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  1. Thanks, no support on Twitter unfortunately. They use it only for marketing and seems like only handful of tweets in last few months.
  2. Hey @A Credit Ed Thank you, I really appreciate your help !(And thank you for the standing by me)! Thank you for that link, I had tried reaching out to them but the support people aren't very responsive (took 3 days to get a response) and they said that I need to contact the collection agency and there isn't any other way for them to help me. If they had a phone number, I could request a supervisor but looks like it is web/email support only.
  3. I should have used Altavista to see what they offer, because Google showed me the same numbers that you have listed, which btw do not work. eHarmony has been sued multiple times for this same exact practice and the suing party won, with new lawsuits still ongoing. I am sure I agreed to TOS that I didn't fully read which is my fault. All I am looking for is how to get this resolved without it being reported to credit bureaus. I am not attacking @centex. I took the blanket guess same as she taking a few for me. I even asked her to not respond to the thread anymore as I don't see anything constructive, it is just all sarcastic remarks. I wasn't wrong before so not sure why you say "again", but I am not surprised to be wrong that you don't work for them. That was just a blanket statement like you made to me with assumptions (which was also wrong). Sounds good, I would also not want you as my attorney as I don't need an attorney's help for "easy solution". Once again, my issue is not with paying the bill/dues, I am more than willing to pay it and not looking for an easy way out. I was looking for advice on how to get this resolved without this going on my credit report.
  4. So you have nothing constructive to add and all you are doing is making guesses which are wrong btw. There is no number to call them, and thus I am posting on a website, which is far from "screwing around". I would also like to guess that maybe you work for eHarmony as you seem very supportive of them. Please don't respond now to this thread. Hoping someone else responds to this that actually has some helpful advice.
  5. I'll gladly pay it, that is not the issue. I want to handle this in the best possible way to ensure that it is not reported to credit bureaus. Since eharmony didn't bother sending me an email with invoice and a final due date, and decided to just send it to collections instead. Any suggestions on that front? As for the other 99% services that auto cancel your account, I was referring to most commonly used services such as Netflix, Youtube premium, Android app subscriptions, Uber eats pass, Hulu TV, Sling TV, Grubhub plus, Doordash pass, NY times subscription and so on. And eHarmony is a rare occurrence to practice these predatory model and have been sued (and had to pay million $ https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/01/09/eharmony-pays-1-2-million-to-settle-automatic-charging-lawsuit/ and there is still another lawsuit ongoing for the unethical business practices).
  6. Didn't send a copy as I didn't read T&C. I thought the membership would be cancelled if the card is expired and charge doesn't go through, like 99% of other services out there. As for the current situation, any guidance will be appreciated.
  7. Hello! I used to have eHarmony subscription and my credit card had expired so now I just received the first notice for debt collection from RFGI CA. I don't even use the eHarmony service anymore and would like to just get rid of this nuisance. It is only $160 and I am still within 30days of the first notice. Do I call eHarmony to pay it or do I pay it to RFGI (CA)? Is this something that gets reported to credit bureaus? The amount is so small, I can pay it right now but wanted to know best options to ensure this doesn't get reported to the credit bureau. Thank you!
  8. @Why Chat I would like to thank you a million times for the guidance and help you have provided! I followed your advice and paid the debt on the patient portal (though I used credit card instead debit card so one hiccup) and even though the patient portal never showed balance was corrected, I no longer receive any calls or letters from debt collector. My credit score has also not been affected and no new accounts are shown on my credit report. I had also opted out of all credit card online sites/portals as you had recommended. I waited 6 months to be sure before I posting this to ensure that I am out of the woods now. I can't thank you enough, and will donate to one of the charity/animal sites you have on the front page. Have a great week ahead and good luck to the rest of the folks to sort out the debts.
  9. @Why Chat Thank you, my mistake I misinterpreted the instructions. I understand correctly now that for HIPAA letter program, the dispute letter needs to be sent to CRAs AFTER the CA reports the debt to CRA. Also, I see in my credit card issuer's portal that the payment status has changed from "pending" to "posted" so that is a good sign. Hospital's patient portal still shows balance due though which I hope changes soon. I have an email receipt from hospital's portal saying the payment was made and will be processed. Hopefully that along with "posted" status on my credit card statement will be sufficient to file a dispute if they report it on my credit report? Paying again with debit card is an option but not sure if it will mess things up now that it is posted on my credit card.
  10. Thanks @Why Chat. Should I send an initial dispute letter(without signing it) to CA in order to use HIPAA letter with insert A? Can I use the initial letter from CA as proof of relationship between OC and CA? Initial letter does list the name of OC, amount, date of service and my name. I am not sure though that doing this will cause them to report it to CRA right away and also whether it will mess with hospital's effort to convey the CA that I paid the debt directly to the hospital. Other desperate option is to use a debit card to pay the balance on patient portal again as that way the hospital shouldn't be able to refuse processing it at all, correct?
