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  1. as we figurd the guy said it's not required to pay entire year up front but still, then why put it on the app. but since we have it in writing to ignore what is on the app things can proceed.
  2. its a heloc so no current escrow. also friend had detailed email to all brokers say no cash is available for closing so the guy just talked himself out of a sale by asking for 5K. they couldnt do it if they wanted to. friend didnt wanna waste any brokers time if this wasnt even possible but they said credit etc was ok so go and apply. do they get paid per application filed maybe and he needed a boost this month? and she's not going to increase the mortgage by 6K just to collect double the escrow needed when it would all be refunded in a year. that permanently increases her monthly
  3. can someone be that wrong? it has to be wrong or sloppy im helping my friend apply for a mortgage. was to pay off 121K and roll closing of 6K in and new mortgage be 127K there was small 300 refund due. broker had all income/taxes info and when they had that GFE it seemed totally reasonable. fast forward to a week later when its time to sign the online documents for the actual app and it's now 11K in closing with 5K in cash due at closing. the tax situation is really bizarre. school tax here is due in october and county in spring. the total tax for this house is around 5K. he shows 5800 in taxes due at settlement and 489 due monthly for taxes. so thats roughly 6K a year being collected for taxes plus the 5800 today. something is really amiss here. she will write to him tomorrow but 11K in closing for 121K mortgage seems a bit excessive by any measure doesnt it? this years october taxes have been paid off except 1 payment so nowhere near the full amount is due today PA location
  4. approved today, phone is in the mail. so the answer is the date on the DL didnt matter
  5. im sure she can pay for her driving record but my guess is apple wouldnt care. they probably need the ID. she finally got thru to dmv and they said what form to use. i still dont evne think the form is applicable but they said it is. so it has to be .also DOT is using peoples old pics because of the virus and you dont even hvae to go in. but when we tried to request a replacment they said theres no photo on file. which is total BS. i know for a fact DOT keeps at least 4 of your past pics on their database and she def had a pic in 2015 on her old ID. just a weird sitaution. i told her not to let these things go and keep up in the future with them
  6. here's a funny thing. tried to go on DOT site to renew her ID and it says its valid till 2023. but she doesnt have one in her hand. never got to DOT for a pic. does apple talk to DOT directly. if so they will see its valid but if not they will just see 2019 on the card
  7. how would an in progress bathroom remodel affect a refi appraisal
  8. it says it now when you do the 24 mo interest free offer.
  9. i know they use a service to scan your ID to make sure its you but unsure if they cared about expired license or just that addresses match. would the same be true at an apple store
  10. if a parent is on Soc sec disability and their kids get money in their own names too. can the parent use that income to qualify for a mortgage? also any idea if there are special programs for disabled people? tis been a long time since i got a mortgage but still true with 50% down theres no PMI and that escrow is optional. pretty sure they want to do it though.
  11. i cannot find anything on IRS site about roth withdrawals but this article says up to 100K penalty free for roth. and i hvae a project that really needs done and it would help a lot if i could use the money. it's made 40% past year so id be using earnings https://www.investopedia.com/articles/personal-finance/040714/how-use-your-roth-ira-emergency-fund.asp In 2020, due to the coronavirus stimulus bill, you can withdraw as much as $100,000 from either type of IRA (Roth or traditional) without a 10% early withdrawal penalty if you have been affected by COVID-19.
  12. i need instructions like a 5th grader since i did it wrong before. PP clearly says you can get money from PP to your bank free but i cannot figure out where between people its free to receive
  13. a while ago i know someone sent me money with no fee. how do you do this? yesterday a friend sent me money that was being fed from her checking account, which i assumed was free, and of course no fee to her for sending me the 50 but on my end there was 1.75 fee. i immediately refunded as we dont wanna do that. so how can my friend send me money so i dont have to pay any fees?
  14. ive never seen this kind of story anywhere. fbi and everything. you better not lie on your app!!!! https://www.pennlive.com/crime/2020/08/mechanicsburg-man-sentenced-to-1-day-in-prison-for-bank-fraud.html\ A Mechanicsburg man who authorities said submitted fraudulent financial records to get a lower interest rate on his car loan must spend a day in prison and complete two years’ probation, according to federal prosecutors. Rene Roy, 51, was sentenced Aug. 19 for submitting falsified documents to Belco Community Credit Union as part of his loan application, causing a loss to the credit union, U.S. Attorney David J. Freed said.

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