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  1. The reporting is absolutely incorrect. For example, the day of last active has a variance of up to a year. The CA responded saying they will not pursue collection activities anymore and the file is no longer with them. I call this a step forward -- now to take on the OC...
  2. As it stands, the OC is reporting the balance (~$1200). The CA is no where on the report. If I "win" the dispute via a no response. Is it feasible to leverage this "win" to remove the OC via dispute with the CRAs?
  3. Hi, all! Lurker of a few years have only signed up recently to start working on my stuff -- I've been nervous to tackle it hah. I have a CO from March of 2016 (Discover). In California, way past SOL. A CA (Radius Global Solutions) contacted me recently with their whole "we've been hired, etc. etc." looks like they did everything by the book. I responded certified mail that it is disputed and a validation is requested. They have until 11/26 to get back to me. Say they don't get back to me, does that give me a basis to dispute with CRAs that this CO from the OC should not be on there? Or, does it not matter because the CA isn't on my report -- just the OC. What do you guys think about this and does anyone have any experience with getting OC COs removed based off a dispute with a CA who wasn't even on the report? Thank you
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