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  1. since i have very little experience with attys, is it normal to take 3 months to get a fee schedule out? just was bizarre that she met him in september and just got the fee schedule in the past week. i worry his timeliness on other matters may be reflective of this as well. i would have thought attys want to get a client signed up and paid within a week after meeting them. maybe his workload is too much but you really cannot ask that can you? something is just bizarre about that fact alone.
  2. to be clear the executor is the wife and she will take no fees because she gets all the money in the end. so by your statement above it seems you agree since the executor is doing al the work theres no way atty should get 55K its the atty fees that i have serious issue with. there are additional things i didnt mention above and i dont even know them all but i know there's a 300K account at etrade. she did the calculation based on all the probate and non probate things according to the atty schedule and she said it was 55K in fees. plus why does an atty get 2 percent of the stuff that is NON probate. that seems nuts. there has already been a few hundred K that wife moved already because the companies do that with just the death certificate. so wife did the work , the money is moved into her name and the atty gets 2 percent of those few hundred K. its bizarre. and home being worth 300K and atty gets 6K for what. i really would like to know if people pay this kind of money for atty doing literally nothing. the house can stay in her name till sold, will be zero issues. plus a new deed is like 200 bucks maybe. not 6000! no wonder people say attys are crooks. plus even for the probate mutual fund/stock accounts, what exactly does an atty do to earn even the 28K in your calculation above. i know you have to place ads in the paper and file tax returns but thats not 28K. i told her she needs to meet with the atty or new one to find out what they do to earn all that money. or just find one that will do it hourly because its been a while since death and wife has done lotta work already for 'free'. and she will continue to all all the legwork moving assets. not some atty. she is just furious that she did all this work and now atty wants to get fees for stuff she has and will continue to do.
  3. friends hubby died with no will and ive been trying to read up/learn about probate etc. she went to one atty and it took 3 months to get her a retainer agreement but i read through it and it says he gets 2 percent of non probate assets. that seems insane for doing virtually no work. the house isnt probate and is worth over 300K so he gets 6k for what? no need to change the deed etc. or for accounts that had beneficiaries and she already has moved the money to her name, why does he get 2% of that for doing nothing but listing it on a form?. even for basic things like the 3 or 4 stock accounts that need to be put thru probate, friend will be the one making calls and doing all the work. so if there was like 500K in 4 stock accounts, the atty gets a crazy amount of money using the schedule they call the johnson scale. it would be over 10K fee he gets when shes the one doing the work to move the 500K. i know there are forms to file and pa tax return to do but using all the percentages listed on the standard scales and retainer, he would get over 55K of the estate. unless the atty can move all that money and do all that stuff but i dont think thats how it works? certainly isnt worth 55k! i told her go see another atty and agree to an hourly rate. even at 400 per hour i think she would make out just fine. or we could do it ourselves even. once she has the short certifcate and opens the estate account and moves all that money the only thing left to do is file the taxes and she could pay an accountant to do that.
  4. well it also sounds like at least i wont be penalized for having the stall down the studs now since i have a working tub shower i have started to rip down the wallpaper too so its very much a work in progress in there. started staining the old cabinet too.
  5. i have an appraiser coming out for my refi next week. just wondering how appropriate to ask them question about house value and what affects it. obviously i dont wanna be a nagging nancy but i figure 2 or 3 questions peppered during the visit may be ok to ask namely i'm interested in if a shower stall increases the value of a home (tub/shower is there as well). so the stall can be considered a luxury i guess. also i always wanted a kitchen lsland so curious if that adds any value or just a luxury for me. i do want those things for myself but if someone objectively came and told me they would add value as well. id feel better spending the money on them. or does that just have to do with saleablity and appeal, and questions for a realtor. just unsure how to ask what should be fixed/ added for best appeal
  6. i have a friend that will be depositing some sizeable sums (already is setup with other accounts there) and would get the advisor at the low vanguard rate. where she had the money before wanted 1 percent which i understand is probably the norm in the industry. i def prefer the professionals pick the initial investments for her diversification ( i didnt want to be responsible for any bad choices) but i'm interested in the process and choices they make of course. i read thru the advisor contract online and from what i read, it appears they can trade your money as they see fit. it wasnt clear to me if they have to get your confirmation first or they can just do what they want to meet your agreed upon goals. so i'm curious about that. i just dont know if they churn like other advisors you hear about. all investments will just be in the vanguard mutual funds (my assumption). also any positive or negative experiences you have or other advice also i'm assuming if you liked what they setup for you and you are happy, you can just cancel the service after a year or so and monitor your own money? she has a call setup in a week to talk with then and if there are any questions she should be asking i'm all ears. she def isnt into micromanaging her own things but wants to be aware of where they money is of course.
