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  1. luckydriver

    anyone know the citibank identity verification number?

    citi executive office just called. apologized a lot for the "misinformation" from last week. said in rare case they do use home depot for verification when other methods don't work for OTHER cards but never for exxon. she said the woman was outright wrong and ill get a US mail letter with specific info to my situation to call in and the app is still pending. this is one time i'm glad all calls are recorded for quality assurance and I have a chance at my 140 bucks she said they purchase service from some phone providers to share their customer data with them to verify and obviously my prepaid phone and my small cable company (home phone) do not share this data with citi. that really was the start of the issue. even though the one CSR said my 2nd line was able to be verified but I didn't push the issue.
  2. luckydriver

    anyone know the citibank identity verification number?

    PA is the most glorious state in all the land regarding gas taxes. when I was in NYC gas was cheaper. but hell of a commute to fill up there every day
  3. luckydriver

    anyone know the citibank identity verification number?

    I believe in math. But always pays to have 2nd set of eyes so am I right here? Paypal is 3 points per dollar of gas and you can get $15 amazon g/c for 2200 points I used 6 gallons per work day and assume $3 per gallon and just am basing off 5 day workweek and yes I know the timing isn’t accurate but it’s a good estimate of monthly use. 6 gal x 3 dollars x 3 pts is 54 points per day 54 x 5 days is 270 points 270 x 4 weeks is 1080 points per month 1080 x 2 months is 2160 which can get me at 15 dollar amazon card DUCKS card: 5% cash back ducks unlimited card: 6 gal x 3 dollars is $18 per day 18 x 5 days is $90 a week 90 x 4 weeks is 360 360 x .05 is 18 18 x 2 months is 36 dollars So 15 bucks every 2 months with paypal or 36 every 2 months with ducks. Hmmm tough choice . assuming I did the math right. Another question. Will citi be able to use my pull for any other card since they said I was approved for this one? Still not as good as the 140 for the first 2 months of the exxon card though.
  4. luckydriver

    anyone know the citibank identity verification number?

    here's a summary for those following: Early this week I apply for Exxon credit card because the first two months you get off a lot of money and I would basically save $140. You have to apply through the app on the phone and I did that and then it said call in for verification. The guy wanted to send me a text message and I gave him the number but then he said I cannot verify that number so give me your home number. I went and gave him my second phone line which I always give out to people and he called me on it with the computer and it gave me a code and I told him the code. Then he told me he could not verify the phone number. No I have no idea what that means. He said you have to wait for a letter in the mail to tell you what's going on. So then I argued but there was no point. Today I got an email and I called in and talk to a woman and she said basically that probably the phone is a prepaid phone and they cannot verify it is me and then I said what about my home number and she said it's probably on a computer line and they can't verify that either. So then I said can we try my other phone number at home and she said yes. And she said she was able to verify that. But then I said I was not home. She said I would have to go home tonight and call from that number and they would call me back with a code that I would tell them about. But then she also said I could go into Home Depot and show them a credit card and my driver's license and they will call Citibank to verify. I said what are you kidding me. She said no they will do that for you. But she said the telephone thing would be the easiest thing. And then I said does this mean I definitely get the credit card and she said yes and I thanked her and hung up. Tonight I call in and the woman on the phone had no clue about anything even after reviewing the notes. She said there are no such procedures about what the other woman was talking about and she doesn't know why she said that and there just is no such thing. So I asked her if the woman totally made it up and she just said we don't have any procedures like that. I said you got to be kidding me. I said I thought it sounded stupid about Home Depot but calling from my home phone number sounded rational. So she got a manager on the phone and we were on the phone for a very long time. The woman said every credit card has a different policy what they can try and basically that I am out of tries. It doesn't matter what happens she said that this is it but then I mentioned the fact that this other woman lied to me and I should be given consideration and I will mail in every part of documentation that she would need like my license and my passport and everything. I said it is outrageous that this woman would lie and make things up out of the blue and that she would basically use one of my chances of verification. The woman said since it's the weekend they won't get to it till next week but they definitely record all the phone calls and they will listen to it and she did say I was approved for the card or I would not have made it to the verification process. But it was crazy because nobody will tell me how they need to verify me. They seem to rely on a telephone being listed in your name or something and it is totally crazy. I got my mortgage and my heloc with less hassle
  5. luckydriver

    paypal: paid off card but i'm over the limit..huh?

