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  1. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2020/07/man-loses-home-after-estranged-wife-spends-nearly-20k-on-credit-cards-in-his-name-police.html if you have a home and pay it on time it doesnt matter how low your score is. you keep your home. so i dont get how this guy lost his home? he def doesnt have to pay his fraudulent charges in his name. something more to this story.
  2. i'm assuming its just a canadian thing but watching holmes makes it right and he said when you get title insurance it protects you against any bad work that has a permit or any structural work that needed a permit but wasnt done right that would be great if they had that in USA. anyone ever hear of it?
  3. for those following cruise stocks, if you bought at the worst then kept the past few months u could have doubled or tripled your money easily.
  4. ive had one for a long time . occasionally raiding it for things since there were no penalties since the money was the contributions. about 2 years ago i was at the point where i took out all my contributions. but because the market did so well. my earnings are over my contributions. put another way. most of the money now in there is earnings, not contributions. im not of age yet but if they are waiving the 10% penalty on early withdrawals, and you pay zero taxes on the money anyway, isnt this year an opportunity to take my earnings out penalty free?
  5. so icahn sells 39% of hertz for pennies. this means other people bought this 39 percent correct? does it ever happen that no on buys shares you hold of a public company like that. or can you always 100% sell your shares as long as the company exists
  6. -3,862 Available miles yes i'm getting a check in 2 weeks
  7. no interest ever on this card. i milk the rewards..pure evil (now ill be negative in rewards though.sigh)
  8. silly question but ive been surprised when i assumed things before. cap 1 card had a 1K balance on it. i just got a 5K credit refund back on the account from a january purchase. i called and asked for the credit balance to be refunded and she said ill have a check in 2 weeks. the website says minimum payment met. i just wanna confirm theres no way i owe anything. not that theres anything to owe lol. just have a 12 dollar pending purchase on there today.
  9. so how do you prove you are going to live in another state in order to get approved for a mortgage...before you even move? they will see your current job is from the first state and obviously you wont be working there anymore when you move. it seems like a catch 22. cant get new mortgage on a house because you dont have a job there yet..but you cannot get a new job until you move
  10. if another person moves into your state, can they qualify on a new JT mortgage with you? im' assuming if you apply for a mortgage and your DL says you are in another state they wouldnt even consider that person? do you have to be fully moved and have a new DL in the state. how do they handle it if you just started a new job. assuming same line of work. it wouldnt be the same company necessarily. alternatively, how would a landlord look at a renter in this situation. person A being in the state and great employment for decades but person B just moved from another state is started a new job.
  11. buy all cruise ship stocks :) cant go anywhere but up.
  12. after an initial offering, say years down the road, when you buy a stock, the company doesnt get that money, the person that sold you the stock gets the money, correct? then that person is entitled to all the benefits including share fluctuation and dividends etc. but if the company never gets any more money after the IPO, (assume doesnt buy its own shares etc), why would the company even care to pay dividends or what the price of the stock is? i guess you have to disregard ownership of shares by employees as well for this argument (as being self serving).
  13. persistence pays and anyone that knows me knows ill be annoying till i get the solution. turns out the reason my old contact wasnt replying to email, nor her assistant, is that they are no longer with the company. after sending email to the general customer service address i got ahold of the new manager. she said she had no clue why those others didnt do this as it was easy as pie. she sent the document to the courthouse but there was a parcel number error. good i kept checking on the court site to see an update and i didnt even after a few weeks. so the bank had to wait for the rejection from the courthouse and then do a new letter and its officially at the courthouse updated correctly moral of the story is TRUST NO ONE. i did not check if all liens were satisfied when i did a refi, i trusted what i paid them to do , they would do. i was wrong! rates are down 1 and an eighth and i'm tempted to do a calculation to see if its worth a refi ..but just got mortgage insurance off the mortgage and i hate to be paying that again..sigh
  14. i was just told by someone that this was true and i find it hard to believe. this is regarding PA if that matters if you die and have a bank account with a lot of money in it, even if the state has a PA state tax lien, i was told the state cannot come after the estate for the money because you are dead. i thought the point of an estate was to pay off the debts of the deceased. theres no clear answer on the pa revenue site that i could find and i dont wanna be on hold forever . but this makes no sense because everyone would be avoiding liens this way wouldnt they?

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