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  1. This was in Nevada. The hospital is a for profit. There was a social worker that gave me the charity application. I returned it a week or so later after gathering the required documentation. Follow up calls have gone unanswered since. I applied for Medicaid after my visit but was denied due to income.
  2. Yes I am recovered and I currently have the same insurance I got 3 weeks after discharge. There was no rejection letter received. My calls to the hospital end up going in circles. I will try sending a registered letter and if no appropriate response then contact the state HHS. Thank you!
  3. I have six figure medical debt due to a 3 day stay in the hospital last year. I had just started a new job but was 3 weeks from getting my new insurance through them when I was hospitalized. I have never received a bill for any of the services provided but now there are more than a dozen collections on my reports. The hospital itself sent a “statement” but it just included a total amount due, not an itemization. Calls to the hospital billing department only get me more “statements”. I filled out and gave them a charity application while I was there and never heard back. Follow up calls continue to go unanswered. My question is if I don’t have the ability to pay what amounts to basically a mortgage payment (if I had 15-30 years to pay it, otherwise 2-3 mortgage payments), is there anything I can do or must I wait out the 7.5 year reporting cycle or file BK?
  4. Wouldn’t the court frown upon an obvious misuse of their time?
  5. Update: After almost 2 weeks and so far the account was funded and debit card received. Checks ordered. One statement has cut. I’ll wait until the next statement cuts before adding direct deposit.
  6. I paid cash for a down payment, which they knew I would do when I began shopping. The inquiries appear under the section "Inquiries Viewed By Others". I recall some of the adverse action letters noted odd combinations of bureaus. EX and Sage Stream, TU and Factor Trust, EX and Lexis Nexis, and some other strange ones. I never before had inquiries to Chex for an auto loan and generally past AA letters have just been based on the big 3.
  7. That was my thought as well until I saw my report. There are nearly a dozen that say: Transunion on behalf of Ally, Transunion on behalf of GM Financial, etc. They line up to the actual inquiries on my TU. Other than inquiries the report is blank.
  8. I was denied in February for Discover Regular Checking based on Chex. My Chex was clear except for an insane amount of inquiries from car shopping the year before. I was just approved for Money Market Checking. Is it likely to get closed later or maybe the extra 6 months or so aged the inquiries enough?
  9. I tried BBVA again and they could verify my identity this time, but they would not accept my opening deposit. They said it cannot come from a prepaid card or account. Considering that’s all I have at the moment this is not an option.
  10. Chex is all over the place these days. I was just denied for too many inquiries and when I got my Chex report there were 8 inquiries from my recent auto loan shopping on there. Nothing negative, just the auto loan inquiries that now prevent me from opening a checking account.
  11. I have my Lexis-Nexis report as well as reports from Chexsystems, Telecheck, EWS, and the big 3. My names, DOB, and what I can see of my SSN are correct on all of them. I’ve been able to open other types of accounts and my ID has been verified. Bank of the West had no problems when I applied there yesterday. Maybe a clerical error on the bank’s part. It’s been almost a year since I tried BBVA (the one that couldn’t verify my identity). Perhaps I’ll try them again.
  12. I consolidated my undergraduate and graduate loans almost two years ago. All of my loans are federal, unsubsidized. At that time, I was told that all my undergraduate deferments and forbearances would reset as if no time was used. I did use some months of unemployment deferment between undergraduate and graduate studies. I recently applied for an unemployment deferment and was denied. The servicer said I had used the maximum amount of 36 months. I asked when, considering they have only held my loans for less than two years. They gave me the dates for my current consolidation loan, which only total 18 months. They told me even though they can’t see when the other 18 months may have been used, I have to take their word that I have no more. They said the 36 months of unemployment deferments are per person, not per loan, effectively eliminating all available unemployment deferments on the consolidated graduate loans which have only been deferred for 18 months. I would not have consolidated if I knew I would lose valuable deferment time. It was just easier at the time to manage one loan than a half dozen individual loans. Is this something new? I don’t recall this being an issue when I consolidated my undergraduate loans.
  13. I checked with Weststar today and I don’t qualify to join, as I don’t work in the gaming industry. The only other way in is to join AAA Nevada for $56. Bank of the West approved a second chance account only for $12/month. I asked why only a second chance account if there’s nothing negative on my report. They said it’s based on what the computer gives them for a decision and cannot be overridden. Ill check with with the other two tomorrow.
  14. I have been car shopping and trying to open a new checking account. I received a denial letter from one auto finance company citing only Trans Union and Factor Trust. When I tried to open a checking account, I was denied and the denial letter cited only Chexsystems. When I ordered my Chexsystems report, only one of the six reasons for their denial were included on my Chexsystems report (too many inquiries). Otherwise, this report was blank. But, under inquiries, there were 8 inquiries from some of the auto finance companies that my application had been sent to. While the auto finance company cited Trans Union and Factor Trust in their denial letter, they also pulled a Chexsystems report and did not disclose it on their letter. The bank where I tried to open a checking account cited only Chexsystems in their denial, but the reasons they listed included things like delinquent/derogatory credit behavior, etc. that are not on my Chexsystems report, which makes me think they either pulled another credit report and did not disclose it, or they just are pulling their reasons for denial out of the air. My TU/EX/EQ are all monitored and I get nearly immediate alerts if there's a new hard pull and this bank never made one. I suppose it's possible they soft pulled somewhere or pulled one of the alternate credit bureaus but don't they need to disclose that? This is the first time I have ever seen inquiries from auto loans on my Chexsystems report. There are now 8 of them and it is preventing me from opening a bank account. The auto finance companies have been pulling my Lexis/Nexis (5x), Sage Stream (4x), and Factor Trust (1x) but so far these have been disclosed to me. I'll see when I get my paper reports from them if there are any more. Now, I don't necessarily have an issue with a creditor pulling any/all bureaus to make a decision, but shouldn't they have to disclose all of them? Not one of the 8 auto inquiries on my Chexsystems report was disclosed to me by a lender. I found out when I was denied a checking account. Perhaps, if I knew auto finance inquiries counted on Chexsystems now, I would have opened a checking account before shopping for a car.

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