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cv91915 has set up a Go Fund Me page to take donations that will be used for flowers for breeze's memorial, and excess will be donated to a cancer charity in breeze's name.  If you'd like to participate, please go here:  https://www.gofundme.com/breeze-memorial .  If you have any questions about donating or the GFM, please reach out to cv91915.  
Sunday, unexpectedly, we lost one of our own.  After a sudden diagnosis of liver cancer just two days before, our very own mama Breeze lost her battle with this disease and passed away on Sunday afternoon.   She passed peacefully surrounded by her family.
We know that many of you will be as devastated as we are to learn of this, and we know that you will share in our grief.  We will be in the Feedback forum with you, sharing our memories and our tears.  We encourage you to join us there.
We started on this journey fifteen years ago - breeze, Pam, LKH, and radi8.  Through everything that has transpired over the past fifteen years, we have always remained family - and Mama breeze was an integral part of that family.  We will be posting additional information here, as much as we can while still respecting her desire for privacy and anonymity.  For now, while we process our grief, we will close this notice with Godspeed, Mama.  We miss you so much already.


- Pam, LKH, radi8, Marv

- the mods and forum leads


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  1. luckydriver

    great score. low income. which card for most cash back?

    well there was some misinformation around about carrying balances. now i'm looking for 18 mo BT with zero interest if those still exist. i'm guessing 3% fees are the norm still. --------- separately a nice cash rewards gas card to be kept in the car only would also be nice
  2. luckydriver

    is a reverse mortgage the answer?

    77 i do not understand why a 240K house cannot pay off a 120K mortgage then have tens of thousands in extra cash to draw down on , so to speak.
  3. retiree makes 1200 a month on SS. has one or 2 card that are PIF every month. no credit issues. the current card have no real benefits so they were initially looking for something that had good gas cash back but given that they never really drive more than 15 minutes from home i suggested trying to find a more broad based cash back card. there's about 1000 to 2000 a month put on the card (expenses are shared with someone else and always PIF ) i see cap 1 savor gives you 500 back after 3000 and they can easily do that. but with low income would they get a very low limit or maybe not the card at all?
  4. luckydriver

    is a reverse mortgage the answer?

    theres a 100K life insurance policy to help out with that plan. they literally have no other assets to work from.
  5. luckydriver

    is a reverse mortgage the answer?

    they are paying 14% surrender fee on an annuity because they are a month behind on bills so yes its down to the last option. there are no other monies to rob from. she specifically asked me for help on the mortgage and only other option i see is reverse so they will have to talk to a broker about that if they are interested.
  6. luckydriver

    is a reverse mortgage the answer?

    friend is disabled , has 2 kids and lives with mom. home is definitely worth 200K, probably more. next door sold for 260 last month. i'm unsure exactly what kind of loan for 120K they have on the house now but friend tells me it's in moms name only. and they only have to pay the interest and none of the principal so thats what they've done because they have no extra money. taxes are not escrowed. i dont know more about the financing (interest/terms etc) but i know they do not have the income to support what they need to do with the kids and daily expenses and need money from somewhere. ideally they wanted to have friend refi into her name so home is in her name only since her mom is old, but friend just has 1800 a month income. if my math is right a 30 year mortgage would be 600ish P/I. i know is a silly question but is it ok to sell your house to your daughter for less than market value then get the cash out? i cant see why not. and while i dont think they would demand escrow for the taxes, they would want to make sure her income supports it and obviously it does not. tax and insurance is at least 400 a month. which is well over 50% on the back end. so assuming my math is right above and daughter cannot buy the house herself. we are left with mom and daughter together. i believe moms SS is 1200 a month. so they have 3000. i'm pretty sure that supports paying the 120K mortgage mathematically but they need extra cash too. from all ive read reverse mortgage is very expensive to get and its a last resort but thats where they are. at a last resort. but then i read from a source that you have to be 62 so that would disqualify the daughter from being on the mortgage. so it seems like we are back to square one if thats true. i know this is incomplete data but based on discussion so far any suggestions on types of loans they could get on the house? --------- i didnt want to complicate the issue but its also in the will that the other daughter gets half of of the value of the pre addition of the house. a few years ago before the house had a 2nd floor put on, an appraisal was done. and that value is in the will and the other kid gets half that value upon death. so it's a mess.
  7. luckydriver

    discover auto CLI

    ive been told when you dont want the credit they give it to you.i recently paid off my maxed out 3500 card and within 2 weeks they upped me to 4200. so will they keep upping me if i dont use it or should there be some activity on there to encourage them
  8. luckydriver

    how do you get rid of a lien from a defunct company?

