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  1. is this a normal thing offered when mortgages are settled
  2. i should have been more specific. one of the parties is 78 and they wanted to avoid a traditional purchase of insurance and instead buy something that is part of the mortgage process. the sole purpose of this would be to keep the 2nd person in the house without a mortgage after the 1st person dies
  3. discover is hurt that i didnt use the above BT now they say 12 month with 4% fee. if i move a 4K balance thats at 10% their calculator says ill save 261. i guess theres no real reason not to do that except it will max out the discover, but i dont use it anyway and i dont need to apply for any new credit in the next year so not worried about the score hit
  4. if 2 people want to buy a house but get insurance thru the mortgage company that pays off the mortgage if one of them dies, does this exist? this is outside a traditional life insurance policy and meant specifically for the mortgage. its akin to buying life/disability insurance with the auto loan at the dealer.
  5. now my 5% ducks gas card is trying to lure people in with shady things that negate any savings at all if you regularly use it. You must pay your entire statement balance (including all promotional purchase and balance transfer balances) by the due date each month to avoid being charged interest on new purchases from the date those purchases are made, unless your new purchases are subject to a 0% interest rate.
  6. i agree here. i have no clue the quality difference between eq and credit karma/cap 1/discover etc etc. but looks like monitoring is 17 a month https://www.equifax.com/personal/products/identity-theft-protection/ in the bundle there. but even if monitoring alone is 3 bucks a month. you make out more than 125 bucks over 10 years.
  7. i was notified my due date is changing from 24th and new date will be sept 8. normal cutoff date is 27th july 27 has gone and still no cutoff then i realize they must have shifted that 2 weeks into the future as well vs cutting off july 27 and making that due sept 8 instead of aug 24 as normal. is this thinking correct? i'm gonna change it back to 24th anyway after all this is done because it suits me better at the end of the month but why do they do this anyway?
  8. so i just realized cap 1 is a 1% minimum payment card. wow. i had no idea. thats crazy. but i'm assuming since i pay all new purchases in full that they will apply the overage ill be paying to the BT i made and that percent is irrelevant. 16 years if someone pays the min payment on the card. zoinks!
  9. not an issue. they have interest saver payments each month where you pay both off. also i was gonna cut pay on overpaying on the 10% loan and allocate it to the zero percent loan. but without doing a spreadsheet i cannot ascertain if thats a good idea or not
  10. i had done a spreadsheet with a hypothetical 1100 amount for the following offers with the goal of paying off the BT in full by the end of the term. Discover 0% for 9 months with 3% fee or 6% for 15 months with 3% Cap 1 0% for 12 months 2 % fee but then it hit me. it pays to transfer the most i can while not to max out the cap 1 card or put it near the limit (and leave room for daily purchases). then just pay as much as i can. for example if i put 4K BT on the cap 1, thats taking 4K from my other loan with a 10% rate and saving me that 400 bucks guaranteed minus fee. then can transfer back to that loan with no fees or move to psecu with 2.9 no fee depending on the best circumstance at the time.
  11. it seems i can continue to not pay interest. id assume month 12 i could just pay entire statement balance and that kills any chance of any interest as well. weird thing is even though they say 2x you can pay no interest, that other statement says they pay the zero percent thing first. strange to have conflicting things in the same offer. now to do the math to see if it's worth it Plus, if you accept this offer, you can avoid interest on new purchases by paying the Interest Saver Payment each month by the due date. The Interest Saver Payment includes your minimum payment plus all non-promotional balances, including purchases, cash advance fees and finance charges. This amount will appear on your monthly statement and your online account as a payment option. Q. Do I still need to make a minimum payment after accepting this offer? A. Yes, you’ll still need to make your minimum payment on your statement each billing cycle. Q. How are my payments applied? A. We generally apply payments up to your minimum payment first to the balance with the lowest APR (including 0% APR), and then to balances with higher APRs. We may apply any part of your payment above your minimum payment to the balance with the highest APR, then to balances with lower APRs. Q. Can I avoid interest on new purchases after I accept this offer? A. Yes, you can! Pay your Interest Saver Payment (the minimum payment plus all your non-promotional balances, including purchases, cash advances, fees and finance charges) by the due date each month, and you won’t pay interest on new purchases. You can find the Interest Saver Payment amount on your monthly statement and your online account as a payment option.
  12. all my auto charges are set to this card for the rewards so no way would i risk paying interest. they are evil for trying to trick people. it would be foolish for anyone to take them up on this offer based on the above info. there needs to be an immediate exposé on this practice disseminated to everyones social media account (because those people who accept the offer dont read CB obviously) now i have to evaluate the discover offer but that takes a spreadsheet..0% for 9 months with 3% fee or 6% for 15 months with 3% fee that card hasnt been used in months and is lonely.
  13. i pay my venture in full every month and churn a lot thru it for the rewards. never paid any interest. they now offer 0% 1 year 2% fee which is a steal compared to normal 4%. but putting that aside. how would the accounting work . i just envision them starting to charge interest because they will not be paying my full current charges and instead will allocate some to the BT in order to ensnare me in their trap. true or false?
  14. i'm at 81.9% so i guess that was close enough but BBT sent me a letter saying HUD no longer requires the insurance from me. in 2010 i know i got in under the old law because new FHA is permanent from my readings on here. ill take the win!
  15. https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/New-Texas-Law-Aims-to-Protect-Consumers-From-Debt-Collectors_Dallas-Fort-Worth-511750262.html am i hearing this correctly that after 4 years you cannot be sued for your old debts? if so why wouldnt everyone move to texas assuming you dont mind negative reporting of course.

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