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  1. I've taken my scores from around 520 to 688 on TU & EQ & 707 on EX since late Aug. As of Sept. 1 I had no credit to my name. I added a secured Discover card ($500 limit) and a Cap1 Quicksilver card ($500 limit) in early Sept as I finished cleaning up a few medical collections on the reports in Oct. I was going to post about any recommendations for my next card this morning but decided to take a shot at a prequal for AMEX. Didn't figure I had a chance in hell but it wasn't going to hurt to check. I almost fell out of my chair, ended up getting approved for a BlueCash Everyday card
  2. I've been getting things cleaned up over the past couple of months. The only thing remaining on any of the 3 CRA's is 2 paid medical collections on EQ listed as closed. If these paid collections negatively affect your score why would all 3 CRA scores be within a few points of each other? Again, the only difference between the 3 is the 2 paid collections listed on EQ (and not listed on Trans or EX).
  3. Sounds like I still have more to learn about the credit game, lol. I paid the Discover off yesterday. My Cap1 bill is due on 11.09 with a min payment of $0.00 due. I have a balance of $390. I'll pay $388 today which should leave me still PIF for this month (i.e. no interest) with $2 left on it to report. FYI, the $0 min payment is due to me making a payment a few weeks ago. I won't be making multiple payments again after this month but I don't want a $390 balance being reported. Am I missing anything?
  4. I'll leave $3 on the balance this month and see what happens. The Cap1 card should also hit the reports this month so I'm hoping to see scores over 700 this month.
  5. I left a $1 balance on the Discover Card last month on purpose to see what would happen. Discover actually credited the $1 after I made the payment, showed a $0 balance. That shocked me, lol. Good point on the multiple payments, I'll just do a single payment from now on.
  6. I started getting my credit cleaned up in late Aug. I've got from 524 to 675-679 depending on which CRA you look at over the past 2 months. Wells Fargo has me 701 based on FICO Score 9. One of the scoring factors Wells Fargo states that my score is being negatively impacted by not carrying a balance on revolving credit. I've picked up a Discover & a Cap1 card in the past 2 months (only 2 I have for now). Both are being used quit a bit but being paid off in full each month. I'm actually making multiple payments a month on Cap1 due to a $500 limit hoping that the usage will help bump
  7. Question about adding an authorized user on my Cap1 card... I'm in the process of getting my credit scores up. I've taken all 3 scores from around 530 to 680 since the end of Aug. No baddies on any report. I now have 2 credit cards, a secured Discover ($500 limit) added late Aug and a Cap1 Quicksilver ($500 limit) added mid Sept. The Cap1 hasn't hit my reports yet though. So the question, does it make sense to add my wife as an authorized user on the Cap1 card to help her credit? She's in the mid 500's and I haven't started working on hers yet (won't be as easy to clean up as mine was).
  8. In writing from now one then. Thanks for the heads up. I'll see what happens with the ones I filed online this morning then follow up in writing if needed.
  9. Live and learn I guess. Didn't realize there was that much of a difference between online and written disputes.
  10. So I've had several medical collections in dispute with TU. I got the results last night, both are being deleted. An hour after I get that email I get another regarding a new collection account on EQ, it's the same damn collection agency putting one of the deleted accounts from TU onto the EQ file. It was paid in full to the original creditor in Aug and never on the EQ report to begin with . I filed the dispute this morning on EQ. Is this a typical game others have seen? What's the point to it? It was paid in full prior to being added to my file so it will be deleted. I hope they don't
  11. Thanks for all the input! Cap1 card should arrive today so I'll activate it when it come in. Scores took a good dip so I'll give it a few months to recover (i.e. get the Cap1 care on the files) then think about adding a third.
  12. No, it has a $49 annual fee. I was approved for their standard card with no annual fee but figured if I put $600 a year on the card it covers the annual fee with the cash back; after that it's money in the bank so to speak. I was surprised to see about an 18 point drop on all 3 reports from the Cap1 hard pull. Anyway, I received the response back from the disputes with Transunion yesterday, the last 2 are being deleted (file hasn't updated yet though). Equifax is taking their sweet time, everything is still under review from those disputes.
  13. Picked up a Capitol One Quick Silver card this morning. $1000 limit but it's a start. Figure I'll wait until the CapOne hits the reports then I'll apply for 1 more. Thoughts?
  14. So in the past month I'm managed to get my scores up quite a bit. Experian went from 563 to 683, Transunion from 524 to 628 & Equifax from 524 to 625. Transunion and Equifax still have 2 listed medical collections (paid and under dispute) listed, Experian has no baddies. Other than a secured Discover card ($500 limit) I got in late Aug I literally have nothing else on my reports. I'm looking to pick up another credit card from a reputable bank to help up my scores. I'm looking for one that can grow with my scores, preferably an unsecured card. Any suggestions? As a side note, I'm wo
  15. Was not aware of this. Thanks for the heads up. I do know his primary card is AMEX but he does have a few others. I should have the Discover Card in a week or two. Submitted the app for NFCU this morning so I hope to have that approved in a week or so. I plan on getting one of their secured cards once I get the checking / savings account opened. Does it make sense to kick up the security deposit up on one card vs the other? From what I read NFCU does their first review at 3 months then again at 6. Would it make better sense to kick that deposit up to say $1500 based on the review time?
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