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  1. All very valuable information! Thanks guys for the thorough responses. It’s been pretty exciting absorbing knowledge and actually beginning to take control of my credit. Little by little I’m starting to get a better grasp of the concepts and how things work so again, thanks. I’ve recently begun setting multiple calendar reminders in attempts to micromanage my current accounts more effectively, but I’ll also definitely look into increasing my current, available limits. To circle back to my initial post, I’ll let keep this updated with progress pertaining to the goodwill request!
  2. Thanks @hdporter. Honestly didn’t realize INQs meant so little when actually being considered! Yeah I keep my utilization in very healthy territory. Usually anywhere between 8 - 17 percent. My major issue is credit history which is why this 30D is a bit of an issue for me. Through all of my FICO score calculations, I can’t seem to break past 700 without paying down a considerable amount of my student loan or aging my report. For reference, my current FICO score is 688 longest account is around 7 years, but average age is 2.5 years.
  3. This comes off slightly condescending, especially taking into account that I already stated my plan was to mail out the actual letters anyway. Not sure if you meant it that way, so I’ll digress. Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. I also did some digging and found the CEO and some other upper management emails. What are you guy’s thoughts on going this route? What format would be the most compelling? I majored in cyber security so automatically my mind screams no to an attachment in the email, but I don’t want them to see a bunch of text and write it off as some spam or such either.
  5. I’ve mainly called and spoke to a few “supervisors” as well as sent a couple of emails. I’ve now prepared an OFFICIAL GW letter that I plan to mail out using the saturation method. Anyone have any advice on how they should be sent? I want to send them CMRRR, but I’m not sure if that’s too formal for goodwill. Don’t want them rejecting it thinking it’s dispute or something. On the flip side, I want to know if it was legitimately received or not 😅... As for the INQs, I just want them off because I have a lot of them recently and the adverse action letter always mentions it. Shouldn’t hurt my score either lol.
  6. @A Credit Ed Much appreciated 😂. I’ll definitely keep this post updated with my progress.
  7. Okay thanks for the reply, info, and the welcome! I suppose I’ll keep at the GW letters. They seem pretty firm on the “we’re not changing it, man” tip however.
  8. Hi everyone. This is my first actual thread since joining CB a week ago and wanted to say thank you for the time and wealth of knowledge you all have fertilized these boards with. I can say I’m actually pretty obsessed with this place lol. Now on to my dilemma. I have ONE LAST baddie on all of my CR from Petal Card back in 2019. This was before they changed to petal card 2 I believe (not sure if that would help me at all). Anyway, I’ve gone the goodwill route and each time just basically got told to FOAD “We can’t change information previously reported to any CRA due to ‘leagal reasons’”. It’s literally my last derog on the account besides a few INQs I believe I can crush easily. My history with them has been nothing short of perfect since that one time (2 years at the time of September’s closing statement) and they just won’t work with me at all. My question is, am I basically stuck with this until SOL or should I try the verification approach and hoping for time to be in my favor? I’ve already begun the freeze with data furnishers in preparation for this and the INQs also. I just want this off because it’s the thing that’s cited when I try to get higher limits elsewhere and I have 7 or so other cards with perfect payment history. Any advice is WHOLEHEARTEDLY appreciated. Thank you.
  9. All these years later, this is still giving inspiration and clarity. I truly appreciate CB
  10. Hi peeps. Wishing everyone good health and success in their credit endeavors. Here to learn and actually make a lasting change in my life as many before me have thanks to the trove of invaluable knowledge/ awesome individuals here. Can’t wait to get to know some of you and grow together!
  11. Hello all! I’m very new here to CB and forums in general, but based on the rules and some of the posts I’ve already read, I can surmise this to be a wonderful community that I can’t wait to be more apart of. Thanks to everyone for all of the knowledge and experiences imparted here. I think joining here is just the change I’ve been seeking in my life.
  12. 16 yrs later and I’m here to say thank you so much for this still!
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