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  1. luckydriver

    200K house 620 score 6000 cash

    well she deleted the ad, i guess my specific questions were too much for her to handle. darn, i really wanted a 6K expensive house some day. much better deal than i got before😛
  2. luckydriver

    200K house 620 score 6000 cash

    why wouldnt it be smart. is the interest rate higher? i'm still shocked u can get in a house that much with so little cash with 620 score. i thought they were scamming /bait/switch.
  3. luckydriver

    200K house 620 score 6000 cash

    interesting. well i saw someone advertise to get you in a 200K house with only 6K cash and i totally called BS on it. i'm truly amazed this is possible. 3.5% of 200K is 7K so i didnt think FHA went below 3.5. obviously theres some great program out there i never heard of because i thought you had to pay all the fees on the HUD form at closing but i must be wrong then if someone can get me in the home for 6K. when i did a 186K refi i had 12 in closing costs. ill have to get my next mortgage from this stranger on the internet , i really never thought ads like this were legit.
  4. luckydriver

    200K house 620 score 6000 cash

    is the above possible under any program you know?
  5. luckydriver

    how do you get rid of a lien from a defunct company?

    another question i neglected to ask from the mortgage originators on this forum. would you give someone a mortgage to buy my house given all the circumstances above maybe i'm worried about nothing
  6. luckydriver

    how do you get rid of a lien from a defunct company?

    so this is still going on. the bank is apparently asking for bank statements and actual proof of payment and not accepting the hud form that shows it was paid in 2008 for the refi. not accepting that i got 2 new 1st mortgages since then and then a new heloc. the only true paperwork i have, or the mortgage servicer has. is my HUD sheet. i realize alone this is not gospel but geez um. and the servicer says they dont have 10 year old payment records. i am unsure if i have old credit reports from that time but certainly if i stopped paying on the loan wouldnt that be reflected negatively after 2008? or since it was BK in 2005 would it not be able to legally be reported that i stopped paying? so lets say i go to sell the house tomorrow and the lien pops up. will the title company pay off the lien since i paid for the title insurance. if not, whats the point of title insurance if not to pay off things like this? because in the end as long as the title company pays off the lien and i can sell thats all i'm really worried about. also realistically, will the buyer of my house even have anything to worry about. the 3 people that gave me new mortgages were happy to give me the money, why wouldnt it be the same for someone that goes to buy the house? basically i'm asking why i got 3 mortgages if the house truly had a lien from 1997 on it?
  7. luckydriver

    cosign for car must you be on insurance?

    so then mom can be covered even if the car is not listed on her policy then? i just was thinking if kid has state min. of 5K property and hits a 50K car then mom has to come up with 45 K but the car is not listed on moms policy and i thought that would be an issue. id had assumed mom needed to pay additional premium since a new car is in her name too. she obviously thinks doesnt have to be on her policy since it's on kids own policy. then again. mom has no assets and is judgement proof so i'm sure i'm worried about nothing. she doesnt care why should i
  8. if a parent cosigns the loan must they be on their kids insurance policy? both live under the same roof and before this transaction, have individual auto policies in Pennsylvania. assume both are on the car title as well because i forgot to ask but what CU would give you a loan without you being on the title? its members 1st in harrisburg PA
  9. luckydriver

    virtual CC and hotel check in..any problems?

    no its fully paid on the cap one site and hotels.com. except the wonderful resort fee of course
  10. luckydriver

    virtual CC and hotel check in..any problems?

    cap one has eno and he's very friendly and pops up on my browser and it takes just 2 seconds for me to log in. not bad at all but i do wonder what if i didnt have a prepaid reservation. if they asked to see card i reserved with then i dont have it
  11. through hotel.com i want to use my venture card virtual card to get 10x points and you must prepay at the time of booking except the resort fee. ive never used a virtual card at a hotel before . since they cannot match the card numbers wouldnt that be a problem or since i can prove who i am with DL, and it's prepaid thats all good and id just use the metal card or the incidentals at the hotel.
  12. she called and they said it's income based. so if her income is the same her bennies will be the same.. great news! was just nervous to call in the first place
  13. friend is on medicare because she's on soc. sec disability but she also gets some money from welfare, medicaid and food stamps as well as a bit for her grandaugther who she has legal custody of. she has an opportunity to live rent free for a year somewhere but she said she may lose her benefits since they determine them off income minus rent. i dont know if when she changes address they will ask for new lease or not. i told her call just to ask the question but curious if anyone has experience with not paying any rent but still getting benefits. i think her SS check is about 1100 a month for disability. i'm thinking people live with friends/family and still get benefits so it has to happen but she doesnt wanna live rent free then pay that 900 a month elsewhere because she needs drugs/food/ etc that she would have gotten from lost benefits. the idea of the rent free place is to help people save up so they can more afford to move somewhere else. so it's really important she not spend the savings on things other than better car and place to live. it cannot go to insurance/drugs/food stamps replacement
  14. luckydriver

    do kids inherit parents CC debt

    i was just wondering what was common from other experiences regarding forcing a child to sell a home to cover the parents debt.

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