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  1. Pulled the trigger on the WF CB card Friday, instantly approved for $10k. I was a bit surprised, lol. In the past 2 months I've taken my BCP card from $2k to $6k, Discover from $300 to $3k and picked up the AMEX Plat card. Not bad considering my scores where around 530 last Sept (FICO 8's are from 740 - 745 now).
  2. And that is my concern. We moved to FL about 6 months ago from GA. Also, the collection account only has the date they opened the collection account (4.14.20) listed on the report. It has no payment history, nothing prior to '20. Am I going to have issues getting this off early next year under these circumstances?
  3. I'm working to get my wife's credit cleaned up. She has a Target credit card that was opened in '12, last payment made in Jan / Feb '16 and it was charged off. Fast forward to '20, LVNC Funding bought it. They claim a payment of $5 was made about the time the collection account was opened on her report. She didn't make any payment. She received a settlement offer yesterday from them, 50% to settle (around $450). I'm thinking of forcing the issue to prove who made the payment, it wasn't her. If this is the case shouldn't it fall off her report early next year? Or do I just call them and offer the $450 providing they remove the entry entirely from her credit? I know dealing with them is going to be a royal PITA for any dispute.
  4. It will go back up this month. I just paid the bill yesterday, did it thru my bank this time instead of their website. I have a couple hundred pending plus another $550 that may post about the time it's due. I just added the pending plus the $550 to the payment yesterday. The balance will post as $0.00 on my reports this month. No harm, no foul.
  5. Yes, I had some unpaid medical collections (5 if I remember correctly) when I applied for the Discover. Those have since been paid and removed from my reports though.
  6. Yea, Discover got me this month as well. I paid it off in full (as usual) but put $1550 on it a day or two after the bill was due. Figured it would be pending for a few days so no big deal. Nope, they reported a $1550 balance this month. The point to the charge was to pick up the 5% cash back on gym stuff this quarter. Got my $75 but it dropped my scores 7 or 8 points in the process. Guess I'll know better to do that again early in the billing cycle, lol.
  7. I started cleaning my credit up last Aug. First card was a secured Discover card. I tossed $300 on it to start with then another $1700 last month. Provided you have no late payments in the first 6 months (on anything) they will release your deposit and it goes unsecured after the 7th statement. The card when unsecured and my limit increased to $3000 this morning on it. I should be receiving the security deposit back in a few days. FYI, my scores were around 530 in Aug, all are sitting around 730 (FICO 8 ) as of this morning.
  8. I did the FNBO prequal a week or two ago and was turned down. I was honestly a little surprised but no hard pull so no harm no foul. I got the letter in yesterday and the denial notes "insufficient credit file". Score noted on the letter was 743 so that shouldn't have been an issue (EX shows my FICO 8's for all 3 agencies in the 735 range). I have 3 cards, a Discover 7 months old, Crap1 6 months old and an AMEX 5 months old. All reports are clean, no lates, no collections, etc. Utilization is 0%-2% depending on the month. Total CL between the 3 is $5k. TU & EQ have 3 hard pulls and EX 1 hard pull. So a loaded question, at what point do most card issuers consider you to have a sufficient file give what I listed, 12 months? Is it me only having 3 cards? Or is it both? I'm holding off for a couple of months to pick up the AMEX Hilton Honors Surpass card but was hoping to pick up a 2% cash back Visa card this month. Guess I'll be holding off on that for awhile now as well.
  9. I was approved with similar scores and only 2 cards opened less 2-3 months before applying. Low credit line, $3k. Tried for the CLI at 90 days and was told the card was to new so I'll try again at 6 months.
  10. It's $32, pay it and move on. How much time have you already invested in it? Personally, an hour of my time is worth more than $32.
  11. I followed it exactly as written. Took a little time but I got notification today that the last 2 medical collections on EQ have been deleted. I now have no collections on any of my reports. It works, just follow the steps.
  12. H20eng


    off the AMEX website... You can request a credit limit increase on your personal or small business (OPEN) Card through your online account. Click 'Increase Line of Credit'. You can request a credit limit increase once your account has been opened for at least 60 days.
  13. H20eng


    I got approved on a AMEX BCE in late November with a spending limit of $2500. I hit it up today for a CLI (day 61) and I'm told the account is to new. I spoke with a CSR and was told to wait until the 90 day mark. I've read this happens with the AMEX graduated cards but as far as I know mine isn't one. Scores across the board are 708 -710 (FICO 8), no late payments, all cards are PIF with 0% utilization. I do have a short credit history though (4 months on oldest, 2 months on newest). Is it common for AMEX to push the first CLI out to 90 days under these circumstances?
  14. It's $2500 max. Figured it wouldn't hurt to add to it before it goes unsecured in late Feb / early March. I put another $1000 on it Friday afternoon, figure I'll add another $1000 mid Feb to max it out. Even if they don't do a CLI when it goes unsecured I'll at least have it at $2500.
  15. My first card that I opened last Aug was a secured Discover card. I put $500 on it and moved on. I've picked up a Cap1 Quicksilver One card and an AMEX Blue Cash card since then. I got an email from Discover saying I could get my security deposit back in as little as 2 months based on their credit pulled on 1.8.22. I thought that was at 8 months but no big deal. So my question, is it worth adding to security deposit in a attempt to get a higher credit line or do they just look at your history and scores for the credit line increase? The Cap1 Quicksilver One and an AMEX are up for review in early March. From what I've read, I'm not expecting to see much with the Cap1 but I'm hoping to get the x3 increase on the AMEX. All are used monthly and PIF.
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