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  1. It's not an ID theft. I always keep the files at the 3 bureaus frozen for the last 5 yrs. It's only EX I have a problem with. EQ and TU are golden. My file is 20+ yrs old. It's not thin.
  2. Messages from lenders DataPoint #1 : Your credit score is not available from Experian, which is a consumer reporting agency, because they may not have enough information about your credit history to calculate a scrore. DataPoint #2(Chase): We need to review your credit report before continuing but because of safeguards you requested from the credit reporting agency, we are unable to access it. We tried to access your credit report from EXPERIAN (and Experian address in Allen, TX) Here's what you need to do now. 1) Contact the credit reporting agency above to allows us to a
  3. Location: California Problem Statement: Experian has frozen my credit file and refuses to unfreeze. Multiple credit applications pulling Experian denied. Supporting facts: Datapoint #1 - A few months ago, I applied for a Chase credit card in a branch and received a pending message. waited 10 days, called Chase phone line and got to know that my Experian credit file is frozen. Logged on to Experian unfreeze website and figured out my file is not frozen according to Experian website. Called up Chase again and asked agent to re-run my application. No luck again. Called Exp
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