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  1. 6k to 16k so far 4/22 - +2,500 5/08 - +2,500 5/24 - +2,500 6/09 - +2,500
  2. Just tried the EO. No PC available even though it is a MC. It is managed by the unit of Citi that does store cards like Home Depot, etc, and they don't do product changes on that side.
  3. Just call Citi EO for a PC?
  4. My credit is significantly better now than it has been in the last few years. My BB card was at $500 since the conversion from HSBC. One CLI from 400-500 with HSBC. Asked for CLI right at conversion, denied by Citi. Tried to do CLI last month but didn't have the option. I thought it was a blacklist since I iib Citi like 11-12 years ago. Turns out I didn't activate the latest card sent. Couldn't find it so ordered a new card two weeks ago. They changed the account number and sent new card. Got it and activated it yesterday. Went online and had the CLI option again. Put in a request for 10k and my income/rent. Said it will be reviewed asap by a rep and will get email answer within 2-4 hours. Email came back that the request was reviewed and to log into account. Logged in.... approved! New CL of 10,500. I know its not the greatest card, but I've had it for almost 4 years and dont think it has a fee...... Plus it is Citibank. Pretty pleased. Edit- it cost me a hard on EQ. EX is frozen for a bit, not sure if they tried to pull it or not first.
  5. I may be remembering wrong, but i could swear I once thought a baddie I had disputed was deleted based on credit karma, but it reappeared on CK once it was "verified." You may want to check the backdoor to be sure.
  6. 5/4 - 2-3 days - no response 5/8 - +2500 CLI (16 days) Statement doesn't cut until the 21st - new limit $11,000
  7. As for Barclays blacklists, I IIB'd a Juniper card with a ch13 filed 6/2008. App'd for Sallie Mae last week and they didnt even pull an inq. Backdoor UW call confirmed I am still ineligible.
  8. 4/17 - Denied (current 6,000 limit) 4/21 - Statement cut with PIF after a few months of carrying 50% balance 4/22 - +2500 SP CLI
  9. I guess my bigger question then, is do I still need to be looking for easy approvals? I guess I might have been more confident than I should be
  10. Let me clarify, my DW's parents are flying here end of May or first week of June from South America for a prolonged stay, we are not flying there this time. Only United and American service our local airport. I can drive a couple hours to New Orleans if fares are significantly lower, where everybody serves, but I would prefer not to. Also, currently the fares are barely lower currently, definitely not enough to justify the hassle. When I fly the 5 of us domestically in June, it will be to visit my family in Vegas for my daughter's graduation. Same two carriers from same airport, unless fares are much lower in New Orleans. That is why I was looking to American and United cards, or a card that might better serve me not directly tied to an airline based on my profile. Currently United has a lower fare by $100-$200 for the international trip.
  11. I appreciate the response. I have contacted Cap1 EO and they are sending to UW and I should know by next Monday their decision. All the Synchronys were major CLIs that I did just a few days ago. Went from 200-700 limits to 6,000 or more on each card. I am prequalified on Cap1 for Venture, but no offers in the system on the rest of the ones that truly prequalify. Cardmatch gives me Venture, Chase Freedom and BofA rewards cards as matches for approvals. Discover CLI button gives me nothing. Honestly, it has been only about 30 days since I made a very very significant reduction in credit card balances. I basically paid them all off from max limits at the same time 99% of my baddies dropped or were removed. I just want to apply for at least one card, if not 2, within a couple days max in order to be able to purchase the tickets on them and max my rewards. Otherwise, I can groom and grow what I have a few more months before applying on a spree. I am just not sure which 1 or 2 I should commit the INQs to immediately. Sounds like you were saying Freedom and Amex ED. I just have been out of the CC game for a long while to rebuild myself financially,
  12. So I have been reading for weeks before asking this question: Quick history: BK13 2008 TU FICO (clean report) mid to high 700s, maybe close to 800 now that I have 1% util posting tomorrow (Discover showed 777 4/17/15) EQ: low-mid 700s - BK still reporting, filing date of 6/10/08, i am disputing it again and hope it falls off due to age, same for USAA/Navy FCU IIBs: EX: low-mid 700s - BK gone but Chase MTG IIB reporting, not scheduled to drop until 11/15 and I have tried every way to get it off I am self-employed, gross income around 100k or more as it stands right now. Credit (no balances other than a few dollars on a Cap 1 for util 1%): Discover More - 6k Cap 1 Plat -2500 Cap 1 QS1 from old Plat - 2250 Synch/Walmart - 6k Synch/Amazon - 6k wont report until 4/25, was 400 Synch/Gap - 10k wont report until end of month, was 200 Synch/Lowes - 17k wont report for a couple weeks, was 300 PP Smart Credit - not sure when updating from 300 to 2000 couple other minor store cards. Cap 1 Auto Loan about 10 months old and current Student Loans that are current Going to be buying a significant amount of airfare in the next week or two. 2 roundtrips from South America for DW's family, then a RT trip for 5 domestically in June. I have the money to purchase airfare but this sounds like a waste without using rewards/airfare cards. Looks like United and American are the best options out of the local regional airport. I was considering either the Citi AAdvantage or Chase United Explorer and test the blacklists. I was also thinking just to get the Venture and snag the big limit and use it for the year,maybe do the twofer and close or PC the old creditsteps cards. Other than travel rewards only I was planning an app spree targeting Citi doublecash, Chase Freedom, Barclays Rewards or Sallie Mae and a BofA product. And if I felt lucky, the Amex charge/revolve twofer. But most importantly, I want to buy these airline tickets ASAP for late May/early June travel. Any thoughts or advice?

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