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  1. Ah I see what you mean. Yeah, I think I'll look into Discover personal loan in that case. Thank you again!
  2. Thank you. Well, I wasn't able to find a personal loan that I can pay off within a year. Unfortunately, most of them only offered 36 months+. That actually came out more than 3% + 0$ APR. I'm going to keep looking. Update: I'm a bit confused. I used a calculator. Discover offers 5.99 APR for 36 months personal loan. Say I borrow $20,000 and pay it back within a year. Total amount is $20,644 BOA promotion offers 3% transfer fee with 0% APR until Jan 2023. 3% of $20,000 is $600 making total amount $20,600.
  3. I've looked into personal loan and they have higher APR than the offer I have from BOA. BOA offers 3% transfer fee and 0% APR until 2023. Discover personal loan APR is around 5%, which is higher than advance direct deposit. I wasn't able to find lower APR in other banks' personal loan offers.
  4. I understand I won't get 3% back as it's interested, but it's the lowest total cost I've found as long as I pay the total amount in time.
  5. I totally agree and I plan to pay it back within a year as well.
  6. Thank you everyone. Thank you for the suggestion. The only reason I'm interested in this cash advance is that it's a promotion. 0% APR until 2023 although I need to pay up front 3% of transfer interest as CreditSucksNot pointed out.
  7. Hi, I've been maintaining my credit utilization under 10% for the last 15 years. I urgently need to have an emergency fund so I'm thinking about using direct deposit cash advance, but I need to use about 80% of my total credit line from a single credit card. I'm sure it'll hurt my credit score, but how bad is it? Should I use multiple credit card to use direct deposit cash advance instead of one with higher total credit line? Is this reversible easily?
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