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  1. showing my age but when i started my job the guy training me said his first house was about 20 percent . obviously salaries werent that high in the 80s so i guess housing prices had to be dirt cheap comparatively. CDs paid double digits, i remember going to the bank with my grandmother. the good ole days.
  2. chart back to 71 is telling. im sure there are older charts around. i do hope im wrong. would love to convert the heloc variable debt into 3.25 debt! https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/MORTGAGE30US
  3. i got lucky and refied my house at 3.25 with my fav CU. a friend got 2.75 at her local bank. we wont see those rates again in our lifetime probably lol but my heloc is over 8 now but still better than any credit card. and my house is worth an insane amount. and yes i use it like a piggy bank. no heirs. nothing to worry about except myself. gf has her own money thankfully. only regret is when covid first hit i didnt buy more stocks or mutual funds. one local casino was down to under 20 bucks and shot up to 125 in just over a year. not that i look forward to the next crash but im definitely buying something when it does. i dont need my 2nd BT until september so im not gonna apply for that amex now. maybe they wouldnt like that i just had a pull anyway. with a 2 month rest maybe ill get it.
  4. i hate WF but was looking for a long term BT deal. now that i reviewed amex site i do see a no feel 15 month BT card. blue cash everyday. i need no AF because all my BT cards just get sock drawered and the collection is getting big...have TD bank, US bank, citizens all expired/nearing expiration.
  5. i'm actually leaning toward a wells fargo 21 month card. but i already have an account with them for a 36 mo no interest deal from a furniture store so i'm unsure if id be approved for another one from them.
  6. IIB about 20 years ago. credit karma said id be approved or 50 dollar gift card. i normally dont hold out hope on such 'promises' but figured why not try it. 21 months zero percent BT was the longest i could find. they said i had 724 score when i applied and they gave me 3K. so im pretty happy since amex was part of the IIB i decided to go to the pre approval page. got this you matched with these great welcome offers based on your credit profile! Complete a shortened application* for any of these Cards and know if you’re approved with no impact to your credit score. Your score may be impacted if you’re approved and you choose to accept the Card. so does that mean i'm off the black list or just a generic reply? it's only 12 months BT thru them so probably wouldnt apply anyway but just curious
  7. i'm interested in hearing what the terms were for the reverse mortgage. just started researching them and talking to a few people. one difference i found right away is funding. one place does a lump sum all at once or offers the ability to take money out in several lumps (terms not made clear yet) and that guy said no one has ever not taken the lump sum which sounds just not possible. another company does those 2 things but also allows monthly checks which actually can be changed. which is great for flexibility plus what would you do with such a lump sum anyway lol. one guy said 60% of the value can be taken while the other said 50 to 55. i'm very curious what your processing and interview fees were. i know there is a counseling session you have to pay for. also any other cons you discovered in the process
  8. no hassle to toss in the recycling bin lol. cant get money from a dead man .maybe she should write deceased and return to sender on the mail. plus in theory its illegal to open his mail anyway isnt it?
  9. ill reword my question. she wont be doing anything about it. so what will the end result really be? also cant believe they gave credit to a dead guy but not the 1st time i know.
  10. friends hub died 3 years ago. last month got something from comenity saying call in to give additional info to open an account. now today some furniture company says congrats on new account. she wants nothing to do with this or trying to figure it all out. wonder if they are scams to get you to call and give info too somehow they figured out where she moved too since 6 months ago. i guess PO forwarding service assumed he moved with her lol. so assuming she does nothing. theres really nothing to worry about is there.
  11. got email notification that my CC statement was ready..from a card i never use! matter of fact a few years ago they said they would close it but i charged gas to it and paid it and then back in the drawer. there are 2 one dollar charges to a landscaping place in north dakota on christmas eve then right after christmas 50 bucks to a property management company in CA. a far distance from my PA home. i called to report it but it's just a mystery to me. why steal a card and do 1 dollar test charges then to a real estate company for a tiny amount. when you find out the test charges are good why not buy a gold watch and hock it (or whatever criminals do these days) so yea i'm curious. what happened here..also how did they even get the card number. thankfully this is the 1st time ever this has happened to me
  12. crisis apparently averted. they buyers were told/assumed that that need not be at settlement (they both do volunteer work in mexico). however apparently the wife will be in mexico the date of settlement and they since have discovered they are required to be at settlement, only the husband will be there and thus he wanted her name removed from the contract /mortgage/deed. friend asked for, and received. confirmation from fulton bank that husband alone qualifies for the mortgage...also the rate lock expires soon so they def want this done. they said they will add wife later. but that their issue, not my friends lol. feel free to delete the thread. home selling is stressful even when you arent the one selling!
  13. after 3 months of 'thing's a friends house is set to close monday. 2 doctors are buying it. now they want one of the names removed from the sales contract because they will be in mexico. they werent going to be at the settlement anyway so i think that sounds shady. plus if they cannot qualify with just one income then wouldnt that be a legit reason to back out of the contract?
  14. i dont know if it was folklore or what but i always thought you cannot use a CC to buy a car. but my gf just bought one with 5K on her 2% CC and 27K in cash. she said wasnt nailed for a fee but maybe since cars are overpriced it's built in
  15. i guess i hit a nerve by asking for the real deal here. sorry. just delete my thread. ill stick to google or other forums for my info. didnt mean to cause stress.
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