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  1. Hi guys. I have 2 collections in my report. 1 from 2019 and 1 from a couple weeks ago. Can collections be reported as past due every month? What if they’re purchased by a debt buyer? There’s no info on the original accounts with the original creditors on my report now so I am trying to look through old reports to see if I can find info. collection: Cavalry Portfolio $1108 for Citi collection: Portfolio Recov Serv $367 for Capital One Cavalry says they’re a collection. The problem is I disputed them online in 2020 and it came back verified like the next day. Past due s
  2. Hi so I spoke with a representative over the phone at all 3 credit bureaus and disputed my name variations and addresses. I messed up and forgot that I had only one bad name!! And she said she removed the baddie name however she updated the good name twice 😭😭 will this ruin my good credit card that I currently have opened? also unfortunately I signed up with a credit union with my full name however they only used my middle initial (bad name). is this tied to that same name ID? It’s only my checking and savings accounts no credit card just yet. I’m new to this and
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