a AR on 9-6-2012 his 60day mark was around 8-26-2012 when they declined him. so they definatly have an updated experian on him. what do you all think?
  4. Hey all, So, i recently refi'd my mortgage down to like 4.00% showing as paid off on my experian. but the new mortgage is not reporting yet. my score prior to all this was 779 now its showing 721? this is fico BTW. Thats a 58 point drop SERIOUSLY? nothing changed on my report except the old mortgage as showing paid and closed... i had to go change my underwear when i saw the hit in points...what gives?
  5. all my bank accounts are at credit unions...got rid of the big box banks and never looked back.
  6. did your wife co-sign as well? and if so what is her scores?
  7. in don't even go to walmart...if i want to go to a petting zoo i'll go to a real one.
  8. "IF" you decide to pay it...money order from a bank you dont bank at. or go to some place like a grocery store that sells money orders. like safeway,kroger etc etc. walmart sells them to for like 50cents i think.
  9. douginsea

    Chase BT

    night crew anyone?
  10. douginsea


    Do they have an online version of this, or is it only through automated phone line? Yes, there's an online luv button. i never clicked that button..it scared me..ROFL or the check your spending ability one..they track that stuff.
  11. douginsea

    Chase BT

    So i'm thinking about doing a BT to my chase ink card...never done a BT with chase before. Whats the turnaround time once i request it?
  12. douginsea


    Do they have an online version of this, or is it only through automated phone line? when i had amex i always went thru the automated. i never clicked the CLI tab online..

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