    since paypal was such a weenie about releasing my paltry sum, i wanted to report PSECU took a 20K personal check to pay off my visa with them with NO HOLD at all on the check. balance was cleared off the day they got payment and credit immediately made available now thats service
  6. luckydriver

    how do you trace historical bank merger records

    title company not in business. they come and go a lot
  7. luckydriver

    how do you trace historical bank merger records

    the lien on the county courthouse is eastern mortgage services and the place that serviced my loan will not sign off on it even though they have paperwork proving the loan is paid off. so frustrating. they are adamant that someone from eastern mortgage has to sign off on it or find someone else that bought them to sign.
  8. Tried to get exxon Citibank card to get 50 cents off per gallon. Must apply thru the phone. Wasn’t approved because they couldn’t verify my identity. They said wait for a letter for the reason why. Just got the letter to call in. This is bizarre. First off you cannot get a person on the phone number in the letter without jumping through a lot of hoops. Then she wanted my cell to text me. But again. Cannot verify my number. Apparently there’s a master database where they have access to everyone phone records. I know lexis has this stuff. Then I said I’m not at home when she asked for home phone. But I told her last time he called home phone and I gave code and he still said that’s not enough to verify my identity. Now here’s the funny part. She said she sees I have a Sunoco card. I said not for the past 13 years. She was gonna verify me through that somehow I guess. Then she told me go to home depot and show them a CC and your DL and they will call us to verify your identity. Amazing. The home depot person at the front counter can verify my ID and call in. Who knew! I did not know they can do this. That is something. Then I told her I have a 2nd home phone and gave her that number. She said she was able to verify that one and if I call from home and use call waiting for the code, I will get my credit card.
  9. she called and they said US bank has no banks in PA. we didnt pull your credit and you will get a letter in the mail HUH?? so i had no idea in order to get a credit card you had to have a bank in the state you were in. was this always the case?
  10. luckydriver

    MPM still good?

    let me rephrase the question. can MPM be used to pull all 3 reports on a daily basis as you could in the 'good ole days'
  11. luckydriver

    MPM still good?

    is MPM eidt still the same as it was about 3 or 4 years ago? ive been off it since then but enjoyed the daily pulls from the big 3 and would like to have them again for a few months for 13 per month. i do remember when i canceled before they had some language you cannot join within a year then but i'm well past that.
  12. luckydriver

    when does PSECU report ?

    thanks thats great news. my guess is any CU that has the same setup would be the same. trying to time out something as far as a new app and we shall see how it goes.
  13. helping some friends get some new CCs and both got the 7 to 10 day letter from US bank upon applying for a new CC. is there any consensus that this is good /bad/ meaningless? after they applied and i told them about the letter they then said they have their lifelock thing locked. had i known i would have had them unlock their reports. however, i applied for ducks unlimited for one of them and they were approved. would this happen if their report was indeed locked?
  14. luckydriver

    anyone know the citibank identity verification number?

    the station is on my route and i use it every 2 days or so. love the speedpass so you dont gotta stand out in 0 degrees entering your zip code. they had a nice bonus when they canceled their old program and started the new and i got 3 bucks off a tank every time i did it. it was 15 times points. i was spoiled. so i wanna get spoiled again. using 7 gallons a day that means 3.5 cash in pocket per day. i'm not worried about the effect a new card has on my credit at all. totally irrelevant to my goals. ive already taken the hit on that with many other new accounts so it is already diluted. if i qualified for a 500 cash back card id get it in a minute as i can def run thru 3K in 3 months but no way would i qualify .
  15. luckydriver

    anyone know the citibank identity verification number?

    where do you get your 17 from? the figure is 140 bucks. i have 2014 bk so if theres a suggestion where to get 140 in 2 months then i'm all ears.

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