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  1. luckydriver

    do kids inherit parents CC debt

    i was just wondering what was common from other experiences regarding forcing a child to sell a home to cover the parents debt.
  2. luckydriver

    do kids inherit parents CC debt

    so it sounds like even if mom and child own the house together. executor will force sale of house to pay off moms CC debt as long as theres enough equity? or do CCs put lien on houses so when its sold they get a share?
  3. luckydriver

    is tearing down a house violation of a mortgage?

    on county site it appears to be open ended line of credit of 52K opened in 2011. it says commercial division of bank so i'm assuming legit investment mortgage vs traditional consumer mort. friend is worried they will just demolish but then she realized they have no income to pay the mortgage but they also have no money to fix the place. so they are in a pickle too. too bad bank cannot force them to do remediation. this is super small town with no redlights etc. very very rural.
  4. luckydriver

    do kids inherit parents CC debt

    i know the answer is no. but isnt it kind of yes? if parents have a house and the house was to go to the kids upon death, dont the CC companies force the sale of the house to pay the CC debt? or could that be prevented by the parent and the child having the house titled in both their names? what happens in that case. and what about the money that the parent may have in the bank.. stocks etc. must all that be used toward parents CC debt before kids get any of that, even if the accounts are joint with the kids?
  5. luckydriver

    is tearing down a house violation of a mortgage?

    in paint. the small child tested in school positive the fire company owns the property and has said anything from replacing just windows to tearing it down. they could use it for parking for the fire club or garage for the fire engines
  6. if a home has been tested for lead and deemed too expensive to fix, can you just tear it down and make it a parking lot and as long as the mortgage keeps getting paid you will be ok. or would you need the banks permission to tear down the house?
  7. luckydriver

    anyway to lower the monthly?

    info acquired from a friend: 120K balance. last month interest was 6 percent and she's been paying interest only of about 550 per years. a quick check of amortization schedule appears the bank amortized over 30 years as 550 falls right in line with 1st month interest with no declining balance. the mortgage is on the county site as open end mortgage. sole goal is lower monthly payment but other than trying a new heloc/refi, i cannot see any other way and fees may make that not even worth it. so i told her shes stuck
  8. luckydriver

    citi 2x card. what are my approval chances

    yes bk reporting
  9. luckydriver

    capital one venture

  10. luckydriver

    even with PIF i'm getting interest. what am i doing wrong

    on a side note i pulled discover out of the drawer where it's been sitting for 3 months at 0. i charged 60 and the statement cut . if i pay the 60 and get charged interest there's gonna be trouble.
  11. luckydriver

    Master 2018 Approvals and CLIs Thread

    had an upgrade offer from cap 1 QS to venture one but without the SUB. thats no fun. then cap 1 did CLI from 3500 to 4500. so i decided to go all in and do the venture card because SUB just dropped 75K down to 50K and i feared would go down even more. cap 1 fico was 730 and they approved me. 4 years out of BK i think this is pretty good because they say you need excellent credit so i now deem myself excellent 👨‍🎓 also note once you pay cap one AF even if you upgrade etc you lost that 39 AF. they dont refund nor prorate, i tried. so ill keep QS at least another year. and still undecided if ill keep venture with the 95AF but for this years travel it will help me a lot with the SUB now i'm itching for citi 2x but figure its a waste now since literally all my charges will be on venture to get that sub for the next 3 months.
  12. luckydriver

    even with PIF i'm getting interest. what am i doing wrong

    since today i was just approved for the cap and got the pulls, would it be better for me to wait to even try this citi 2x or just go for it. i'm moving around some balances and end of this month 5K is gonna be showing up as new CC debt but i got a good BT for it
  13. oh i'm sure they def dont like me..i'm on the list. ..what are fake miles
  14. 750 is now 500. i snoozed i losed. but i was APPROVED!!!! and given my history i think thats fantastic. got 7K and even 500 will come in handy for my flights. and it will be easy to do 3000 in 3 months thru it. YIPPEE!!!
  15. luckydriver

    even with PIF i'm getting interest. what am i doing wrong

    did online chat. he said the 39 AF is lost forever no matter what. he gave me the prequalifer site and i ran it and it says prequalified for the venture then said we also suggest venture one. i'm assuming prequalfied means id get venture and with that 500 bonus it would be worth it for me with my upcoming travel. however i thought was 750 but the site says 500. edit: i coudlnt resist, APPROVED for 7K on venture. 500 will really help with travel next summer and i can easily do 1000 a month without even doing the trick with plastiq

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