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  1. I had the three bureau credit monitoring for about 2 years untill about 9/06. now I cant find the offer or they wont let me renew . I checked wallmart and they are 24.99 now. Is there any deals still or is it only 24.99?
  2. I sent a validation request to alliance one and they sent me the bill history for the account # . Of course that doesnt prove it's mine, what do I send back to them?
  3. JUst what exactly does prequalified mean. It looks like a short app, but it says your business is prequalified for $100,000 just send back to activate.
  4. JUST got my invoice today , PIF.
  5. My brother filed BK and they showed up at the meeting and offered a reduced balance if he kept the account out of BK.
  6. I spent like 2200 on it from go, and couldnt pay in full I've been paying like $400 a month. I will PIF next month. After I got first bill and found out it was PIF , I called and spoke with one of their reps whom told me alot of people make that mistake and to just do the best I can on paying and that they "DO NOT REPORT".
  7. I get a phone call a week from them, asking when I' m gonna pay my commercial one. I said I tell you guys every week I will keep paying monthly. Its been 90 days, They said if it goes to 120 it is considered charged off.
  8. My wife was approved for the redcard , they sent the card and a letter that said they needed to verify. She called and they wanted a dl and ss card. I told her to tell them to blow themselves.
  9. greg , I'd say dont wait. I have superfleet ( speedway/marathon ) for $800, and sunoco gave me really nice CLI.
  10. I dont know what my utilization was but I only had a few CC, and the balance's were not low. It is a weird thing, I have seen people with better CR than I have get less CL from Juniper.
  11. I got $2500 , MY highest TL , on USairways with 2 CO. and 4 PR. and got 2 other Juniper accounts at $1500, They have been good to me.
  12. I didnt ask, I think that they check exp. I know I did not PG this one, though. MY highest CL is my HDMC I got in jan @ $7400 and no one has matched it yet except Home depot revolving on my CLI.
  13. I got a $750 cl from sunoco in feb. Have made 3 payments, ran it up to $650 and called today for a CLI , I was expecting to be shot down , I asked for $2000 . she put me hold and came back with $6000. WOW. she asked if that was OK , I said sure is. thats great because sunco is the only gas card I have that is revolving. I have $5000 on BP mastercard but that PIF .
  14. I am not sure. I faxed it in and forgot about it. Then I think about 1 1/2 weeks later I got a fedex envelope with the cards.
  15. I just got the BP master card last week and It is not revolving. I thought it was when I applied.

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