  11. Hi @Why Chat Thanks. I will not be contacting the collection agency as you recommend. So it has been 2days and the payment has still not posted on my account in hospital's patient portal. I still see balance due. After talking to the hospital, they said they see the payment but it will take 30 to 45 business days to post!! I asked them why the delay and they said they will have to forward my account for a review to see if can be pulled back from collection agency, because the collection agency may not allow it and I must wait for 45 days for a result.... @dotori I could be wrong but I think he means 90days since the account was sent to collections. Not sure if 90days is the standard deadline or it is because my collection agency's website shows 90days before it is reported to the credit agencies. Do you know when yours was sent to collection? You can find out by calling the hospital.
  12. @Why Chat Thank you, I talked to the hospital this morning and they said it is better if I pay the collection agency as that way they can mark it as paid and it will not be reported credit agencies. However, they also said I can pay them(the hospital) over the phone if I want, but then they will have to notify the collection agency and it can take upto a month for it to update. I decided to pay the full amount to the hospital on their online patient portal using a credit card as you had recommended. Good point on debit card, I wish I would have waited to see your reply or thought of paying that way. The credit card payment went through however, and I see a "preauth" charge on my credit card which I hope will show as "posted" in my credit card portal tomorrow. I also received an email receipt for payment but it says "your payment will be processed". I will call the hospital tomorrow to confirm it has been processed and I get a receipt of paid statement. Should I call the collection agency and tell them it has been paid or should I not contact them at all? Also hoping the hospital doesn't reverse the payment because it was paid by a credit card on their portal.
  13. Hi @Why Chatfirst of all thank you!! You are doing God's work here. I checked old posts and it is amazing that you have been helping people for 15 years now!!! The past due amount that shows online on hospital's portal, does not have the 20% self pay discount they promised over the phone as it seems like they never actually revised the bill with the discount. The amount matches the "final notice" bill from September and also matches the amount collection agency bmecollect listed on their letter that I received in mail. Thank you, I did opt out for 5 years, is that okay or should I do permanent opt out? Did it over the phone as being very careful not doing anything online, all via offline or snail mail methods. I haven't changed the addresses so skipped that step as you mentioned. Just have a few more questions if you can help: If I pay by credit card online, they won't be able to send that payment to collection agency, right? Should I call the hospital first to ask them to recall the debt from CA or just pay it online and not call? Should I notify the collection agency after I pay it online that this has been paid? or should I reply with a initial dispute? Or should I just ignore their initial letter completely and NOT call or mail them? It is still within 30day period of initial letter. If I ignore it and they call me on my phone, what's the best response I can use when on phone? If I still see it repored on my credit, do I just send the proof of payment(online receipt that I hope I will get after paying on hospital's portal) to CRAs if that happens? I do have insurance now thankfully, in fact this whole thing happened because my work dropped the ball and did not pay the insurance company when all this happened and I had no idea that insurance company had cut me off the work insurance plan.
  14. Hello, I have about $2K in medical bills since Nov 2020 that I have been negotiating with the hospital as I did not have health insurance at the time and they were supposed to give me a 20% self pay discount. They finally agreed to give me this discount and said they will be mailing me adjusted bill, but instead I just received a notice from collection agency(bmecollect) that my account was marked as delinquent by the hospital and was sent over for collections to them and that I have 30 days to dispute. What is interesting is that I can still sign in to patient portal on hospital's website and the amount due is still there which is tempting me to just pay it off as it is going to OC that way. My final notice date was in Sep and CA was assigned in Oct. I checked my credit reports and it has not yet reported in there (phew!). Does this mean that the hospital has not reported it to credit agencies and now everything is in the hands of collection agency(bmecollect) or are they simply waiting for the 6month window before they file with CRA? I am not looking to dispute it and at this point I don't even care about the 20% promised discount by the hospital. I just want to make sure this never gets reported to credit beaureaus. What are my best options here? Call hospital and ask them if they can buy the debt back from collection agency and pay in full? Or should I call collection agency and ask them to never report it if I pay it in full? bmecollect website shows 90days before they report it to credit agencies(found this on a flowchart they have for their customers) hoping that's true, does it mean paying before 90days will guarantee they won't report it to credit beaureaus or they'll still report it as paid debt? Seem like the CA bmecollect have been in business for 50+ years so they'll likely be diligent in not making errors if I dispute. Does filing for dispute with the CA make them report it to CRA sooner? Sorry for the wall of text but I have always tried to keep 750+ credit score and this switcharoo from the hospital has left me in panic...
  15. Always have tried to maintain good credit but recently got a debt collection letter and been freaking out. After searching for options, so glad that I found this site. Hoping to learn from here and contribute in any way I can.
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