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  1. So.....they want me to respond on the 22nd Sep. Should I call and tell them about my financial status ????? What do I do if they send it to a local Lawyer like they said ??? Where can I find that " Texas mother tread " ?
  2. No. I'm renting . And my car is 10 years old. My state is Texas.
  3. AfterI’m 67 years old and I receive social security and a small pension from EX husband. Due to 2 major surgeries I fell behind a CC. I own $1900. I received a letter in the mail, ( yesterday) to start making payments bio weekly of $50 or they contact a local attorney. I still have to pay a few co- payments to hospital. After all my bills are paid I have about $ 400 - $450 left the month. Can they garnish or sue me ?? My neighbor is a retired paralegal , she said they can’t garnish my Pension or SS. I need some advise here , please. Don’t wanna be homeless. They want me to respond by September
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