    other than BBB and office of comptroller (filed those this morning) what other agencies should i be writing to about this issue? its insane that no one there will sign a satisfaction letter when they admit in writing the mortgage is paid off and have the proof in their files. they have become non responsive to me and they need some kind of push. do the internal depts of banks actually do anything if you complain or are they just there to make you feel better? (ie will letter to the president get me anywhere?)
  9. usually they are perfect but someone really messed up bad. you cannot see addresses of bills to be paid, you cannot rely on the sidebar that listed amount to be paid in next week or have been sent. under each bill you cannot see last date/amount paid. and i could go on. they are on mandatory OT to try to handle the phone blitz of people calling. i guess it's not as easy as restoring the old system from backup but im' sure they wish it was. this is week 2 of the 'upgrade' normally all bills are sent out overnight but last week i had one not go out, it was 10 am. after a very long hold, they told me they have to look at each one manually to ensure its right. it did go out that morning though.
  10. im' assuming you have to go thru the stores warranty procedure first and get unsatisfactory replies. but after that can you go back and dispute a charge for a defective product
  11. luckydriver

    ducks unlimited: hard to get?

    i have 4 year old BK and i just paid off all my CCs so i'm waiting a month or so for the score to improve before applying for anything, but the fako sites already have me near 700 when i was nowhere close before. 65 pt jump in one case. new car loan and heloc and installment loan in past month though. unsure if that in itself hurts my app? or does the score take that into account? (i guess this question could be for any card in general now that i think about it.)
  12. luckydriver

    paypal: paid off card but i'm over the limit..huh?

    just paid it off and wow my super sub prime arrow/lendup card (has anyone even heard of it?) is better than paypal in customer service. who would have thunk? Your card’s available credit may not change for up to five (5) business days after your payment posts (a precautionary measure to help you avoid going over your credit limit if the payment is returned for some reason).
  13. luckydriver

    Swimming in credit card debt

    redpocket is also a good service i heard about for phone. they have 1 year cards on ebay pretty cheap and you can use verizon or att lines. def worth investigating also heard sprint is doing free for a year plan but they suck here so i never researched.
  14. There are mattress places springing up around here where you go to a small warehouse or store in a strip shopping center with a barebones/non existent showroom. I decided to drive 30 min away to one of these. He spent over 1 hour with me and answered all my questions. Price was not as cheap as I had assumed it would be but I got tired of big box stores and so figured I’d try this one time. Even had to pay 100 for delivery but he did help me get it in my house even though he said his insurance forbids it. after it got setup he left of course. Only then did I realize that its much higher than I’m used to. Apparently the 9 inch box spring was standard and I never thought to ask for the other one. I tried a month to deal but I cannot get used to literally crawling up into bed. So I texted him and asked what he could do. He asked if they were wrapped in plastic. I said no. he said do you have the plastic. I said yes. he said wrap them up and bring them back and will exchange them for 5 inch. Cool. I get there and he said now I cannot do anything with your old ones so these new ones are normally 200 but you are gonna pay 100 and I’m gonna eat 100. He said the 5 inches are steel where the 9 inches had wood slats. I was a bit shocked he didn’t mention this via text but in fairness I didn’t ask. The part that really got me was that he wanted old ones back in the plastic I had. If he cannot do anything, why would he need old ones back at all and why in original plastic. Certainly if he clear tapes them people will notice. Or would they? I realize big box stores probably wouldn’t have given me a deal but ill never know if I really got a deal. are 5 inch steel box springs really 200 bucks for a king pair? If he let me keep the old ones to sell then id have no issue whatsoever but the deal just stank a bit for me. He wrote it up for his bookkeeper as a 100 dollar upgrade. Then said he would let her worry about how to enter it in the books.

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