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  1. I've been able to get over 3 no doc bloc's typically only $25k. Some lenders offer up to $50k no doc, 75k and even $100k. What I do is just click the contact us button and ask for all the requirements of the BLOC in order to apply. If they just say subject to credit approval and dont mention tax returns or other forms, good chance its no doc up to a certain limit, typically 15k. Flex bloc is also offered by many banks such as Wells Fargo for $15k. Gotta search harder if you want a $25k to $50k no doc bloc just based off credit but they are out there.
  2. It is an easy process once you've got it down and have a good list of lenders to work off. What current relationships (pers and biz bank acc's and cc's) do you currently have? How much funding are you looking to get? Whats your State?
  3. Its not true, you don't need to get your DUNS Number. In many cases when you apply for starter business credit they will alert DNB of your first payment with them and DNB will create a profile and number for your company. But if you'd like, you can goto their website and create a profile and receive a number for free within 30 days. Regarding your question "Any advice for beginners before I get into using business credit?" When it comes to business credit heres what you need to know. There two main types of business credit:
  4. Confirmed that BB&T, Citizens, CITI (Often) Wells Fargo(Sometimes) Navy Federal Business pull EQ.
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