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  1. Thank you hdporter for your encouragement and advice.
  2. The account became delinquent in 2015. I paid on it sometime in 2016 I believe - just a small amount but hadn't paid on it since.
  3. Hello, I'm new to credit boards. I have been working to improve my credit since late 2020. When I started this process I had several delinquent student loans and unpaid two charge off credit cards. I also had another CC charge off and a loan charge off that were both paid. I consolidated my delinquent student loans in July 2021 - Balance is $23,000. I have a charge off for $8,082 with Barclays Financial. I had a charge off for $2,790 with Capital One. I opened two credit cards (Ollo $500 and Credit One $600) to rebuild credit and keep a low balance (most of the time it is $0 balance whe
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