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  1. s4d

    Building Question?

    Thanks for this advice. The Lowes card will definitely be used as we are rehabbing rental properties.
  2. s4d

    Building Question?

    Correction: EQ is 720, pardon the mistype.
  3. Hey i am a long time member of CB but i've been gone for quite some time. I am in the middle of helping my fiance build his credit as he has been working out of the country for close to fifteen years and while he was gone a family member used him as a cosigner for several loans without his permission. We have gotten these loans removed from all but TU. His FICOs are as follows: TU 590, EX 690, EQ790. This week he applied and was approved for a choice of three cards with Discover, he chose the cash back card with a CL of $2250 and today he was approved for a Lowes CL $1000. Both made him call in after applying and send in ID to prove who he is. My question is about a Recon for the Discover. He asked Lowes to increase the CL while on the phone, they told him to activate the card when it comes and call back. Should he wait to recon Discover or ask once he activates. Also, do you recommend stopping there for awhile before apping anywhere else? He has four rental properties and a commercial business and wants to build his credit to have it available when needed. any suggestions would be well appreciated.
  4. I got a letter from Eqifax esterday informing me that one of the things that were stolen in their data breach was a copy of my driver's license that I sent them when disputing something in 2014.
  5. Letter stating the my Citi Secured card no longer needed a security deposit!
  6. Mendelssohn thanks so much for this information and the other thread you started/cited above. Very helpful to me as I continue to develop my credit plan.
  7. Thank you for posting. This is so very inspiring.
  8. Congratulations! I am sure that you will grow that limit in no time.
  9. It was interesting. The guy they interviewed has a blog called points with a view. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/card-games-getting-to-the-point-with-rewards-travel/
  10. s4d

    Citi secured..

    I've had mine for nine months and it hasn't graduated but they did send me a letter recently stating that my annual fee has been dropped to $0.
  11. s4d

    Citi Secured?

    I have had this card sinc May 2016. I love it. It graduates in 18 months. Customer service is great.

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