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  1. ads on the radio so i had to look it up. it says; The scheme works like this: Fraudsters pick out a house—often a second home, rental, vacation home or vacant house—to “steal.” Using personal information gleaned from the internet or elsewhere, they assume your identity or claim to represent you. Armed with forged signatures and fake IDs, they file paperwork with the county’s register of deeds to transfer ownership of your property to themselves or a third party. They then sell the home or borrow against it, stealing your equity. When they fail to make payments on a loan secured by your property, you could end up in foreclosure or be unable to sell, refinance or pass the home on to heirs. ----- i dont get it. i thought a title couldnt be transferred until your loan is paid off. are there that many homes paid off that they can victimize? even so, i find it hard to believe that banks/title companies etc dont take the hit for this. to me it's akin to someone using your stolen credit card. in every other cop show i watch on tv, if you are holding stolen property, you are doing something illegal. why wouldnt this apply to homes if it applies to a toaster and the original owner be given their home back
  2. some bbb reviews which may or may not be real. my mail shows me a license number. but 0 interest 12 months no upfront fees no app fees no late no prepayment penalty all sounds too good to be true. id love to move a higher balance there a year then move it back. no fees involved either way so it would be a nice savings. only stipulation says must be unsecured debt. weird
  3. anyone hear why no rewards for us?
  4. psecu rocks. just past my 5 year BK (their limit) and decided to apply for founders card even though recently i got 2 other cards and maxed out the one with a 0 BT and the other one with a 0 % two year offer on an appliance i needed. founders card gave me 10K. other psecu card was at 20K for years. 50% util on that card now. 625 psecu fico. and it already shows up in my account online so im happy. i can now play the BT game with lotta headroom. i like to transfer my heloc (or other balances) over to 0 percent cards and pay it down then xfer back to heloc when the psecu offer resets .for example today psecu gives 2.9 till end of 2021 so i get 2 years of interest savings. best CU out there!
  5. so if you have no idea about the program why did you respond? (scratching my head). i typically dont reply to things i dont know about on forums . but if i did reply to all the things i didnt know about, that indeed would take a lot of time
  6. in store last week. this is my 1st purchase ever so no clue what happens in the past. i want to buy something else but it says 250 points needed for 5 dollar certificate. which means you need to spent 10000 bucks to get 5 bucks back. this just seemed a bit much to me
  7. i signed up for the program and bought a 2K tv. i'm not in this for the points but i was a bit surprised to see only 56 points pending. the site says .5 points per dollar. shouldnt that be 1000 points or are my maths off :)
  8. we already went to see an atty every mortgage i ever got added my name to the deed so i'm confident that if they both get approved for the mortgage that they will both be on the deed. i cannot understand how 2 people approved for a mortgage would be not allowed to both be on the deed. i thought it was a requirement of every mortgage that the owners be on the title at settlement. maybe PA is weird that way? regardless this is a mortgage question. and i was hoping to get input on any possibilities of a mortgage or other programs that may fit this situation based on my data above. or if it can be handled as a refi vs 1st mortgage or is there really a difference in this case?
  9. so they can just put in childs name today and that solves the ownership issue? i thought was much more complicated then that. and that the bank would want the money upon death of the mother and the child cannot refi with their income alone so she would be screwed.
  10. oh trust me i asked all the difficult questions about that. taxes on the joint owner at death etc. i was told not to worry about that. the short term goal is assure child and grandchildren have a house. thats it. i dont wanna tell her that she's gonna qualify when theres not a snowballs chance but to me the numbers look good and the credit is good so no issues there. there is life insurance involved though so that will definitely help.
  11. well i used 5500 out of 6K for the BT and ill be saving money all the while making them happy i have a current balance. after 18 mo ill xfer back then hope i get another BT
  12. Helping a friend out: Mom soc sec 18636 Daughter soc sec disability 15744 2 minor kids soc sec 7872 Total 42252 (3521 mo) 120K equity loan currently out on the house. Value at least 200k of house. Home currently in moms name alone. They want to refi into both names so when mom dies the child gets the house. Im old school and go with 28/36 ratios but can you tell me how high they would go? 120K at 3.75 is 555 P/I Taxes are 475 HO is 80 Total 1110 3521 *.28 = 985/month I didn’t factor in credit card debt because I wanted to see if they even meet the threshold for a mortgage on the front end. Any ideas how high they go on back end? also assuming minimal closing costs since its a refi and that all can be rolled in?
  13. its sat unused since feb. they sent me BT offer a month ago and i didnt use it..yet. now i get email if i dont use the card by december they close it. to 'help' me use it the did 4000 to 6000 auto cli is this normal or am i special? now ill save even more money on xferring my 10% balance here.
  14. about 2 years ago i got discover it 1% back and they double it 1st year i just put all my info in the prequalifier and they say i'm qualified for discover it cashback card. also strangely there are 2 offers. one is 18 mo no interest and one if 14 mo no interest. both 3 percent fees my exisiting card has 12 mo 0 percent 3 fee.so of course would benefit me to get 18 mo card but how can you have 2 of the same exact card?

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