  7. well thats pretty rude of centex to assume i'm lying. what kind of world is this here? geez my friend is poor and blind and i'm her advocate in life , trying to help her secure her future. also what relevance is it even if it is me, my friend or my cat in the situation. the financial facts are the same. why does it matter who you are asking for? seems really irrelevant . also it's rather offensive to be deemed a liar or even inferred to be one. sure shows the character of the poster to even say such a thing. no class at all to infer i'm lying. man this place is something. come on here for help and be called a liar. id never do that to someone here. but snide comments dont and shouldnt be on here. just the facts. and if you have nothing positive to offer, dont offer anything. this world sure is going downhill fast with rudeness everywhere.
  8. what does friend in quotes mean? i see this on the boards sometimes and i dont get it.
  9. i dont know what that means. can you explain? my CU is doing my own refi now and they keep all servicing and keep most loans so i think they are pretty great.
  10. mortgage broker pulled credit for her. . shes not refinancing at the same bank.
  11. i think only movie stars have mortgages that are 6000 a month lol . and my friend is def not that. yes payments are current no escrow with the loan. payment varies every month but never has been above 600 or 700. all payments show current even on the credit report. it's liek the bank said they dont believe the pic is from the credit report that the broker pulled. thats how he worded his email. they are gonna ditch the bank anyway. had tons of problems in the past and its time to get to a CU who cares about the people. ill help her dispute it online since the bank says it's not their mistake but i find it hard to believe the CBs make mistakes also curious about something else i see on these forums. sometime people respond to me and put friend in quotes, why exactly is that and what does it mean?
  12. Does a bank need an entire credit report to investigate something. My friend is applying for a mortgage and on her credit report it lists a $6,000 a month mortgage which is obviously not correct. I took a screenshot from the credit report of the bank information including the account number and it's obvious it was taken from a credit report because it lists date reported they opened balance owing and how many months left and then it says xpn2, EFX two. T u - 2. She sent the screenshot to her contact at the bank and they said they cannot tell if that is an official Credit Report or an unofficial credit report. The person also know she's in the process of refinancing the mortgage at that bank. So maybe he doesn't have any incentive to help her. They said the credit report in person at the bank show nothing that they reported incorrectly. So I guess we will just dispute with the credit bureaus but I was just wondering why he is doubting the authenticity of the credit report received as a result of pulling for a mortgage. It seems like a cop-out to me. There's no additional information that they are going to get from it is there. She really doesn't want to give her entire credit report to the bank. They don't need to see all that other personal information.
  13. as we figurd the guy said it's not required to pay entire year up front but still, then why put it on the app. but since we have it in writing to ignore what is on the app things can proceed.
  14. its a heloc so no current escrow. also friend had detailed email to all brokers say no cash is available for closing so the guy just talked himself out of a sale by asking for 5K. they couldnt do it if they wanted to. friend didnt wanna waste any brokers time if this wasnt even possible but they said credit etc was ok so go and apply. do they get paid per application filed maybe and he needed a boost this month? and she's not going to increase the mortgage by 6K just to collect double the escrow needed when it would all be refunded in a year. that permanently increases her monthly
  15. can someone be that wrong? it has to be wrong or sloppy im helping my friend apply for a mortgage. was to pay off 121K and roll closing of 6K in and new mortgage be 127K there was small 300 refund due. broker had all income/taxes info and when they had that GFE it seemed totally reasonable. fast forward to a week later when its time to sign the online documents for the actual app and it's now 11K in closing with 5K in cash due at closing. the tax situation is really bizarre. school tax here is due in october and county in spring. the total tax for this house is around 5K. he shows 5800 in taxes due at settlement and 489 due monthly for taxes. so thats roughly 6K a year being collected for taxes plus the 5800 today. something is really amiss here. she will write to him tomorrow but 11K in closing for 121K mortgage seems a bit excessive by any measure doesnt it? this years october taxes have been paid off except 1 payment so nowhere near the full amount is due today PA location

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